Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Phils Predictions - Pitchers

Cole Hamels
Carson - 16-8 3.55 - He has amazing stuff, there's no questioning that. However, I do question his motivation and fortitude sometimes.
Corey - 15-6 3.67 - Won't pitch enough games (back? elbow?) to win 20. Will lead the team in complaining about non-issues and chiropractic visits.

Brett Myers
Carson - 17-9 3.88 - He's the staff's workhorse and will prove to be the guy they rely on to stop a losing streak and begin a winning one.
Corey - 15-9 4.09 - Phils need big years from Hamels and Myers to get back to the playoffs.
Myers' Arm - 22-4 2.34 - I have what it takes...

Kyle Kendrick
Carson - 12-11 4.76 - I loved what the kid did for us last year, but I expect growing pains this season.
Corey - 13-9 4.22 - Expect a solid but unspectacular year...for the next 4-5 years.

Jamie Moyer
Carson - 10-11 5.16 - Grand Pappy's last season won't be particularly pretty. Between Jamie, Eaton, and Cole's token DL stint, I foresee Benson getting plenty of opportunities to start.
Corey - 11-10 4.97 - Last hurrah for Moyer. He's my leading candidate, not Eaton, to get replaced by Kris Benson in a few months.

Adam Eaton
Carson - 11-8 4.92 - Won't be nearly as bad as everyone is expecting, but still won't make more than 30 starts.
Corey - 12-9 4.67 - Will exceed very low expectations.

Brad Lidge
Carson - 3.23 42 Sv- Lidge will be fine this season and the Phils will begin contract extension plans with him come July.
Corey - 3.60 40 Sv - If Joe Table can save 45 for the Phils, Lidge can bounce back and get 40.


GM-Carson said...

Wes Helms could be shipped to Atlanta for a reliever. The group of relievers believed to be available- Blaine Boyer, Chris Resop, Tyler Yates, and Royce Ring. I'd like Ring personally.

GM-Carson said...

Phils News-
Lidge to DL, able to be activated on April 5.

JD Durbin got beat up by the Yanks yesterday, 6 runs in 1 inning. He better not make the team with a 12.33 era this spring. I doubt anyone claims him off waivers either, considering how crappy he's been.

Phils need to add Kris Benson to the 40 man roster today or risk losing him on an opt-out option. I hope he sticks around, because I think we'll be needing him.

Fat Mike Zagurski may need Tommy John surgery...ugh!

Corey said...

i wouldn't add benson to the 40-man roster yet. i bet he wouldn't opt-out because he's not going to get a better deal anywhere else.

BloodStripes said...

I was expecting a projection for Eaton something like 2-15, 6.35 ERA.

BloodStripes said...

Up late watching the opener. Does Manny have a massive ego or what? Dancng around like Lo Duca the wanker.

furiousBall said...

Does Adam Eaton have pictures of the two of you with male prostitutes (if it's my Dad, don't answer that)?

Jacobin said...

The Inquirer's morning report had these great bits of information regarding former Phillies' outfielders:

Most out to lunch: Jeff Stone. Refused to bring home a television from the Puerto Rican winter league because "it only gets Spanish stations."

Best player despite a drug habit: Lonnie Smith. Hit .339 in 100 games as the Phillies won the World Series in 1980. He admitted later that he always slid headfirst because he kept his cocaine vials in his rear pocket.

GM-Carson said...

That's classy stuff there Jacobin, thanks for sharing.

I watched the Opener this morning too. I'm not opposed to playing in Japan, but opening there is sacreligious.

GM-Carson said...

Looks like Travis Blackley is being offered back to the Giants, and Gary Knotts and Vic Darensbourg have been reassigned to the minors. This means piece of shit JD Durbin will likely make the team. Why?!?!?!

This leaves the battle for the last spot between Snelling and Helms...ugh.

Los said...

I'm concerned about Kendrick ... I get this feeling he's going to be Eaton-like this season.

Jacobin said...

I'm not worried about Kendrick. I expect he'll be solid, but not spectacular. I'm kind of disgusted with JD Durbin making the squad after his gutless comment earlier this year regarding how he doesn't really have the desire to be good.

GM-Carson said...

If indeed Durbin does make the squad, it is very disturbing. He hasn't shown much in his past and he surely didn't show anything this spring to warrant staying. This is just another example of why fans complain about the Phillies.

Spencer said...

Joe Table saved all his games at the vet. Remember how many balls died on the warning track?

BTW - how come now blog lovin' for other bloggers that want to comment with their links? That's how blogging is supposed to work.

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