Friday, May 16, 2008

Phils Chucked James

On Wednesday night the Braves hit 3 longballs off struggling righty Brett Myers; last night was an entirely different story. Cole Hamels, the true staff ace, shutdown the Braves for his first career shutout, spreading 4 hits and 2 walks over 9 frames with 6 k's lowering his era to 2.89. On the offensive side, the Phils came firing back with 3 homeruns of their own (Vic, Howard, Feliz) as they chucked starter Chuck James from the game after 4 innings. Every single batter had a hit, with the exception being Chase Utley; Cole Hamels even chipped in 2 base-knocks. Phils record now sits at 23-19 good for 2nd place in the NL East behind the annoying Florida Marlins.

Tonight the 1993 World Series will be relived in Philly, of course there's no John Kruk, Lenny Dykstra, Darren Daulton, Joe Carter, or Paul Molitor though. That's right, the retarded return of Interleague play with the Phils playing host to the Toronto Blue Jays. Interleague play was a novel idea at first, now it's boring and causes uneven competitive balance. We've got Jamie Moyer kicking off the action tonight against David Purcey (don't worry I've never really heard of him either), then Adam Eaton versus AJ Burnett on Saturday, with Kyle Kendrick set for a showdown with surprisingly successful Shaun Marcum on Sunday. Let's just hope the Phils win the series and crybaby Scott Rolen gets beaned and booed.


Shiver Me Timbers:
Don't look now but the Pirates are almost at sea level (20-21). Yesterday they came back wielding their swords down 5-1 entering the 5th inning, and ended up winning the game against the Cardinals 11-5 by dropping a 7-run cannonball on them in the 8/9th innings. Overall the team is playing much better, guided by the hots bats of Nate McLouth, Xavier Nady, and newest Phucco Jason Michaels. Not all is sunny and calm in Pirates' Bay though, as slugging catcher Ryan Doumit has been sidelined for at least a month with a broken thumb. Time for Ronny Paulino to step up in his absence and keep this ship afloat. It would be nice to see this club put together a decent season to get the fans back at beautiful PNC Park.



GreggyD said...

big win for the phils last night and our true ace came through by not only getting the shutout, but by going the distance and giving the pen a night off.

However, in more interesting news...

I work at Millersville University over the summer and they like to put a web filter on the Internet because kids come in the dorms for various camps and conferences. Needless to say, as I clicked on my bookmark for WSBGMs I was welcomed by a screen that read, "this page is blocked because it contains nudity and is risqué."

I filed a complaint immediately and hopefully this ban is lifted. Right now, I am stuck reading/posting from my iPhone. Thought you guys might find this kind of amusing.

Corey said...

"this page is blocked because it contains nudity and is risqué." - i blame carson and his "naked african boy penis" post from last year. just google that, you'll see.

it takes a special kind to make phillies baseball risque. pathetic, obnoxious, depressing - definitely. but risque?

speaking of pathetic, it's an adam eaton saturday!!!!

furiousBall said...

great game last night. Cole's fastball was nasty

GM-Carson said...

This site is PG-13, not rated R. There isn't any nudity on the blog and for the most part the language is kept tv clean. Just another example of the "man" trying to keep us down I suppose.

GreggyD said...

Well I guess I stuck it to the man, because whoever "he" is, just unblocked the site. That is good news for me. Once again, must be a conspiracy against Philadelphia.

GM-Carson said...

Phils Not Ready To Talk Extension With Hamels
Phillies GM Pat Gillick isn't talking about a contract extension with ace pitcher Cole Hamels at present. It seems that he first wants to see more healthy work from Hamels; Gillick expects to talk to him "at some point." Things could change, as this is Gillick's last season as the team's GM.

Hamels called the Phillies' $500K renewal a "low blow" back in March. Jayson Stark noted in April that Hamels' agent, John Boggs, isn't one to hand out club options for free agent years.

Hamels won't be arbitration-eligible until the 2010 season. Scott Kazmir may have raised the bar for the three arb years of a young ace. Typically those three years were going for $13.75MM, but Kazmir will earn almost $18MM.

*The 500k wasn't a low-blow in my opinion, but the Phils do need to venture a contract extension for the talented young lefty ace.

Jacobin said...

Every once and a while the "language score" of this site prevents it from loading where I work. Apparently if enough trigger words appear on a page, the filter there blocks it from being read. This filter shit causes some problems for me from time to time, considering I have to do research on various criminal issues, as well as individual criminals themselves. They block "myspace" entirely, which is a gigantic pain in the ass because you wouldn't believe how many of these moronic drug dealing punks post pictures of themselves holding guns in gangsta poses in some shithead tribute to Scarface... don't these morons watch the movie to the end and see he dies?

GM-Carson said...

Wow, I had no idea Corey and I were that profane that it would cause the site to be blocked sometimes. I'd say I'll tone it down a notch, but then again that just wouldn't be WSBGM's style now then would it?

GreggyD said...

Don't give into the interweb's demands!!!

Corey said...

ever since they put the internet on computers, it's been trouble. i think the government should regulate it more. a little FCC involvement could really spruce up the 'net.

GM-Carson said...

I was thinking to myself earlier that no Phillies starting pitcher has missed a start yet this season. I then wondered how many other teams in MLB can say the same thing. The answer- none. Yes, that's right the Phils are the only team in MLB that has only used 5 starting pitchers through the first part of this season.

Starting Pitchers Used:
8- Rangers, Rockies, Yankees
7- O's, Braves, BoSox, Cubs, Indians, Astros, Rays, Angels, Twins, Mets, A's, Pirates, Padres, Giants, Mariners, Nationals
6- DBacks, ChiSox, Reds, Tigers, Marlins, Royals, Blue Jays, Dodgers, Brewers, Cardinals
5- Phils!

GM-Carson said...

For a funny fake phone conversation with Pat Burrell check this link out-

Jacobin said...

That rat Billy Wagner is now ripping his Mets teammates for not being accountable to the media or something... I really don't understand it, other than to notice he is still being a whiny bitch. Hope his cancer runs rampant in the queens of Queens clubhouse.

Billy Wagner is a Whiny Bitch

Jacobin said...

Woooo! Look at the night Werth is having!

Bob D said...

Jacobin, I understand all too much as my employer (Sheriff's Dept) has blocked the internet completely, when it could be useful for my job. I do sneak on every once in a while, since they don't know how to block it anyway. This website has brought up a few "Warning you are attempting to access a restricted website". I blame it on Corey, it does that usually when he posts the daily blog.

Good game by Moyer, really helps the pen out even more.

Wow, Werth with his Ryan Howard inpersonation. Now hitting 291/9/26.

Bob D said...

A few weeks ago I made a decision to attend tonights BlueClaws game rather than the Phillies. BlueClaws rained out, Phillies destroy Toronto.

BloodStripes said...

Leave it to Werth Phils. What a game. Even smacked one against a righty. Nice way to pound the Purcey.

Keep it going Phillies. Smash 'em!

GM-Carson said...

That game went from one being close to rained out, to one to remember for a long time. That was an awesome performance by Werth.