Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Saturday Ramble

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Last year, Joe Bisenius ended the season with a 0.00 ERA. He was the fourth Phillie to do that this decade. Who are the other three?
Spring Leaders
Highest ERA - Tom Gordon at 16.2
Lowest ERA - Brett Myers at 0.00

Highest BA - Greg Golson at .667
Lowest BA - Jason Jaramillo at .000

Most Tools - Jimmy Rollins with 5
Biggest Tool - Adam Eaton
Steven Pearce
The Pirates have few remaining questions this year. They already know the rotation, the bullpen and the lineup are horrible. The only question I can come up with: what excuse will they make not to give Steven Pearce at-bats this year? Last year he went .333-31-113 across three levels of minor league ball and so far this spring he has gone yard thrice and leads the Buccos in total bases. Yet he'll probably end up in Indianapolis to get experience or more at-bats or some other lame excuse to hide a potentially exciting young player from Pittsburgh fans.
No Phils on TV today...and no Phils on TV Sunday. Apparently the Phils have joined "the revolution" in their opposition to broadcast. I'm still waiting for my first glimpse of Harry in a flower print shirt. Of course, those games are painful to watch. And I probably would get real excited to watch it but then as soon as Vic Darensbourg or Gary Knotts took the bump in the 3rd or 4th inning, I would totally lose interest and end up watching re-runs of Rock of Love or TIVO'd episodes of Breaking Bonaduce. Oh well, there's plenty of other great stuff to watch this weekend, like LaSalle v. Temple, Comcast SportsNet @ 4:00...
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Ryan Madson, Doug Nickle and Tomas Perez.



GM-Carson said...

Adam Eaton is the biggest tool, I hate that son of a bitch. If it weren't for him I'd be pretty calm this spring training, but he gets my blood boiling.

Bob D said...

SO far things do not look good for the bullpen and the back end of the rotation. I don't think I would take Gordon or Eaton with the team north

GM-Carson said...

I really hope Eaton gets DL'ed. Gordon is just old. Our pitching needs help...of course we already knew that heading into spring. I advocate for signing Lohse now.

furiousBall said...

I'm impressed that Gordon's ERA is higher than Eaton's. Way to go Flash.

SirAlden said...

We have had a few bad days here, but I what I am seeing is that we do actually have options, some of which may come forward during the season.

I believe Eaton and the Real Deal Durbin are as good as gone.

We have Rule 5 Travis Blackley, Rosario, Castro, and New Durbin as options for the 5th Starter, and Scott Mathieson, Happ, and Benson on the way.

That is 7 reasonable options.

Further down on the Farm in AA are Carpenter, Outman, and Carasco.

Add Joe Bisenius, Rule 5 Lincoln Holdzkom, Mike Zagurski, and even lefty junker Shane Youman in relief roles and what have you got?

14 Arms.

In with the new and out with the old I say. No more thinking about starters below league average getting tens of million of dollars, and relievers who had a sort of good year last year and a great year 4-5 years ago.

Hand the new guys the BALL! If it goes out of the park hand it to the
next guy. We have over a dozen worth rooting for.

GM-Carson said...

Almost all of those 14 arms you listed are pretty crappy. Yes, they're options, but not good ones.