Monday, March 10, 2008

Phormer Phillies Team

Bored of being dispirited by the awfulness of the Phillies this spring and not even wanting to bother hashing out the Pirates problems I have focused my energy elsewhere. I decided to entertain myself by perusing the current 40-man rosters to piece together a team made of former Phils. Stipulation- must have played for the Phils not just in their minor league system (meaning no JD Drew or Derrick Turbow). My roster is a NL roster (screw the AL) and has a balanced lineup of power and speed with some good defense mixed in. The rotation has some inning eaters and the bullpen actually looks better than the Phils current one.

*Career OPS in parentheses

Starting Lineup:
1. Kenny Lofton- LF (.795)
2. Placido Polanco- SS (.766)
3. Bobby Abreu- RF (.908)
4. Jim Thome- 1B (.974)
5. Scott Rolen- 3B (.879)
6. Aaron Rowand- CF (.805)
7. Tadahito Iguchi- 2B (.768)
8. Johnny Estrada- C (.726)

David Dellucci- OF (.788), Rod Barajas- C (.696), Marlon Anderson- Utl (.713), Marlon Byrd- OF (.730), and Michael Bourn- OF (.702).

*Career era and whip in parentheses

1. Paul Byrd- RH (4.35, 1.32)
2. Kevin Millwood- RH (3.97, 1.28)
3. Carlos Silva- RH (4.31, 1.37)
4. Randy Wolf- LH (4.25, 1.34)
5. Kyle Lohse- RH (4.82, 1.43)

1. Billy Wagner- LH (2.40, 1.01)
2. Todd Jones- RH (3.93, 1.40)
3. Mike Timlin- RH (3.55, 1.27)
4. Aaron Fultz- LH (4.26, 1.36)
5. Ryan Franklin- RH (4.25, 1.32)
6. Geoff Geary- RH (3.94, 1.40)
7. Trever Miller- LH (4.46, 1.52)

Notes- as you can see shortstop was thin, so I had to move Gold Glove winning Polano there because he's actually played that position before and then insert Iguchi into secondbase. Billy Wagner is the closer, but Todd Jones serves as a backup should Billy need a break. Bourn is my primary defensive replacement in the outfield and pinch-runner, while Marlon Byrd and Dellucci have some thump for pinch-hitting.

Cuts- Jon Lieber, Vicente Padilla, Endy Chavez, Jason Michaels, Robinson Tejada, Gary Bennett, and Nick Punto. Curt Schilling is injured and wasn't even considered.



GM-Carson said...

It's actually phormer Phil Mike Timlins bday today, a member of the 40+ squad too.

GM-Carson said...

Due to injuries at 3rd base for the Dodgers (Garciaparra and LaRoche) they may target Wes Helms...please!!!

furiousBall said...

"targeting wes helms" i like when that phrase is attributed to another team. i feel all warm inside.

Jacobin said...

There's a story out of the Philly media today regarding how golfing alcoholic John Daly was at the Phillies spring training the other day... the story waxes about Daly meeting with Ryan Howard and comparing how the two can hit balls very far. Personally, I don't really care since this is a complete fluff filler piece for a beat writer looking for something to write about as spring training wears on.

The portion of the story I found amusing is "Daly is good friends with Phillies leftfielder Pat Burrell." Wow, I was completely not surprised by that. Is anyone really shocked that boozing chain-smokers from different sports would come together?

GM-Carson said...

Someone has got to keep Winston Salem in business.

Bob D said...

Can we add Tom Gordon and JD Durbin to the "Phormer Phillies Team"?

Durbin: 3.1 IP, 8 Hits, 6!!! doubles!, 5 runs. Spring ERA 9.64!

Gordon 1 IP, 2 H, 1 double, 1 run. Spring ERA 13.50!

I'll be rooting for Fabio Castro and Francisco Rosario tommorow. I feel Rosario has some good potential to take the late innings this year. 98 MPH heater not bad. Probably not a starting canidate.

Castro may end up vying for that 5th SP spot.

Bob D said...

Did I emphasise the 6 doubles enough?

AT least Myers did well 5.2 innings, 2 runs (Blaylock HR), 6 SO.

SirAlden said...

Time to let J.D. Durbin go through waivers to the minors. If we lose him, he has had his chance. If he passes though waivers then he will be safe in AAA in the rotation and can be called up if he rights the ship.

Tomorrow Fabio Castro, and Rosario.
I would love if they were the Bullpen 5th Starter as needed.

GM-Carson said...

I'd like to keep JD Durbin, just not on the Major League level. I agree with SirAlden, see if he slips through waivers, if not, oh well.

The Phillies really do look horrible this spring, one of the worst teams right now.

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