Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Man, The Pimp, The Machine- Pat Burrell

Walk-off game winning homeruns kick ass! Especially when they're by the Phillies longest tenured athlete (Pat Burrell) and it's in the bottom of the 10th inning with the Phils other begotten son Chase Utley on base. Chase Utley and Pat Burrell are the show, they are the offense, they are what is driving this team to victory. Where would the Phillies be without these two? Certainly not in 1st place in the NL East with a 17-13 record, that's for damn sure. The dynamic duo now has 47 runs scored, 76 hits, 19 doubles, 21 homerun, and 53 rbi collectively. Ryan Howard better buy these guys a Rolex or at least a steak dinner, because if they weren't producing at this level much more disgust would be heaped upon Mr. Ten Million Dollar Man due to his alarmingly lackluster start to the season (.176 average and 42 k's in 108 ab's).

Game Notes and Other Thoughts:
*Readers of this blog know I am not a fan of Ryan Madson, however I'm not sure if I've ever been perfectly clear with my thoughts on him. Ryan Madson is like a dog fart, in that it's completely worthless and causes the gag reflex. His penchant for allowing hit after hit makes me sick. If you only look at his stats over his career you may not think he's all that bad, but if you've watched him over the seasons you know exactly what I'm talking about...the man stinks just like a dog fart.

*That Pedro Feliz homerun made me angry. Why? He is on pace to jack 22 homers and retarded fans will think that's good just because homeruns are good and if a player hits homeruns than he's good. That logic makes about as much sense as ordering a Triple Heart Attack and a Diet Coke. Don't get me wrong, I root for DP Feliz because he's in the lineup, but I won't be fooled into thinking he's good by the occasional homerun when a large portion of the time he's making outs, and of the double play variety (8 GIDP through only 30 games).

*Eric Bruntlett now has a 10 game hitting streak. He didn't make a good first impression when J-Roll went down with his ankle injury and the first game he started he made 2 errors, in the same inning no less. However, over the past week or so he's become the reliable utility infielder we hoped we got in the trade with Houston.

*Speaking of Jimmy Rollins and his ankle, the most recent report has him returning Thursday. If indeed he's healthy and can knock the dust off of his spikes quickly, this team might actually be able to get on a roll.


Zach Segovia- A Fallen Man:
Last night I attended the Reading Phillies game against the hometown Harrisburg Senators at City Island. I was disappointed. It was my son's first baseball game and the Lil' Phillies were horrible. The only amusing part of the game was watching Reading manager PJ Forbes argue with the homeplate umpire about a close call where Jeremy Slayden was gunned down. Zach Segovia was the starting pitcher last night and he was difficult to stomach; he went 2.2 innings allowing 5 runs on 4 walks and 3 hits upping his era to 14.40. Just last year Segovia actually made a start in a real Phillies uniform, but since then he's been banished to the minors and continues to work his way down the organizational ladder. Relieving him was prospect Josh Outman, but he was equally horrendous. All in all, the entire team played poorly with the exception of catcher Lou Marson who had some decent at bats and threw out an attempting base stealer.



GM-Carson said...

Brett Myers better pitch well today, or I'm putting him on notice for suggested movement to my perverbial doghouse.

GreggyD said...

I wondered what happened to Zack Segovia. I know someone who once dated his cousin, so she met him a couple times. I kept tabs on him because of this throughout his career, starting in Lakewood. It's amazing how far he has fallen. Tough luck.

Jacobin said...

Ha! I love this quote from Burrell... think there's a little backhanded swipe at Charlie in it?

"It's been a while," said Burrell, who hasn't had a walk-off homer since April 10, 2002, against the Atlanta Braves. "I'm usually not in the game at the end. It's a nice feeling, man."

Bob D said...

Good point Carson - why was Burrell playing in the 10th inning? It should have been error prone, poor throwing arm Taguchi out there.

Manuel must've forgot to remove him and won a game by mistake with the walkoff. Probably even thought of pinchhitting for him when he had 2 really good swings yet had 2 strikes in the count.

GM-Carson said...

"The Burrell Rule" probably costs Pat about 10-15 runs and 40-50 at bats over the course of the season. That's a shame, but that's Charles Fuqua Manuel for ya.

GM-Carson said...

From Yahoo Sports-
May 3 LHP J.C. Romero hadn't allowed a run in 28 1/3 straight regular-season innings until he served up Giants CF Aaron Rowand's leadoff homer in the 10th inning Friday night. Romero's streak was the longest active scoreless stretch in the majors, the ninth longest in Phillies history and their longest since Curt Schilling tossed 29 straight scoreless innings in 1992. Romero also had allowed only one home run since joining the Phillies last June and none since Albert Pujols took him deep last July 13.

*Romero has been HUGE for this team, and I'm damn glad we have him.

Jacobin said...

The telecast put up the scoreless inning information regarding Romero as he was throwing warm-up pitches in the 10th. I said, "Wow, now there's a jinx." And first pitch ends the streak.

GM-Carson said...

Myers lucky to have only given up 1 run so far. He was getting squeezed in the 1st, but he needs to get past that.

Ryan Howard k's again, I no longer get excited when he comes up to bat, I'm expecting a strikeout every time.

BloodStripes said...

Utley is a freak of nature. What a champion.

Dan said...

Myers has not looked super-sharp, but to be fair, he was squeezed - ridiculously so - in the first inning. There is no question that the 3-2 pitch to Lewis (who eventually scored) was a perfect strike.

Howard again looks like a lost puppy.

Chase Utley is incredible.

Finally, I was really happy to see the flaming of Pedro Feliz in the post today. If you ever need a guest contributor to point out his glaring inadequacies, I would be really, really happy to lend a hand.

GM-Carson said...

Dan, feel free to trash Pedro and any other player for that matter in the comments section...I always enjoy a good rant.

Speaking of rants, Ryan Howard has one brewing.