Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thanks for that, but screw you.

I appreciate everything Aaron Rowand did for the Phillies. He brought grit and tenacity to the clubhouse, and put up some decent numbers while here only 2 seasons. "The Catch" is a story I'll be telling my son about in years to come. However, I bleed Phillies red and I could give less than two pinches of poop if he ever collects another hit in his career. All I know is that Gillick tried to re-sign Fence-Face to a shorter contract (believed to be 3 years) with substantial money involved where he could have been playing for a perennial contender, yet he decided to roam centerfield for known losers the San Francisco Giants. I don't blame the man for seeking security through a contract, but I don't have to be happy for him either or not be pissed when he puts up these stats through 5 games against my beloved Phightins: 8-19, 6 r, 1 dbl, 2 hr, and 2 rbi. So thanks for everything Rowand, but screw you!

From yesterday's comments-
GM-Carson: More on me being an A-Hole: I'm not happy for Aaron Rowand. I don't wish him well. And I'm sure as hell not happy he's lighting up our pitching staff. Put a fastball in his rib cage- won't hurt him because Moyer is pitching, but he'll get the message.
Lynniemac: Carson, I'll be an A-hole with you. I can't even look at Aaron Rowand anymore, and I'm tired of hearing him talk about how great a manager Charlie Manuel is and how much he liked playing for him and it's great to see all his friends, blah, blah, blah. Thanks for The Catch, Aaron. Now go cash your paycheck and shut the hell up.

Happy Mothers' Day!



Bob D said...

Wow! Howard has raised his Mendoza Line BA by 6 points in 3 days as he has a 3 game hitting streak.

furiousBall said...

i don't fault anyone for taking a big paycheck, someone wants to pay me that kind of money to play a game, super.

GM-Carson said...

It's going to be a long time until Howard gets his average over the Mendoza line far enough so that we remove that from the top right of the blog.

The Phils damn well better win today.

Bill said...

I agree completely with your Rowand comments. We were told this guy would do anything to win and lived to be on a winner. For a couple of bucks he put himself in a situation where he has no shot of winning another championship. Interesting, huh?

Dan said...

Yeah, the sad thing about Rowand is this: most guys clearly only care about the money, and nothing else. And they are quite up-front about this, and hey, they're scum but at least they're honest. See, for example (off of the top of my head): Santana, Gary Sheffield, probably Ryan Howard, and others.

Rowand was the rare type where you actually thought he was being serious about wanting to win above anything else. Certainly, everything he ever did as a Phillie on the field supported this notion. But when he hit free agency, he showed us all that, in fact, it was all just bull.

In other good/bad news, Hanley Ramirez is signing with the Marlins for 6 years, 70 million. It's not official yet, but whatever, it's going to happen. He's about to enter his arbitration years, so he's basically giving up four years of arbitration and 2 years of free agency (I'm not sure if there are any option years on the contract).

I am saddened because this keeps one of the best players in the game in our division for the long-term, which sucks for the Phillies. And I am also somewhat saddened because the Dirty Fish get to keep him at an amazing deal - that's less than 12 million per year, which is insane, considering he is a five-tool player with plus speed, plus power, and he plays at the weakest-hitting-spot on the diamond (SS). In other words, he's the type of player you would build your team around if you were starting a new MLB team (he or Chase or perhaps Dasvid Wright).

Anyway, what I view as the good news of this deal is that it stands as another case where a player shows some loyalty to his team and gives them a financial break in exchange for some security. Any young player who signs a long term contract is giving up earning potential (in Hanley's case, he is giving up a *crapload* of earning potential), but it also shows some thanks for the organization for giving them a shot. It's happening more and more: Chase, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Tulowitzki, Hanley, soon-Brandon Webb, Dan Haren...).

Anyway, my point is, it's good to see that some players have priorities other than just chasing benjamins. Which is a nice way to wrap up a post about Aaron Rowand, right? Kind of brings it full-circle...

GM-Carson said...

What the hell is Adam Eaton's problem? I'm tired of him as a Phillie...stupid Gillick!

Glad to see the Phils are hitting well again, oh wait...

GM-Carson said...

Redemption?- Adam Eaton was just walked with the bases loaded, collecting his 1st rbi of the season. Earlier in the week he walked telephone pole Randy Johnson in the same situation.

Los said...

For all the grit he gave the Phils, Rowand left for the money ... typical professional sports player.

GM-Carson said...

Every time Eaton takes the mound I get pissed at Pat Gillick. One of the worst signings I ever remember in Phils history. Not only does he give up tons of hits, he also walks tons of guys...not a good combo.

Bob D said...

Eaton could've won, but if Romero was to ever blow a lead, it may as well be for Eaton. Howard a game hit streak raising average to 171. WooHoo!

Bob D said...

That is a 4 game hit streak.

GM-Carson said...

I'm sorry, but the Giants are a shitty team that have no business beating the Phils in a series. The Phils just aren't hitting like they're supposed to. Only giving up 4 runs should win the ball game with the offense they have. I'm disgusted with this team right now, pathetic!

SirAlden said...

The Howard situation is quite sad. Being mad about is will not help. He really put up 2 of the finest years ever in term of power and ob and total bases. Among the finest years ever for any Phillie going back to Chuck Klein.

Lets hope he gets on track and is HUMBLED and signs a fair contract. Hope Jimmy Rollins is able to guide him and work on his D.

If Howard was on track we would be leading the Division by 5 games now, and it is inexcusable to go 3-4 on the west coast road trip after such a good start.

The only other thing that needs shoring up is the back end of the Rotation. Here is hoping that A.J. Happ is brought up followed by Carrasco in Sept, with some Outman, Bastardo in the Pen. I cannot wait!

GM-Carson said...

The 3-4 West Coast trip was a disgrace. Good teams don't lose a series to the Giants.

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