Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Tid-Bits

*Grand Pappy Moyer has been named the #3 starter, meaning Kyle Kendrick will slot into the 4th spot with Brett Myers already claiming ownership of #1 and Cole Hamels playing bridesmaid. Since when did naming the #3 starter become such a big deal? I understand the hoopla surrounding the #1 starter because he gets to open the season, but after that so what? Who will land the coveted 5th spot...well, I can assure you it won't be Johan Santana.

*Rule 5 pick Lincoln Holdzkom has been granted free agency. He was offered back to the BoSox, but they didn't have room on the 40 man roster for him, so he becomes a free agent. Reports have him signing a minor league deal with Philly and going to the minors.

*Brad Lidge must have visited a witch doctor or faith healer because he'll soon be ready for game action and may just yet be ready for Opening Day after all.

*Phillies spring record: 4-10, sounds eerily similar to past April starts. Some disheartening spring era's: JD Durbin 9.64, Travis Blackley 8.22, Kyle Kendrick 16.43, Joshua Outman 9.45, Carlos Carrasco 9.45, Chad Durbin 7.20, Cole Hamels 12.60, Adam Eaton 15.75, Tom Gordon 13.50, Joe Savery 10.80, John Ennis 27.00, and JC Romero 9.00. Most of us knew pitching was going to be a struggle, but thought our prolific offense would carry us...not so much so far. Abysmal spring averages: Geoff Jenkins .171, Jimmy Rollins .133, Pat Burrell .214, Chase Utley .214, Wes Helms .217, Jayson Werth .190, Ray Olmedo .125, Chris Coste .200, Jason Jaramillo .083, TJ Bohn .111, Brad Harman .167, and Matt Cervenak .000. Come Opening Day all of these crap-o-rific stats are erased, but I must admit the Phils "success" in past Aprils doesn't lead me to believe that these stats are a fluke altogether either.



Bri said...

Lidge back already? Very nice.

Yea seriously, when are we actually going to come out the gates on fire. I swear it never happens and almost (notice almost, not last year, thank you NYM) always is our demise.

bsg said...

If Lidge is ready to go back into the pen by opening day and maybe thats a a big "if"and if eaton isn't ready and ,K.K. continues to struggle, shouldn't the phis at least maybe try to get 1 or 2 starts for madson during the opening weeks. give him a few more s.t. starts and see how it goes, really what do we have to lose at this point i know what cholly is saying about him not starting but its comes down to this do we have a crappy back end of the roation for the first few weeks or do we tread water with middle relief for the first few weeks , not that theres much option to replace madson, but this is counting on lidge being back

furiousBall said...

I'm amazed that Lidge could be ready.

GM-Carson said...

BSG- no offense, but using Madson as a starter would be a horrendous decision, even if for a few starts. He's best suited for relief where he can get by on only 2 pitches. Remember '06 when he got absolutely hammered as a starter?

bsg said...


yeah i know his e.r.a was out the roof for that year, and i don't know how effective the cutter is that he says he's working on,i guess thats why rosario could also be a long shot for the 5th starter as mentioned on beerleaguer, who knows really i'm just looking for 1 or 2 starts, it doen't look like we can count on benson yet either ,but what does scare me is madson would have to pitch in cin. the road version of CBP or if the weather fails a matchup vs. the mets i guess its not good any way you look at it. Anyone But Eaton(as the term has been phrased) is how i was looking at it!

SirAlden said...


GM-Carson said...

Count me as a rooter for Francisco Rosario to harness his ability and become an effective pitcher for the Phils. Out of all the "darkhorse" candidates he has the best stuff pitch-wise. I think Madson can be an effective reliever this season if he offsets his excellent changeup with his fastball.

SirAlden said...


39 Brett Myers
35 Cole Hamels
50 Jamie Moyer
38 Kyle Kendrick
48 Francisco Rosario

The Pen:

54 Brad Lidge
45 Tom Gordon
16 J.C. Romero
63 Ryan Madson
37 Chad Durbin
52 Fabio Castro
55 Clay Condrey

Short Four Pitchers. I am looking forward to "Play Ball" at AAA and AA so we can bring guys up. We will need them. Hope that 44 Travis Blackley makes the team so "Model Dictator can start in Allentown.

I will not be surprised if there is a trade of even if Lohse is signed before the season starts.

GM-Carson said...

I see Blackley being offered back to San Fran, but they not wanting him and we sign him for our minors...that's what I'm hoping for at least.

Lohse would be nice to have, because he could start and relieve. I don't see it happening though.

I see Patty G swooping in and picking up some roster casuality that is out of options and won't make another teams' 25 man roster (i.e. like Francisco Rosario last season).

GM-Carson said...

So much for Lincoln Holdzkom rejoining the Phils on a minor league contract- the BoSox just re-signed him put him on the 40 man roster as they placed Curt Schilling on the 60 day DL.

furiousBall said...

cards got lohse

BloodStripes said...

The pitching as always is a worry.

GM-Carson said...

After Gillick offered Lohse 3 years 21 million and he refused, I think Gillick refused to even bother thinking he exists.

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