Friday, April 04, 2008


Looks like I can finally chillax (chill and relax combo), because the Phils notched a 1 in the W column yesterday for the 1st time this season. I say that like it's been a long time, but the reality of it is it's only been 3 games. Those were 3grueling games though, as the Phils play was riddled with bad baseball. Let's recap that opening series against the gNats.

*The offense has already seen their share of ups and downs, and they're going to have to break out the "O" face a bit more if they plan on contending...and they will. Rollins, Utley, Howard, Burrell, and Jenkins seem ready to break out of the funk of seasons' past disappointments in April.

*The defense has been subpar thus far; actually subpar is putting it lightly, it has been ugly. 2007 Gold Glover Jimmy Rollins has already committed 2 errors after making only 11 all of last season. His double play buddy Chase Utley has joined in the fumblehands madness to post 2 errors of his own. Carlos Ruiz, Jamie Moyer, and Pedro Feliz have added 1 apiece as well to bring the total to 7 errors in 3 games. That must improve, but chillax it's only the beginning of the season.

*The pitching has also seen its share of ups and downs, but the staff era of 4.82 is right on course for what is expected of them this year. Hamels pitched a gem, but the M&M boys (Myers and Moyer) didn't exactly come out guns blazing. They need to melt in your mouth, not in your hand next time around. The bullpen has been good and least Tom Gordon cut his era down by 3/4 from 135.00 to 33.75.

*Onward bound to Cincy to face the Reds this weekend, with Kendrick facing Fogg tonight to open the series. Like Frankie says "Relax", it'll be alright...right?




we are getting a win tonight. fogg is a bum and we are gonna hit him all over that park. plus we own the reds, took 4 of 6 games from them last year.

Corey said...

"it'll be alright...right?" - no, probably not. but that's the life of a phillies fan.

GM-Carson said...

Corey- don't dash my new found hope so quickly bro.

furiousBall said...

only one more day of Gordon as closer right?

Jacobin said...

I thought this was a great summation of the first three games (borrowed from the Inquirer):

In the season opener Monday, the Phillies lost because they couldn't pitch.

In their second game Wednesday, the Phillies lost because they couldn't hit.

Now they had finally put it all together: bad pitching, poor hitting and lousy fielding.

I'm a little confused as to why Manuel used Adam Eaton as a pinch runner in the seventh. How is that helpful?

SirAlden said...

Pedro Martinez down. CHECK!

Mike Hampton down. CHECK!

Rudy Seanez One Perfect Inning Pitched.


I thought the Eaton pinchrunning move was a good one by Manuel. It was done to have him feel connected to the team, the way Burrell would root hard after he was taken out for defense last year.

Pinchrunning, a good start and focus hopefully. OR Eaton can just keep running out of town!

Dan said...

Hampton going down was classic. I decided to flip between the Yanks-Jays and Braves-Pirates last night, and when I saw a right-handed pitcher on the mound for the Braves in the first, I almost burst out laughing.

He'll be out for a solid three weeks, I bet, and Pedro's out for 4-6...something tells me 6 more than 4.

Reflecting on a past comment, I don't really feel that bad about celebrating injuries to other teams. Injuries are part of the game, and obviously you hate to see them happen to anybody, really. But the critical thing is that the Mets and the Braves specifically assembled their teams with lots of high-level and highly-injury-prone talent. So when Pedro, Moises, Hampton, and Smoltz get hurt, I don't really feel that bad; that is largely a reflection upon their respective front offices' strategy, more than it is upon random chance (which is what you could chalk Utley's hand up to, for example).

So, bottom line: it's terrible when players get injured, especially when it's young guys who just get unlucky (Utley, Bourn and that idiotic Wrigley bullpen). But when you throw lots of money at old fogeys and then they go down with injury...I have very little sympathy.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge got roughed up a bit by some Single A players in his final tune-up yesterday, but I want him back nonetheless.

Using Eaton as a pinch-runner for Burrell was smart. He's faster than Burrell and if he injures himself it's a great excuse to DL his ass.

Hampton spends more time on the DL than Eric Lindros.

BloodStripes said...

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to see the PHILLIES win away!

Jacobin said...

Nice win tonight. Kendrick picked up where he left off last year... another unspectacular, but solid start. I'm really growing to like him. He throws strikes, and I'd rather see him give up a few hits than run deep counts and walk batters.

And how about the bullpen tonight? Anyone doubt Romero should have been the fill-in for Lidge rather than Gordon?

GM-Carson said...

I'm glad they won, but Kendrick looked horrible, entirely too hittable in my opinion. 5 innings 4 runs...not good. Utley and Burrell were the friggin' men though!