Thursday, April 24, 2008

WTF Chuck?!

What the f@#k Chuck?! The curse of the dumbass finally broke through this season as Charles Fuqua Manuel notched his first loss of the season. Overall, I was pleased with Manuel's managing through April. He had done some questionable things prior to last night's mess, but every manager is going to make a few bad decision over the course of a 162 game season. However, last night he was downright retarded; leaving a gassed Cole Hamels in to begin the 8th inning after he had already thrown 110+ pitches was stoo-pid! Vegetarian Prince Fielder took Hamel's meatball deep into the night for his second homerun of the game, leaving the Phils with a 1 run deficit. Good job Charlie, way to use your brain on that one.

Rest of the game- Chase Utley and Pat Burrell went bar hopping against the Brew Crew, giving them 18 combined homeruns. Greg Dobbs also nailed a 2-run blast, but once again the Phils could only score on longballs, guess they're not any good at "small ball". Jayson Werth was worthless in the 9th inning stranding So Taguchi at 3rd with only one out. Werth also may have cost the Phils another run when he was caught stealing at 3rd base after a leadoff double. Ryan Howard continue his torrid pace to being a complete waste going 0-4. Cole Hamels committed an error, that's 742 errors on the season for the Phightins now. That error and Fielder's 1st inning homer put the Phils in an early hole, but rumor has it Cole went back into the clubhouse for a readjustment from his chiropractor. All in all, it was a game the Phils should have won easily, but instead they screwed up and fell back to .500. Chance at redemption this afternoon with a 1:05 matinee pinning Grand Pappy Moyer against equally crafty right-hander Jeff Suppan. Go Phils!



BloodStripes said...

Its unlike Chuck to leave Hamels in so long. Most times over the last couple of years the hook has come early. Sometimes too early. Just like Yost pitched Gagne 4 days straight until he blew a save. Tired arms give up runs.

goDuke said...

The problems with Hamels seem to come after he reaches 100 pitches. So common sense would tell you 121 is too many... maybe take him out when he gets around 100. I'm a genius!

ripjgarcia said...

4/20/2008 10:34 AM Alert
The Philadelphia Phillies are off to yet another great start. They are obviously setting up as we watch for another August/September run. One of the seldom picked things in the great Charlie Manuel's mind is this little piece of strategy. Charlie never seems to be concerned that the team is losing, constantly have to come from behind (be it in the standings or in each game) and just relies on the fact that they will be ok in the end.


Do you think that it might be possible to ask Ryan Howard to take a couple pitches here and there. Hell, last year Burrell finally came to life. The way I see it, patience was the primary reason. He stopped chasing that slider on the outside of the plate. Maybe he is a little too patient in some clutch situations but I'd rather see him take a free pass than strike or pot out chasing some pitch out of the zone. Howard could take a little lesson from this behavior. The fence isn't going anywhere seeing as the ballpark is only a few years old. So why keep swinging for it. Even steroid boy Barry Bonds didn't just hit homeruns, he made contact. So take a deep breath Ryan Howard and get some decent looks, because swinging at everything doesn't end up having pitchers throw a lot of balls anywhere near your swing zone.

Why was J-Roll not DLed? Who signs the checks in this organization? This is just taking up a roster spot that coulda been used for an extra arm in the pen. JC Romero and Brad Lidge cannot handle everything. Friday night for example, Cole Hamels had no business being in there in the 8th inning. If you don't have enough cofidence in your bullpen that you bring your starter in a situation like that, you need to release some people. Ridiculous. But thats another thing Uncle Chuckles is good for. Not having any faith in anybody.

Finally, I hate this time of the year every 4 years. The presidential follies. I may register independent so I can vote in the Phanatic. Plus, he is pretty good at kissing babies already. And I really don't think thats something I would want to see Hilary Rodham-Clinton do (and where did the Rodham go anyway? ah.. politics)

I posted this on Sunday on a poker website I subscribe to. Obviously I agree with your observations.

Tony said...

I was on the verge of throwing things when the 8th started, before the first pitch. Leaving Hamels in there was pure stupidity on Manuel's part. But even if leaving Hamels in, pull him after Braun hits the double. If Braun still scores against Durbin, it's probably only the one run. At worst, we go to extras against a team whose staff can't deal with that.

Or Manuel could've planned ahead, using Romero against Fielder, the only lefty in the Brewers' lineup. The whole thing gets even less defensible than it was last night. What's the point of having experience in Jimy Williams if he can't talk Manuel out of stupidity?

Joe said...

As a Boston native, I can say Jimy Williams isn't much help.

I didn't see the game and can't speak to Cole's fatigue going into the 8th. But if you want to give your pitchers any chance of getting into the 8th or beyond in key games, you have to try it. You have to stretch them out. You can't expect any pitcher to make the jump from 100 to 120 overnight. There will be pain.

With this bullpen, and the current state of bullpens throughout MLB, you wonder why there hasn't been an ongoing attempt to stretch guys out. There must be a healthy way to get starters to go longer.

