Friday, April 11, 2008

Inside the Numbers

The Phillies reached the 10 game mark of the season and are playing lackluster baseball with a record of 4-6. Luckily for them they still have 152 games yet to play; guess that could be unlucky too depending if you're a glass half Guinness or a glass half Coors Light type. Here's a quick glance at some of the stats they've racked up so far...

*42 runs scored. That's 4.2 runs per game from a team that's supposed to have the most formidable bats in the league. I'm not the type of guy that normally points the finger of blame, but what the hell- Ryan Howard (.189 avg./.689 OPS), Pedro Feliz (.194/.562), Carlos Ruiz (.185/.501), and Shane Victorino (.175/.458).

*Collectively the Phils are only scrounging up hits here and there as their .243 team batting average would suggest, and their .746 OPS isn't very impressive either.

*Aside from batting averages and the almighty OPS I've witnessed horrible approaches by individual players at the plate. Shane Victorino is playing an awesome centerfield eating up more balls than PacMan, but he's lost at the plate. I miss Jimmy Rollins too, he's the leader of this club and Eric Bruntlett is proving to be every bit as worthless as No-Hit Nunez was...lay down a bunt you ugly bearded bastard!

*3.96 era. No my friends, that is not a typo, the pitching hasn't been nearly as bad as most thought it would be. Let's keep in mind though that due to defensive woes our staff has already allowed 12 unearned runs.

*Cause for Concern- 46 walks and 54 k's. I can live with the low strikeouts, but the pitchers are walking a man every other inning.

*Cole Hamels (1.20 era) and Adam Eaton (3.95) have been the best of the rotation. Once again, not a typo. Rudy Seanez (0.00), JC Romero (0.00), Brad Lidge (0.00), and Chad Durbin (1.13) have done very well in relief. Ones that have been left unnamed have been disappointments.

*The state of Pennsylvania sucks at fielding. The Phils horrors on the diamond have been well lamented on here, but yesterday the Pirates overtook them for the MLB lead in errors with 14 (Phils have committed 13). The sure-handed players like Utley, Rollins, and Feliz have been ugly at times and Chooch's hyperness has caused him 2 errors of his own. If the Phils plan on contending, and I think they do, they really need to sure up the defense pronto.

Charlie Manuel hasn't done too many questionable things yet this season. I disagree with his use of Lidge in the Cincy blowout, but he did need to get into a game sometime. He's actually mixed-and-matched relief pitchers quite well through 10 games (considering what he has to work with). There is some scrutiny to be given in regards to his use of pinch-hitters/runners. I hate this "rule" of lifting Burrell post 7th inning if he gets on base. Also, Manuel sent Greg Dobbs, known struggler against lefties, to the plate last night when it was obvious Willie Randolph was going to pull John Maine for Pedro Feliciano (a lefty). So Dobbs is announced as the pinch-hitter, Randolph makes the switch and Dobbs sits back down in favor of Jayson Werth...that's the second time this season Dobbs has been announced as the pinch-hitter but didn't truly appear in the game.

Patty G went bargain basement shopping yet again, this time rummaging through the castoffs for lefty Steve Kline. Kline was recently released by the Giants and was signed to a minor league deal that will put him on the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs roster until he's summoned back to the majors. Over 11 seasons, Kline has pitched in 796 games with a 3.51 era and 1.38 whip, but struggled against lefties (his main competitors) last season. I envision the Sunbury, PA native as an upgrade to the bullpen as a second lefty, especially since JC Romero isn't used solely as a situational lefty anymore (dude gets everyone out!).



Corey said...

i'm pretty sure feliciano was the only met warming up in the bullpen when he sent dobbs to the plate. i understand dobbs would have been the best option (after jimmy rollins...) to face john maine in that situation, but it was extremely obvious that randolph was going to pull him. this is the kind of shallow thinking by manuel that is so frustrating and ends up costing the phils games because, among other reasons, they run out of players by the tenth inning and have to pinch hit with pitchers.

GM-Carson said...

That was the point I was trying to make, Manuel is stupid sometimes and it hurts the team. Feliciano WAS the ONLY man warming up, so sending Dobbs to PH was stupid.

GM-Carson said...

I mentioned Lohse and Germano yesterday with ZERO era's, and now I need to point out Donut-Eater Lieber's 0.00 era in 9.1 innings of relief and 2 wins for the coming to town Cubbies.


last night was rediculous. reyes was out in my opinion. did you guys see him out or safe?

Jacobin said...

Brett Myers says that he hasn't been giving it his all the first two starts, but will come out firing tonight. I don't necessarily have a problem with that... however, he is quoted as saying:

"I'm closing for nine innings tomorrow," said Myers, who will start tonight against the Chicago Cubs at Citizens Bank Park."

For some reason this statement makes me mildly nauseous. He's back to being a starting pitcher and he's still focused on being a closer (or so it comes across).

GM-Carson said...

Count me in as annoyed by Brett Myers in the early going.

According to my Phils Phan eye, Reyes was out. But it was one helluva close play that the ump did his best on (and I usually don't make excuses or stand up for umps).

GM-Carson said...

According to Jeff Horrigan of the Boston Herald, the Tigers, Rays, and Phillies have interest in recently-designated pitcher Kyle Snyder.

Snyder, now 30 years old, was the seventh overall pick by the Royals in the 1999 draft. He was tolerable as a middle reliever for the Red Sox last year, though his control was poor. He had two labrum surgeries in '03 and '04, and that injury reoccurred in '05. The Royals designated him the following year, and the Sox claimed him off waivers.

Here's a look at Snyder's pitch type data from last year. Most projection systems predict an ERA around 4.80 this year for him.

*If he's willing to go the minor league deal route, sign his ass now!

GM-Carson said...

No Rollins again tonight. Check this dumb lineup that Charlie will trot out there tonight:
1. Vic CF
2. Dobbs 3B
3. Utley 2B
4. Howard 1B
5. Burrell LF
6. Jenkins RF
7. Ruiz C
8. Bruntlett SS

Watch this misfit lineup work and be Charlie's new go-to plan.

GM-Carson said...

Oh hell no, 2nd time in this short season that the Phils aren't on in the Harrisburg area. I pay too much money for Comcast cable to not get every f'n game...dammit!

GM-Carson said...

This game is going to be great, back-to-back homers by the Cubs in the top of the suck Brett Myers!

Jacobin said...

Burrell keeps on hitting! CONTRACT YEAR! We'll take 8 innings out of Myers and a few more RBI from Pat the Bat!

BloodStripes said...

Take that everyday of the week Jacobin. Nice win in the end. Burrell is hitting a lousy .400 now. Triple crown all the way. Remember world you heard here first on WSBGM's. Ha!

BloodStripes said...

Even though the philthie Phils are under .500 at 5 - 6. Its better than the last few years at this point in April. Light that Lilly motherfarkers arse up tommorrow boys. Especially you PB. Personal Best Pat Burrell.

GM-Carson said...

Corey is smiling this morning because his boy Pat Burrell is dominating.