Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guide to being happy about 20 runs.

Remember yesterday? Ah, that seems so long ago. I wrote a piece about being angry over 15 runs scored, well chalk that up to lunacy. Today I bring to you a happy atmosphere on the blog, sponsored by 20 runs. Yes, the Phils have now scored 35 runs in the past 2 games an have leap-frogged their way up the MLB run total leaderboard to 2nd right behind the Cubbies. Why the turn around? Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are back and healthy atop the lineup as sparkplugs. Chase Utley is Mr. Awesome. Ryan Howard is steadily creeping out of his season long slump. Pat Burrell is a pimp. Geoff Jenkins is finally coming to terms with the retirement of Brett Favre and hitting again. Pedro Feliz isn't quite as horrible as people thought. Carlos Ruiz & Chris Coste make a solid catching duo. Greg Dobbs is the best pinch-hitter ever! In all honesty, this offense is made to score runs, that's their gig. For the first part of the season something just wasn't clicking as if their mojo was stolen, but they must have chugged some of Lil' Jon's Juice because their back with vengeance.

Tip of the cap to Jamie Moyer who notched career victory 235 and Chase Utley for collecting a career high 6 rbi.

The question now is- how many runs tonight? Kyle Kendrick vs. Ubaldo Jimenez.


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Bob D said...

Moyer has now defeated all 30 teams, tying him with 5 other (schilling and Mullholland the other Phils on that list).

The Phils only got 2 touchdowns and a feildgoal yesterday. Today vs Jiminez??? how about 15 runs, followed by another 3 off the position player they put in there to pitch.

Good to hear you say how good Dobbs is a pinch hitter (500 BA), and now Taguchi has his first hit in more than a month after going 0-17. Coste is just phenominal and makes a good combo with Ruiz.

GM-Carson said...

Chris Coste is phenominal. It's hard to image where'd the Phils be without him.

I really do hope the offense keeps on chugging, because that's how this team is built to win.

stephanie said...

Coste is a monster. He has really come up huge for the Phils this year and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Tonight, I predict that Jiminez will get lit up for at least 5 or 6 before getting the hook as he's not so hot on the road (or at home, come to think of it).

I'm glad you're happy today Carson, 35 runs in 48 hours is something to smile about. Hopefully this offense will put up another double-digit blowout tonight.


furiousBall said...

Jenkins has been swinging the bat better as of late as well. Offense is killing it.

GM-Carson said...

Utley, Howard, and Jenkins are going to mash Ubaldo tonight.

GreggyD said...

Well it looks like our boys just don't want to stop scoring runs. I love 4 runs in the first. Beautiful.

GreggyD said...

Make that 6-0 so far through two thanks to our Phillies god and the big man!

BloodStripes said...

Only 7 runs so far but Phils cruising. Sweet.

Jacobin said...

Well, there's still a chance to put up 20+ tonight... but it's not looking so good. I guess we can settle for 7 runs tonight.

SirAlden said...


3 more runs tonight and they would have set the 3 game total record of 45 runs for the Phillies. The 1900 record of 44 runs over 3 games stands.

SirAlden said...

Kendrick had a very nice pitching line.

GM-Carson said...

Kendrick looked about as good as I've ever seen him pitch. Tom Gordon on the otherhand was horrible, but luckily we scored early and often and 7 was enough to hold off the Rox.

Going for firsts tonight: 1st sweep of the season and 1st 4 game winning streak of the season.