Thursday, May 01, 2008

Take That Jerry Coleman

Bottom of the 8th inning, tie game, Ryan Howard at the can feel the excitement...except for the fact that Tom McCarthy is doing a feel good interview with old-head Jerry Coleman...Howard swings and sends a long drive to right...Jerry Coleman is still talking about something...they break away from the interview and we hear the end of Kalas' homer call.

Thanks for nothing CN8. I like Harry Kalas homer calls like Buzz Bissinger likes horses, and CN8 made me miss a game-winner because they couldn't fit Jerry Coleman into any of the first seven and a half innings. Poor form, Comcast, poor form.
Werth It?
Jayson Werth is 2 for his last 19. There's been lots of talk lately about Werth playing more in favor of Victorino and Jenkins, but let's not forget that Werth is still a career .260 hitter who's best suited as a fourth outfielder. 250 to 300 at-bats this year will maximize Werth's value. After that I think we'll see diminishing returns on this investment.
Mendoza Watch
Howard gains ground up to .184; Ruiz loses only a little and clings to his .203; but DP Feliz, thanks to another 0-4, settles in directly at .200. Hopefully DP can bounce back, have a good series against his former team, and get up to at least .205.
They Might Be Giants
Aaron Rowand (.326-2-14) rolls into town with the light in the loafers hitting SF Giants. The Phils will have to face tough righties Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, but considering the Giants offense is led by Rowand, one of the Molina's and Fred Lewis, the Phils should easily take 2 of 3.



LynnieMac said...

At least you got to see the homer. My retarded cable company, despite showing every other CN8 game this season including last night's, suddenly claimed that they're not allowed to show any more (that is, the moron who answered the phone after 10 minutes of automated menus claimed it).

If I lose too many more games because of this, I'm going to start rooting for the Flyers to lose.

Dan said...

At least Out Machine Feliz is on a (relatively) light free-agent contract. 4 million a year isn't too bad on the books. The one thing that still gets me, though, is that he was really surprised when he hit free agency this winter and no one came knocking on his door. I remember reading a newspaper article about this or something - he was all confused saying "why isn't there more interest in me on the FA market?"

After watching him now, I can't help but think "Pedro, how do you not understand that? Have you ever watched game tape of even one or two of your at-bats?"

SirAlden said...

Ahhhh First Place.

Early and Nice.

Need a Starter. Happ may be up in a bit.

SirAlden said...

How about Carasco for Josh Fields.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- I would not do a Carlos Carrasco for Josh Fields (3B prospect of ChiSox), because pitching prospects like Carrasco don't come along too frequently, especially in the Phils organization.

I like homeruns, especially game-winning ones hit by 6'5" 275 lb. 10 million dollar firstbasemen called Ryan Howard.

Werth is getting over exposed, something I was afraid would happen. Manuel needs to work out a rotation between Vic, Werth, and Jenk to get optimal production from each...that's his job as manager afterall.

Despite the Giants having next to no offense, their pitching is decent and we NEED to take 2 of 3 from them at least because starting Monday is a 4 game set in Arizona and the DBacks are amazing.

furiousBall said...

I definitely favor Werth over Jenkins easily. But I still contend, keep him in CF and put Vic in RF

Jacobin said...

The original idea was to platoon Werth and Jenkins, and I think they should go with that along with an occasional day off for Victorino by plugging Werth into center and having Jenkins play right.

GM-Carson said...

Jacobin- those are my exact thoughts on the outfield situation. That would give Vic 5-6 starts a week, Werth 4-5, and Jenkins 4-5.

BloodStripes said...

Pat the monster BAT!!!!!!!

Woooo hoooooo!!!!!

GreggyD said...


It's only fitting that he hits the game winner with Utley aboard. God I love watching these two men play baseball.

Jacobin said...

MVP!!! Most Valuable Pat! I'll admit that when Rowand hit the homer to put San Francisco up in the 10th, I was disheartened... then when I had to watch Howard strike out yet again (on pace for over 300 strike outs, isn't he?), I felt nauseous. But here comes Burrell, only way it would have been sweeter is if that rat Billy Wagner was on the mound.

GM-Carson said...

Pat Burrell and Chase Utley are saving Ryan Howard's ass right now. Because of those 2 the Phils are winning keeping fans from totally booing the shit out of Howard and his horrible performance.

Still in 1st place...nice.

Ryan Madson is a smelly dog fart- worthless and gives you the gag reflex.

BloodStripes said...

Howard will eventually produce and we won't even care about his early season slump.