Saturday, May 31, 2008

Enjoyable Saturday

Wake up party people, it's Saturday and the Phils are in 1st place in the NL East. Last night they triumphed over the previous holders of the top spot in the NL East, Florida Marlins, to the tune of 12-3...nice! Screw the Marlins, screw the Braves, screw the Mets, and screw the gNats; the Phils are in 1st and 1st is where they plan to stay (of course that means they must win tonight).

Brett Myers gets scored upon more in the 1st inning (7 straight games) than a female dog in heat, but after surrendering the 3 runs last night he settled in nicely to end up going 8 strong with 11 k's and earning his first victory since April 17th. Still has horrible numbers on the year, but just like Eaton, we can only hope this game made it all "click".

Chase Utley continues to be Mr. Awesome. I know that's a gay nickname, but it's very fitting because the man is simply awesome. Blasted MLB leading homerun 18 last night and is currently sporting these fantabulous stats: .312 avg, 44 r, 16 dbl, 18 hr, 48 rbi, and 1.041 OPS. Like I said, Mr. Awesome.

Ryan Howard has his average up to .209, and pretty soon we'll be able to replace the Mendoza Watch (in the upper right sidebar) with something like Amazing Feats of Chris Coste.

Shane Victorino is riding an 11 game hit streak, but apparently he's still not a "starter" because he never got the official vote of confidence from Manuel like Werth did.

There's something to be said about comfort in consistency. Although the Phils pitching staff hasn't be lights out by any standard, they have been reliable in the fact that no member of the staff has seen DL time this year or been demoted. Phils are the only team in MLB to use only 5 starting pitchers this season. The bullpen, best in MLB, has been great too, even mop-up boy Clay Condrey (considering his role and all).

Quick #'s: Phils are 2nd in MLB with 305 runs (Cubs 1st). Phils are 1st in MLB with 82 longballs. Phils 1st in stolen base success rate with 85%, thank you Davey Lopes! Staff era of 3.97, would have never predicted that entering the season.

Cole Hamels (5-3, 3.18) vs. Ricky Nolasco (4-3, 4.70) tonight at the Cit, 7:05. Go Phils!



furiousBall said...

you know what rhymes with bitches? fishes

GM-Carson said...

Phils need to spear themselves some bitches. Oops, I mean fishes.

Corey said...

am i to understand that female dogs in heat get scored on a lot in the first inning? i knew they played poke, but baseball too...

myers trimed his goat and pitched better. coincidence?

if we replace the mendoza watch, we should add the howard watch, as he chases the strikeout record.

GM-Carson said...

You mean his own strikeout record of 199 k's?

Myers shaved his head clean too...KWality.

Sooze said...

Mr. Awesome? I like it.

Bill said...

I like the strikeout watch idea.

I can't believe they can not figure out how to reduce his number of strikeouts. If he keeps it up he will have struck out in nearly half of his at bats!

GreggyD said...

If you keep referencing the fact that Phils have not had a starter go on the DL, you're bound to jinx it at some point. I wish I wasn't superstitious. Nonetheless, that fact brings a smile to my face all the time even if I do feel like I have to knock on wood everytime I read it.

I agree that area could be named the Howard K Zone. I'm sure he'll find a way to be the first major league player to strike out more than 200 times in a season.

I posted this on 700 Level, but think it's worth posting here as well: Seeing as lefty's typically have trouble hitting off of south paws, and visa versa, one wouldn't expect to read the following tidbit of info. ESPN stated today that of Utley's major league leading 18 home runs on the season, exactly half of them have come against lefty's, which is also good for the top mark in the Majors. Let the MVP voting begin.

The Marlins perch atop the division was bound to fall at some point. Their rotation ERA is above 5.00 and ballooning with last nights thrashing, they are young and make a lot of errors (which the Phillies have slowly gotten over), and as Jayson Stark informed me, they "a worse run differential (plus-12) than a Cleveland team that's five games under .500."

Atlanta will be the team riding our coattails for the rest of the way, especially with Chipper chasing .400 and not ever seeming to miss a step. It's amazing what an April of above .500 baseball will do for you come May. The Phils have reached the top of the division already, and I don't see any reason for them to hit a horrible skid anytime soon.

And for good measure, as I was perusing the normal sites this morning, I saw that the Phils are now ranked 2 in ESPN's power rankings behind only the Cubs. I'm going to go daydream about a potential NLCS match-up (knock on wood).

ripjgarcia said...

I agree about jinxing the staff. If I were you, I'd go outside and knock on a tree for about a half hour. If you don't have a tree outside, go to a park.

GM-Carson said...

The only wood I will knock my friends is in my pants.

GM-Carson said...

Helluva time for Cole Hamels to pitch the worst baseball of his career. Past 2 starts- 9.2 ip, 15 h, 13 r...yikes!

GM-Carson said...

Dammit, 1st place for 1 day. I really hate the Marlins, their own fans hate them too, that's why nobody shows up to the damn games. Oh well, Moyer will filet some fish tomorrow I suppose.

GM-Carson said...

I like to look at players' career stats a lot, and today I came across the Angels firstbaseman Casey Kotchman who has only struckout 98 in 960 at!