Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

The San Diego Friars roll into Philly for a 3 game set starting tonight at the friendly confines of The Brick Cit House. These Padres aren't your ordinary run-of-the-mill fatherly types either; they've got a pitching staff that may leave the Phils wondering if they just got spanked by their daddies. Of course, they also have an abysmal offense (2nd fewest runs scored in MLB) that offsets any good done by the pitchers. Here's to hoping their pitching staff falters and their bats stay silent.

Pitching Matchups:
Tonight our left-handed ace Cole Hamels (2-3, 2.75 era, 1.08 whip) toes the rubber against a man with 323 more career victories than him. Yep, Mr. Six-Inches-Off-the-Plate Greg Maddux is still pitching, and pitching well with a 2-1 record on the season and a 3.66 era and 1.06 whip. The man truly is one of the best pitchers of all-time regardless of broadened strikezone. Wednesday the Major's oldest player Grand Pappy Moyer (1-1, 4.05, 1.73) at 45 years of age opposes his complete opposite in Chris Young (1-2, 3.77, 1.40)...I know weak joke. To wrap the series up Adam Eaton tries to actually factor in a decision (0-0, 5.08, 1.41), while the return of Wolf Pack Randy (2-1, 3.68, 1.06) takes the park by storm. The Padres always seem to play the Phils tough, so I expect hard fought low scoring battles over the next few days, with the Phils hopefully coming out on top. Of note- Shane Victorino is supposedly returning this evening, but in what capacity (starting CF or RF) is yet to be determined.


Waiver Claim:
With the Triple A Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs suffering through loss after loss, Gillick plucked infielder Oscar Robles off waivers from the visiting Padres. Oscar can play second, short, and third and has played parts of the past 3 seasons with the Dodgers and Padres batting .260 over 163 games. He has less power than a dead 9-volt, but in the minors he's drawn far more walks than strikeouts (277/144). This may just be a regular old minor league move, but something about Jimmy Rollins still being DL'd and the timing of this transaction scare me.



Los said...

There's gotta be a joke in there somewhere with the name Iron Pig and losing ... right?

GM-Carson said...

I've heard rumors that the franchise is already looking to move because of the horrible attendance due to the unbelievably crappy record. Ok, not really, but only 3 wins on the season is worse than anyone could have imagined.

Phils won though! Hamels looked pretty good, just couldn't keep it going in the 8th inning again. If it weren't for Scott Hairston the Padres had been shutout.

GM-Carson said...

Did you know that Eric Bruntlett now has a 7 game hitting streak? I didn't think that was possible.

Jamie Moyer pitching tonight and it's his NL East clinching bobblehead giveaway tonight too...victory?

BloodStripes said...

Lots of runs but a victory nonetheless.

GM-Carson said...

It was a well pitched game until the relievers took over. Madson is horrible, he always seems to give up big hits. His whip is decent, but he gives up too many extra base hits.

A winning April, I didn't think it was possible after that ugly start. I'm glad to be wrong in this case.

Jimmy O'D said...

Does anyone else find it completely unecessary to hold an official on-field retirement ceremony for Mike Lieberthal?

Besides playing 12 years for the Phils he never really produce anything on the field.

GM-Carson said...

Lieberthal was good for like 2 of those 12 seasons. I agree that having this ceremony for him is a bit ridiculous though, but hey it might sell a few more tickets so Gillick has more money to sign some minor league trash...oh the dividends!

furiousBall said...

yeah the ceremony of Lieberthal is a bit well stupid