Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Care for a cup?

Pat Burrell and Chase Utley are dominating the National League. The two have combined for 30 runs, 52 hits in 145 at bats (.359 batting average), 12 doubles, 16 homeruns, 37 rbi, 2 stolen bases (all Utley there), 23 walks, and an averaged OPS of 1.236. Go around the rest of the Majors and it's doubtful that any other tandem can stack up numbers that compare to these two. Since Jimmy Rollins was crowned 2007 NL MVP, Phans have been clamoring for Chase Utley's turn to garner the Phils their 3rd straight MVP this season (Ryan Howard 2006 NL MVP). However, as things stand right now Chase has stiff competition from bad boy Burrell. Although Utley is more likely to keep the higher average and not go through slumps as often as Burrell, there's reason to be optimistic that Burrell has become a wiser batter at the plate and learned something from all those struggles he's had in the past. Whether this goes on all season, or ends tomorrow, I've thoroughly enjoyed it thus far and will continue chugging the Kool-Aid...Care for a cup?


Now That's A Jersey:
Stephen Colbert is attempting to corner the Philadelphia market with this special jersey that has all 4 major sports teams on it. Wise time to do it too, because the 76ers and the Flyers are in the thick of the playoffs, while the Eagles are setting up for Draft Day, and the Phils just began their defense of the NL East crown.


Last night's winner Rudy Seanez hasn't allowed an earned run nor a hit this season in 7 appearances. He now has 2 of the Phils 10 wins and owns a brilliant 0.00 era. Joining him in the exclusive CLUB ZERO are fellow bullpen mates JC Romero and Brad Lidge. Just like Pat Burrell above, it's highly doubtful this dominance will continue for an entire season, but right now it's a pleasant surprise that fans should be relishing because the bullpen was supposed to be a glaring deficit of the team (still could prove to be).


Happy Birthday Mickey Morandini!



GM-Carson said...

I should note that I had a dream that the Rockies rocked the Phils last night for 83 hits (I do believe that would set a record). Luckily when I watched ESPN's bottomline this morning I saw Phils 9-5, with Utley going deep in his 5th straight game.

Bob D said...

Happy B-Day Jim Varney..err.. I mean Mickey. He looks alot like Ernest (Scared Stupid,Goes to Jail, Saves Christmas, Goes to Camp, etc...)

Jason Werth proving to be solid so far also. Good to see Howard getting some hits and swinging better. This could be a very dangerous team if Howard heats up now.

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Werth is the perfect 4th outfielder. Gets on base, has some pop, has some speed, plays all 3 outfield positions. I'm glad we have him.


the phils bench leads the league in avg right now at .324 which isn't too surprising because our bench is pretty sick. utley and burrell should be our 3-4 right now and howard bat 5th to take some pressure off or something, although he did have 2 hits yesterday and i see a HR coming today

let's hope frances doesn't pull an oswalt and get his season going when he plays philly because right now he is 0-3.

morandini looks like a drug dealer.

GM-Carson said...

Morandini looks like a stone-cold PIMP!

Francis made us look silly in the playoffs last year.

Our bench is one of the best in baseball in my opinion.

Jimmy O'D said...

Why does Manuel continue to pull Burrell for a defensive replacement when the late innings roll around only to see the so-called defensive replacement/replacements committ errors. Last nights perpetrator was T.J. Bohn (who the hell is he anyway?).

Charlie, please leave Burrell in the game at least until Victorino gets back and Werth can become the defensive replacement.

furiousBall said...

Mickey wasn't a handsome man.

GM-Carson said...

To answer you question Jimmy O'D, TJ Bohn is a failed porn star who decided to try his hand in Major League Baseball instead. Needless to say, it looks like he's coming up "short" in both career paths.

Joe said...

Agreed with the lifting of Burrell. It has to stop.
Pat is moving better this season. The replacements aren't getting it done. And until Howard starts to hit, we need the bats in there. Why tie your hands, Charlie or take pop out of the line-up? For what, that slight chance the game hinges on a play to left field?
Feels like old school managing without rhyme or reason, just tradition.

GM-Carson said...

Very well put Joe. Manuel isn't very smart, and was probably told one time that he should take Burrell out of the game for defense/speed late in the game. He took that idea and overgeneralized it to mean all situations, and therefore lifts Pat without thinking about the consequences of him out of the lineup from there on out. I agree if it's the 8th inning and Burrell raps a double with no outs and we absolutely need a run, lift him for a pinch-runner, but to lift him every game is overkill and unintelligent.

GM-Carson said...

Perhaps it should also be mentioned that the Phils committed 3 more errors last night bringing the season total to 20 errors in 20 games...that's really f'n bad. The Phils only made 89 errors all of last season and are already a quarter of the way to that total.

kentucky phils phan said...

chase utley is an absolute beast

Jacobin said...

You're our boy Burrell!!!! WOOO! Kick ass, glad I didn't turn the game off.

Jacobin said...

Um... great, Burrell clears the bases and winds up at third and our douche bag manager puts in pinch runner/defensive replacement/tool B.J. Tohn.

BloodStripes said...

Another wicked comeback. Bloody awesome!!!

Dan said...

Let's just be thankful that Charlie didn't take Burrell out earlier in the game, leaving Sister Margaret Mary to hit against Corpas in a pressure situation in the 9th.

Anyway, that was a pretty amazing win right there. Honestly, I did not see that one coming. They kind of stole one right there...but that's what good teams do. Definitely an encouraging day.

By the way, I could probably figure this out, but I'm lazy: what is Werth's contract status? He had a great year last year, he's a freaking animal this year, and I know that we definitely aren't paying a lot for him. Is he in arbitration years right now? Or are we still paying him the league minimum due to all of his time lost to injury? Was he on a club option this year or something like that? Like I said, I've been wondering this for awhile, and now I really want to know.

Dan said...

p.s. too bad comcast didn't show the streaker tonight in the late innings!

GM-Carson said...

Dan- off the top of my head, I think Werth's contract for this year is 1.75 million, or at least close to that. He's in his arbitration years, but I'm not sure how much longer the Phils control him.

You're my boy Burrell, you're my boy!!!