Tough loss. I applaud Cole's guts to try to get through the 8th.

furiousBall said...

i didn't see any of the game past the 7th, so missed the meltdown. crapalapa

Tony said...


I'm not arguing that Jimy Williams is what he's billed as by management. But experience is how management sells it.

I know, we've all learned what weight we should apply to management's claims.

Mike said...

The Phils should play the chiropractor at SS during Cole's starts. That way he can adjust Cole during innings. This move would also upgrade the Phillies' infield defense.

Chase and Pat are 1-2 in the NL in HR, RBI, SLG, and overall offensive awesomeness.

GM-Carson said...

1-1 in the bottom of the 7th. Phils only run coming off the bat of Werth as he went deep for the 4th time this season. They need to start scoring besides way of homerun.

GM-Carson said...

From Yahoo Sports Fantasy-
Apr 24 Victorino (calf) went 2-for-3 with an RBI and a walk in his rehab assignment with Single-A Clearwater on Wednesday, the Philadelphia Daily News reports.
Recommendation: All signs point towards Victorino returning to Philadelphia's lineup against San Diego on April 29, the Phillies' first game after Victorino is eligible to come off of the DL on April 28.

GM-Carson said...

Pat Burrell delivers a 2 out 2 run double in the 8th, he is awesome!

From Jayson Stark-
• Stand Pat Dept.: Pat Burrell's future is becoming a bigger issue in Philadelphia by the day.

So if Burrell keeps grinding out quality at-bats, mashing balls to the opposite field and putting up the same scenic numbers he has been spewing since last July, he can corner the Phillies into a very uncomfortable position.

On one hand, Burrell is their only middle-of-the-order right-handed bat. And the free-agent market next winter will offer just about zero alternatives.

On the other, Burrell's foot speed and mobility have declined so much, he is increasingly being viewed as "just" an American League-type player. And considering the cash the Phillies are going to owe players like Ryan Howard and Cole Hamels over the next few years, there's virtually no chance they'd be interested in paying Burrell anywhere near his current salary ($14 million).

So baseball men who have felt out the Phillies on this issue speculate that the club figures to offer Burrell no more than a two-year deal, at about half of what he's making. But if he continues down the path of rake-age he's been traveling since last July 1 (.312, 29 HR, 87 RBIs, .636 slugging percentage), it's tough to envision him saying yes.

• Stand Pat Dept., Part 2: Burrell's MLB ranks since July 1: First in slugging (.636), first in OPS (1.072), third in RBIs (87), fourth in on-base percentage (.436), sixth in homers (29).

But this year, he has been especially locked in, balanced and driving balls to right field that he used to wave at. It was that stroke that made him the No. 1 overall pick in the entire draft 10 years ago. But it's been missing in action for a lonnggg time.

"I think I knew there was something there," Burrell told Rumblings. "I just had gotten away from it, and it was hard to get back. When I came up here, I used to move the ball around a little bit. I was a pull-hitter, but I had the ability to hit the ball to right field -- maybe not for as much power but I'd get some hits over there.

"I'll tell you what: That's a good feeling to have, when you can cover both sides. It's one thing to hit the ball to right field. But it's nice to hit it hard to right field."

BloodStripes said...

Utley and Burrell do it again. They are incredible. As hot as you can get.

BloodStripes said...

Bullpen doing a good job. Gordon looking much better lately too. Lets go Phillies you late inning legends. Woooo!!

GM-Carson said...

This team has a lot of good things going for it right now (Utley, Dobbs, Werth, Burrell, Coste, bullpen). However it has many bad things too (Howard, Feliz, Jenkins, Ruiz, Bruntlett, some of the starting rotation). Rollins and Vic need to get healthy in a hurry.

BloodStripes said...

Burrell loves Philly. If he is gonna keep this up they gotta make him stay somehow.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard is about to make me cry. He was benched today, but brought in to pinch-hit then stayed in to play 1st base. 2 ab's, 2 k's...'nuff said.

GM-Carson said...

Phils win, back above .500 at 12-11. Off to Pittsburgh.

BloodStripes said...

Lidge continues the filth to put another one in the win column.

Utley and Burrell are gonna cool off a bit sooner or later. By then Howard will be cutting it up. 12 - 11 is cool being so early in the season. Two crucial injuries. Phils doing alright. Just remember the last few Aprils. This April is acceptable.

GM-Carson said...

All I know is that Jayson Werth and Greg Dobbs have been playing themselves into some more playing time.

BloodStripes said...

Good to see them stepping up and taking their opportunities.

Dan said...

It's good to see that Dobbs is hitting the ball. I've been worried about him ever since that game in which Harang made him look like a Little Leaguer. Let's hope that he (and Werth) stay hot.

GM-Carson said...

We wouldn't be worried about Dobbs and Werth if Ryan Howard was actually do anything remotely worthwhile...pick up you big dumb oaf!