Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Official, The Pirates Suck

It's nice that the Phils can have Bruntlett, Harman, Taguchi and Gavin Eaton in the starting lineup and still win a game. However, I think this was more of a reflection on the futility of the Pirates than the greatness of these Philly scrubs. As a fan of both teams who rarely gets to watch a Buccos game (thanks MLB blackout restrictions!), it was sickening to see the state of the Pirates. A first basemen hitting worse than Ryan Howard. A former batting champion hitting .212. Doug Mientkiewicz at third base? Seriously? There are no better options anywhere?
Howard Contributes Some K
In his two "off-days", Howard is 0-3 with three K's. I think this situation has been handled poorly by Charlie Manuel. As if striking out twice on his first day off wasn't enough, Charlie decides to run Howard out last night against notorious lefty-killer Damaso Marte. The odds Howard, in the midst of the worst slump of his career, comes off the bench in the eighth and has a quality AB against a tough lefty? Very low. There is a cliche about managers "putting players in position to succeed." Well, Manuel set Howard up for failure. And now he's had the two worst off-days imaginable.
She's A Hurdler
Jayson Werth, who has been doing a great job filling in for the injured Shane Victorino, went yard again last night. However, it unfortunately was not followed by a shot of his mom celebrating the dinger. So from now on, every Jayson Werth homer will be celebrated with this...



GM-Carson said...

A win is a win, even a semi-ugly one.

*Brad Harmon and Chad Durbin collect 1st MLB hits.
*Bullpen is by far a shining star this season with Lidge and Romero heading the crew.
*Tom Gordon continues to look good after blowing up early in the season.
*Chris Coste probably just secured a job as starting catcher.
*Phils are 2 games above .500.
*Jayson Werth showing he belongs in the lineup on a regular basis regardless of right/left-handed pitcher.

*Ryan Howard strikes again...or shall I say strikes out again. 35 k's in only 86 ab's with a .174 average. He's pitiful.
*Eaton's outing shows he's reverting back to the pitcher we've all come to know and hate.
*Pedro Feliz still can't hit.

GM-Carson said...

Werth's mom is a MILF!

Bob D said...

Jason Werth is proving he maybe Gillicks best move yet. I wondered if last year was a fluke for him, but he keeps doing it.

GM-Carson said...

Victorino is set to come off the DL on Tuesday. I propose playing Werth 5 times a week, which means playing him in CF for Vic once or twice a week and the same Jenkins in RF. Jenkins really needs to pick it up, he's been a complete waste. So has Howard and Feliz for that matter.

furiousBall said...

I'd hit that.

Bob D said...

I think we all heard how bad AAA Leigh was. I knew the Phils cut LaForest-C last week, I went to see who replaced him and it was Tim Gradoville. The problem with calling him up was Tim was at AA Reading, but he wasn't playing - he was a coach there. Now LaForest can be an answer to some future trivia question of being the AAA player to be cut in favor of a coach.

bsg said...

i love the expression on gillicks face as werth's mom was celeberating, its like shut up and sit down,...... seriously when i first saw the t-mac interview with her i thought she was his wife!

Bob D said...

Rollins went from day-to-day to 15 day DL, to now there are rumors he may be out even longer as he is unable to start some rehabbing. He was suppose to start rehab now but they are delaying it. I sense another one of these mystery injuries covered up by lies.

GM-Carson said...

Everyone involved with the Rollins injury royal f'd it up. Seriously, all those stupid pinch-hitting appearances likely only further damaged his injured ankle which may lead to a prolonged stay on the DL. Eric Bruntlett ain't cutting it at shortstop and we're lucky to be 2 games above .500 considering what we're missing from the team (J-Roll, Vic, Howard).

Dan said...

Um, Howard just went yard off of Morris. Dude, you called that (I think it was Carson?). That's really creepy.

BloodStripes said...

C'mon Phils. Lets have 10. Smash 'em.

GM-Carson said...

Dan- the sooner you learn that I'm the f'n man, the better off we'll all be.

By the way, you must excuse me, I'm 8 High Lifes into the night already.