Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Rewind

The first month of the season is over, which for the Phillies, is always a good thing. Let's take a look at who has impressed and who hasn't. [Stats referenced do not include last night's game.]

Exceeding Expectations
Pat Burrell - I don't care what any of you say, no one saw this month coming.
Chase Utley - We all knew Utley would hit well all year, but double digit homers in April was definitely not expected.
Brad Lidge - He looks like a reliable closer, even if he needs a few more days of rest than other top-line stoppers.
Jayson Werth - Working pitch counts, hitting homers, running down fly balls, having a hot mom...the man can do it all.
Chris Coste - He will be on this list every year.
Charlie Manuel - Hasn't screwed up much. Possibly the most surprising early season trend.

Meeting Expectations
Gavin Eaton - No wins, no losses, and ERA around 5. Sounds about right.
Greg Dobbs - If he continues to hit .340, will be in the "Above" category by year's end.
Snelling, Harman, Bruntlett, Bohn - small PT, small stats.
Ramon Henderson - Typical solid performance in the 'pen and as BP thrower. I wish I could walk around my job in catchers shin guards...

Below Expectations
Ryan Howard - Howard is the leader of this group.
Brett Myers - An ERA over 5 for the opening day starter is not a good thing. At least the Phils aren't the only team in this situation (see: Verlander, Sabathia). Of course, those two have improved velocity and promising recent results...
DP Feliz - Double-plays and strikeouts were expected. But some shaky D and a ~.200 average is far less than anticipated.
Carlos Ruiz - Frankly, he looks horrible.
Geoff Jenkins - The .240 average isn't a shocker, but only 4 RBIs is unacceptable.
So Taguchi - Hasn't contributed much, and has been shaky as a defensive replacement, conjuring up memories of Chris Roberson.
Scott Sheridan - Phils trainer hasn't helped Rollins get back on the field quick enough. Is it really Sheridan's fault? I don't know, but I have to blame somebody.

No Grade
Jimmy Rolllins and Shane Victorino, due to injuries.

First month overview - I give the Phils a grade of "Ehh." Not as successful as I would have liked, but also not as unsuccessful as previous Aprils. Also, considering the struggles of Myers, the 4 regulars mentioned above, and the injuries to Rollins and Victorino, and this month actually seems pretty good.



GM-Carson said...

Werth can do it all...let's just hope he doesn't do his "hot mom" Oedipus Rex style...ewww!

Feliz now with 8 DP's on the season, that's really, really, really freakin' bad.

BloodStripes said...

A half game off the lead is good enough I suppose. Should have had a couple more wins but a winning record is obviously a good thing. After the last few years we were all saying in March that we would be happy with a .500 April. 2 games above. We gotta be happy.

With Vic and J-Roll to return the Phillies need to crank it up a notch and be division leaders by June.

BloodStripes said...

Feliz is 4 for 11 with 3 home runs against Wolf. Redeem yourself Pedro and hit another one.

Bob D said...

Seanez 2-1 0.90, Romero 1-0 0.00, and Durbin 0-1 1.42 have done well from the pen.

While Madson 1-0 5.27 has let up 3Hrs to spoil a decent start.

GM-Carson said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am not a Ryan Madson fan. I think he sucks. The dude looks like a lost puppy on the mound with his lanky-ass body and sulking face, not to mention he seems to always give up big hits/runs. I will not be sad to see him leave (assuming he eventually does).

Overall the bullpen has been a huge asset, even Tom Gordon is pitching well over the past couple weeks.

Kevin McGuire said...

I think that with the Phillies having a winning April, then we know they will now run away with this division once the temperature goes up. Right? Am I right people?

furiousBall said...

I still say, start Werth in CF as much as possible, put Vic in RF when he's able.

GM-Carson said...

I want Victorino to get a start here sometime. When he's on top of his game he's a great sparkplug.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree with your assessment of Eaton. I do not believe anyone expected him to be even near serviceable. The fact that the Phil’s have not lost every game he has started should mean that he has exceeded expectation.

GM-Carson said...

DC- in fact, Corey and I both predicting Eaton to have a somewhat "bounce back" season, and a 5 era is near what we each predicted.

Jeff H. said...

Not a bad April but not good either, so yeah, kinda "meh.."

Howard needs to start hitting even if it is line drives into the shift.

Keep waiting for the Burrell slump to start.

Dan said...

Pedro Feliz is killing me softly with a song. He is the biggest disappointment, bar none. When we got him, I went and looked up his stats - the low OBP was scary, but hey, whatever, the RBIs and HR were nice to see. I was kind of excited.

Basically, one month of watching him hack, hack, hack and ground into double plays has made me lose a significant part of my faith in humanity. I don't give out this insult lightly, but: Pedro Feliz is quickly approaching Endy Chavez, Alex Gonzalez, and Danny Sandoval as the least-talented pieces of garbage who have ever worn red pinstripes.

Yeah, I just busted out the Unholy Triumvirate as a comparison for our free agent third baseman.

That said, it was a good April and I hope they continue to play well. The hitting will come along.

And Jamie Moyer's bobblehead is pretty darn nice. The Phils give out better quality bobbleheads than the Orioles and Nats and several minor-league teams I've been to. That's got to count for something, right?

GM-Carson said...

I'm usually not a stat head, but OPS is a big-time stat and hard to ignore. Look at Feliz's career on base % and it's evident that the man is a prolific out making machine offensively. 20 homeruns and 80+ rbi's cloud the true "value" of his bat, which is worst 3rd baseman in baseball. Yet, Patty G signed him to a 2 year 8 mil deal...ah shucks!

Los said...

At least we had a winning April, I guess ... Hopefully, Howard will turn it around, as well as Myers.

Jacobin said...

3-2 win = alone in first place! Nice to see Howard do something useful with the bat and the glove for a change. Hopefully as the weather warms up he does too!