Saturday, May 24, 2008

Plays of the Week

Some interesting plays from the past week:

Rollins turns the double-play.

Shane Victorino gets caught stealing. This is one of the rare times you will see a caught stealing, catcher unassisted.

Last Night's Game
I'm not going to harp on all the negative aspects of the game last night (Howard's fielding, Victorino's un-clutchness, Bruntlett's baserunning, etc.) Check out the comment section from yesterday's post to get a few fans' takes. I do want to make a few comments, though.

- Adam Eaton pitched a fine game. Just because the Phils couldn't hit Cy Young candidate Brandon Backe doesn't mean that Eaton's 7 inning, 3 run performance wasn't any good. [Speaking of Backe, was that the first time the Phils ever saw a curveball?]

- Jose Valverde has giant nuts. He got hit in the face with a liner, stayed in the game, and finished off the Phillies. That was probably the most impressive thing I've seen on a baseball field in a long time. I know none of us were rooting for him, but after the fact, you have to give major props to Valverde.

- We've joked about Howard's ineptitude a lot lately, with things like the "Mendoza Watch" and such. But seriously, if Howard doesn't turn it around, the Phils are in major trouble. You can't have a black hole in the 4-hole and consistently score runs. And as Jacobin mentioned in the comment section, it's hurting Utley by allowing pitchers to pitch around him. Until Howard improves, Burrell needs to be moved up to fourth and Howard needs dropped.
The Rat
Anybody see the end of the Mets game against the Rockies? At least one good thing happened last night.



furiousBall said...

Valverde staying in the game was crazy, although after watching the instant replay, it did glance off his shoulder before clocking him in the jaw.

That said, this isn't something that ice hockey players don't do on a nightly basis.

Jacobin said...

I winced and was fearful for Valverde while watching that play live. I felt pretty bad for him because it looked like he had gotten nastily screwed up, but he stayed in the game and I was happy to see he wasn't maimed...

And then after watching his histrionics while pitching the rest of the inning and eventually recording an undeserved save (thanks Bruntlet), I fostered a vicious streak of schadenfreund regarding Valverde and harbored desire that the ball had hit him square in the mouth rather than have had glanced off his shoulder.

GreggyD said...

Is Brett Myers really going to step back on the mound tonight? Has it been 5 days already? Oh God help me...

GM-Carson said...

Myers gives up 3 homeruns tonight easily.

F' Billy Wagturd.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard's new nickname until he does something worth anything for an extended period of time: Hack-Happy-Howard.

SirAlden said...

Myers you are losing 10s of millions of dollars.

hankA said...

If you watch the replay, it's not Bruntlett's fault that he didn't score on Rollins' double, he had to drop to the ground to avoid being hit by the ball. So he really had no chance to score unless the ball gets by Pence.

GM-Carson said...

The f'n bastards lose again by 1 run. Men at 2nd and 3rd with no outs in the top of the 9th and they can't score. The Phils suck. I don't care how negative that sounds. They may have a winning record, but they suck.

SirAlden said...

2-6 Myers amazing.

Gillick in the pre-game show mentioned Carrasco or Mazzone as
starters, did not mention Happ.

Said Bastardo was very young.

Does anyone aside from me think that
Dusty Baker is about the worst manager the way he fills out his
lineup cards? Sheesh.

GM-Carson said...

Tony Bastard just moved up to Double A and has struggled some, he needs at least 1 more season. I'm reluctant to move Carlos Carrasco up too, because I don't want to make him a headcase. Brian Mazzone is a minor league veteran that would make sense to give an opportunity to because if he sucks, so what?

Speaking of sucking, that's what the Phils are doing. I'm still very pissed about the last two games.

GM-Carson said...

Get a load of this bullshit from

HOUSTON -- The Phillies' bullpen ranks first in the National League with a 2.88 ERA and is tied for the most wins with 13. One of the reasons for that strong showing has been the pitching of right-hander Ryan Madson.
Madson has a 2.25 ERA over his last six appearances and manager Charlie Manuel says he's not afraid to use Madson in any situation.

"To me, I like his stuff," Manuel said. "I'll put him in in tough situations. It just depends on where we need him, but I can use him just about anywhere."

In four seasons with the Phils, Madson has a 28-19 record and a 4.14 ERA. This season, Madson is 1-0 with a 4.38 ERA in 22 appearances, including one inning Friday against the Astros when he allowed one run.

Madson struck out two that inning, but gave up a triple to Lance Berkman that led to the run.

"I liked his stuff that night," Manuel said. "Even the hit Berkman got was just down the line. To me, Madson is throwing better this year."

*Is Charlie Manuel retarded? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical. The only runs Madson gives up are critical ones. He's horrible!