Thursday, March 20, 2008

Phlashback Phriday - Dale Sveum

Today we remember Phucco great, Dale Sveum. Sveum played for 7 major league teams, including the Phillies in 1992 and the Pirates in '96-'97 & '99.

The Phils traded pitcher Bruce Ruffin to the Brew Crew to get Sveum. He played 52 games for the Phightins, hitting a Nunez-like .178 before he was traded away, this time to the White Sox for Keith Shepherd. [Shepherd pitched in 12 games for Philly, posted a solid 3.36 ERA, then was taken in the expansion draft by Colorado and was never any good.]

The Buccos signed Sveum three times to 1 year contracts in the late 90's. He never really contributed much and finally retired after the '99 season. He's bounced around the coaching ranks and is currently the third base coach for his original team, the Milwaukee Brewers.

Sadly, Sveum does not sport that sweet 'stache anymore.

Other interesting Dale Sveum facts: 1)he's the cousin of helmet-wearing first baseman John Olerud 2)he was an All-American quarterback with baseball & football scholarships to Arizona State 3)his name is NOT pronounced Sv-e-um...
Own This...
Ryan Howard took his owner, Ian Snell, deep in the second inning of the Phils 3-0 win over the Buccos yesterday. It was Howard's 5th long ball of the spring. Geoff Jenkins and Pedro Feliz also went long in the win.

Besides the homers, there was some other good news yesterday. Struggling second year starter Kyle Kendrick didn't give up a run and only allowed 2 hits in 5 innings. Also, injury plagued closer Brad Lidge pitched against some minor leaguers and reports are that he may be ready for opening day.



Mike said...

Kendrick had an 11-2 GO/AO ratio. That's what we need from our #4!

Plus, Condrey, J.D. Durbin, and Gordon combined for four scoreless-guess the bullpen problems are over...

Bruce Ruffin was always much better at playing reggae, than he was at playing baseball. Great rookie season, though.

GM-Carson said...

Condrey has pretty much won one of the open spots in the bullpen. He's probably the best choice amongst the trash too.

Hopeful Phucco, Shane Youman was taken off the 40-man roster, but it appears he'll stay in the Phils minor league system.

Bob D said...

Yes Condrey maybe a better option than Gordon. One good sign lately is that all of the starters have had at least 1 good start within the last week (including Eaton). Good to see Kendrick put one together very good.

The pen seems to shape up as:
Lidge - if healthy
Gordon - horrible spring
Rosario - great spring
Condrey - somehow solid
Blackley - the Fabio Castro spot this year
everyone else out.

And we will wait for Benson in May.

furiousBall said...

Sveum sounds like some sort of discharge due to VD

GM-Carson said...

Another good sign has been the recent hitting of Geoff Jenkins. The Phils really need him to produce, or we'll over expose Jayson Werth and end up relying on So Taguchi too much.

Jacobin said...

I read where Fabio Castro was sent to AA to begin the year. How does this guy keep bouncing between AA, AAA, and the majors?

BloodStripes said...

Yo-Yo Castro.

Should the Phils offer John Patterson a life-line after being released? Maybe a minor league contract or something. He has to better than Eaton. Everyone else is.

Apparently Giants still looking for 3B. Come get Helms SF.

GM-Carson said...

Love your new image BloodStripes- oi, oi, oi!

John Patterson is a mess in the health department, and we already have one reclaimation project on our hands in Benson.

Another win yesterday, 3-2 over the Twins. Now the pitching is doing better, time for the O to step up.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah the skanker is cool. Oi oi oi.

Speaking of oi. Looks like Blackley's roster spot chances are slim. C'mon Aussie!!