Monday, April 07, 2008

Moving and Shaking with Pat Burrell

Pat The Bat Burrell is playing like a man possessed by the ghost of Babe Ruth. Today he took acoustic rock god Bronson Arroyo deep twice, and has gone Yahtzee! 3 times on the season. Through 7 games, he's 10-23 for a .435 average with 4 runs scored, 3 doubles, the previously mentioned 3 longballs (Burrell loves that he has longballs, he's a mackdaddy that way), 9 rbi, 4 walks, and something like a 9.999 OPS (that doesn't exist, but Burrell would own it if it did). Patrick Brian Burrell is sexy, not in the way that I want to do him, but in the way that he oozes awesomeness. Three cheers for you Burrell...You're my boy Burrell, you're my boy!



scot said...

And Pat always hits NY better than any other club, so let's hope this first week was just a warmup.

Very sexy.

GreggyD said...

I can't wait to see the Phils leave Shea with a couple wins and see Burrell add at least one or two more dingers to his total. I like these afternoon games a lot, especially when there's no classes tomorrow.

Too bad Johan just pitched. We'll have to wait a bit longer...

Nicholas said...

"Pat The Bat Burrell is playing like a man possessed by the ghost of Babe Ruth."

Oooh, does this mean he can pitch relief?

SirAlden said...

Brett Myers is the total key to this season. If he gets his act together everything will fall into place.

If he continues to be better on Paper than in Practice then we will be in very serious trouble.

Hamels is right on Track.

Dan said...

Yeah, Hamels put in a gutsy performance today. Not exactly the on-paper performance I wanted from my fantasy starter, but exactly what I was looking for as a Phillies fan. And we all know that a Phillies win beats the best day in fantasy baseball, right?

I'm stunned that any pitcher in the major leagues still tries to pitch Pat Burrell on the inner half of the plate. I mean seriously - it's not brain surgery. I would venture that 90 percent of his home runs are on middle-in pitches, right? Why don't more teams just pitch him on the outer half of the plate? It boggles my mind.

Also, referring to an above post about Johan: I love the New York papers and the gist of the article after Johan lost, which was basically: "Oh my God, we can lose when Santana is on the mound? This was never part of the deal!"

GM-Carson said...

To answer questions and statements:

Nicholas- Indeed Burrell can pitch relief, you've seen his gun from LF.

SirAlden- Myers is a big part of the solution or problem, let's hope it's the solution.

Dan- "middle-in", you've been listening to way too much Chris Wheeler my friend.