Friday, April 25, 2008

Phlashback Phriday: Gary Varsho

In honor of the upcoming series between the State buddies Phillies and Buccos, WSBGM's has decided to pay tribute to a Phucco...hello Gary Varsho! Varsho has spent time in both organizations as a player and coach, currently employed as bench coach for Pittsburgh (also bench coach for Phils as recently as 2006). Gary's playing days lasted 8 illustrious season from the time he started as a Cub back in 1988 until the day he retired a Phillie in 1995. In between Chicago and Philly were two stops with the Pirates and one with the Reds. Career line: 571 gm, 101 r, 204 h, 41 dbl, 11 trpl, 10 hr, 84 rbi, 27 sb, .244 avg, and .649 OPS all while doing mostly pinch-hitting with occasional time at all three outfield positions. Of note, Varsho holds a .667 playoff batting average going 2-3 in the '91 and '92 postseason with the Buccos.


Showdown in PA:
The Philadelphia Phillies (12-11) travel to Pittsburgh for a 3 game set against the Pirates (9-13) starting Friday night at 7:05 in beautiful and underrated PNC Park. Match-ups: Friday- Adam Eaton (0-0, 4.74 era, 1.34 whip) vs. Zach Duke (0-1, 4.37, 1.77), Saturday- Kyle Kendrick (1-2, 5.59, 1.81) vs. Matt Morris (0-3, 9.15, 1.98), and Sunday- Brett Myers (2-1, 4.78, 1.31) vs. Paul Maholm (1-2, 4.22, 1.50).

Phils Jackpots: Pat Burrell (.355 avg/1.224 OPS), Chase Utley (.385/1.288), Jayson Werth (.300/.958), Greg Dobbs (.355/.992), and Chris Coste (.370/1.172).

Buccos Jackpots: X-Man Nady (.337/.919), Nate McLouth (.333/.978), Ryan Doumit (.344/.943), Ronny Paulino (.290/.726), and Jason Bay (.270/.859).

Phils Bankrupts: Geoff Jenkins (.225/.600), Pedro Feliz (.213/.654), Carlos Ruiz (.194/.484), Eric Bruntlett (.207/.534), and Ryan Howard (.176/.638). Of note- Mr. Ten Million Dollar Man Ryan Howard has only 7 hits in 63 at bats against the Pirates for a .111 batting average with no homeruns, only 4 rbi, 31 k's, and a piss poor .303 OPS.

Buccos Bankrupts: Freddy Sanchez (.227/.513), Luis Rivas (.188/.433), Doug Mientkiewicz (.212/.606), Brian Bixler (.158/.390), Adam LaRoche (.149/.454), Jose Bautista (.178/.525), and Nyjer Morgan (.130/.433).

*Each team sucks at fielding, 21 errors for the Phils and 25 for the Pirates.

*My prediction, the Phils are going to get hot and sweep this series and build a strong foundation for their first winning April in quite some time.



GM-Carson said...

Happy 30th birthday to the Philly Phanatic. He made his debut at the Vet in 1978 on April 25th.

furiousBall said...

i vote that i get to have sex with that lady in the phillies shirt, no not varsho

GM-Carson said...

I thought some loyal readers would appreciate that picture of that fine looking lady.

Jimmy O'D said...

Let's find more fans like her. PLEASE!!!!

Scotty said...

Don't let him fool you...O'D likes little boys

GM-Carson said...

Scotty- how's Aaron Heilman doing this year?

Nice slam by Felipe Lopez yesterday.

Mike said...

I agree with the Phils sweep prediction. Those pitching matchups look favorable- Phils should score 31 runs in the three-game series.
Howard will HR off Morris, but it will be his only hit in the series.

Also, T.J. Bohn's baseball ref. page is available!

Jimmy O'D said...

You know it must suck being a Mets fan in Central Pennsylvania knowing that the only enjoyment you can get out of your baseball season is to read a Phils blog everyday. Can't you find some type of article related to the Mets to read. Whether it be on their old ass line-up, Pedro's inability to stay healthy, or Billy Wagner's mouth that won't stop uttering stupid ass shit. If worse comes to worse just google Mets '07 2nd Half Collapse your sure to find plenty of articles on that topic.

Phuck the Mets!!!

GM-Carson said...

The Mets are good. Good for me to poop on!

GM-Carson said...

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are now 2-20 this season. They may set a record for losses by a Triple A squad; not the way you'd like to see a franchise start.

Scotty said...

Carson, hows Howard's $10 million contract treating you. I think Collier would have a better average if they let him hit for Howard. Just think if he were on the team Manuel could put him in as a defensive replacement late in the game. (Collier is Carson's 8 month old son).

O'D stop living in the past dude, read your post- you are talking about '07- now look at a calendar its '08 and the Mets are 4-2 against the Phils and i am 6 wins away from adding some of your money to my wallet.

And I read this blog because it helps me get through the day with my sanity. O'D you know who I deal with @ work.

GM-Carson said...

My son would have an astronomical on base percentage due to the enormous amount of walks he'd rack up. He could probably field better than Howard too, and his crawl is damn near as fast as Howard's "run".

Jimmy O'D said...

I believe you deal with Carson's wife everyday at work you better watch what you're saying.

One major difference between '07 & '08 is the Mets aging line-up is one year closer to retirement/death.

Scotty said...

Carson's wife isn't the problem, she is the reason I know Carson.

Carson, funny you should ask about Aaron Heilman. He is terrible this year and this fact can be explained in no more than two words.....Notre Dame.

How 'bout it Jimmy

PS Jimmy and I are getting a ton of work done today

Bob D said...

The Pirates were in the playoffs??

Happy B-Day to the best Philly of all time: The Phanatic.

Just wait, in a month Howard will go on a tear for a few weeks when he hits 12Hrs, 30RBIs and a 400+BA.

GM-Carson said...

Scotty and Jimmy O'D...time to kiss and makeup or makeout.

BloodStripes said...

Who would have ever predicted todays lineup. Bizarro. There is an Aussie in there. Lookout!

Go Phils go.

GM-Carson said...

Chris Coast-to-Coste strikes again. Not only is he a great story he's a great catcher to have on your team.

Jayson Werth with another homer. Good start to this game.

Go Eaton!

BloodStripes said...

Phils win with the rag tag bunch. Good stuff boys!!!

Jacobin said...

After pitching pretty well to start off the season, Adam Eaton's performance tonight reminded me that Kris Benson is continuing to rehab and try to get himself into major league pitching shape.

GM-Carson said...

A win is a win, even an ugly one like that. Adam Eaton is slowly reverting to the pitcher we've come to hate. On a positive note the bullpen is awesome and Brad Harman and Chad Durbin collected their 1st MLB hits last night.