Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phillies & Pirates Roster Extravaganza

*Another spring training gone past and yet more Rule 5 causalities for the Phils. The forever dumpster diving Pat Gillick tried to find cheap "talent" via the Rule 5 draft again this offseason, but alas Lincoln Holdzkom and Travis Blackley proved to not be talented at all, much like their counterparts Ryan Budde and Jim Ed Warden from 2007.

*Lefty journeyman Vic Darensbourg and Independent Leaguer Gary Knotts were assigned to the minors. Personally I think Vic would do better than Condrey, JD Durbin, or whatever trash Gillick plugs into the final bullpen spot, but I suppose he'll have to prove himself as an Iron Pig first.

*Youngsters having a go of it this spring- toolsy outfielder and 2004 1st round pick Greg Golson posting a .429 average and a 1.143 OPS. Shortstop Jason Donald with 7 at bats, 2 homeruns, 6 rbi...not too shabby. Rising pitching prospect Drew Carpenter 4 shut outs innings against the Yankees yesterday.

*Chris Snelling (out of options) and Wes Helms (out of talent) are still battling for a roster spot. Right now the roster looks to be set with positional players: C- Ruiz, Coste, 1B- Howard, 2B- Utley, SS- Rollins, 3B- Feliz, UTL- Bruntlett, Dobbs, and, OF- Burrell, Victorino, Jenkins, Werth, Taguchi. I don't quite understand carrying either of these guys on the roster, especially not in the case of giving up a 12th pitcher.

*Speaking of 12th pitcher, here's the staff right now: starting rotation- Myers, Hamels, Moyer, Kendrick, Eaton, and relievers- Romero, Gordon, Madson, Condrey, Chad Durbin, and JD Durbin. That's correct, that bloody wanker JD Durbin looks to be heading north with the club, that same JD Durbin of 4 losses, 8 homeruns surrendered, and a 12.33 era this spring. Gillick WTF?!?!?!? Of course when Lidge, Benson, and Rosario get healthy things will really be flipped then.

*There are rumors swirling that Patty G could make a last minute move and swap Wes Helms to the Giants for lefty Steve Kline or to the Reds for lefty Mike Stanton. Waiver wire possibilities include lefties Aaron Fultz and Tim Byrdak and righty Rudy Seanez. Personally I'd take any of them over JD Durbin.


*Reliever Tyler Yates was acquired from the Braves for minor leaguer Todd Redmond. Redmond will likely become a 20 game winner for the Braves in the future, while Yates will continue to suck despite the change of atmosphere.

*Apparently Tyler Yates is God's gift to the pitching kingdom, because following the trade pitchers Juan Perez and Byung-Hyun Kim were both released with Jaret Wright being reassigned to the minors.

*All of America was gravely concerned with the battle for PNC centerfield, and the winner has been named Nate McLouth. Nice try Nyjer Morgan, but McLouth has potential McDonald's advertising campaign written all over him shall he become a star.

*Masumi Kuwata, a Japanese import last season, decided to hang up his cleats and call it a career. No offense to him, but the Pirates won't be missing him.

*What does every low-budget team need in order to rise out of the ashes like the phoenix? A can't miss pitching prospect. No! A slugging position player who can put the offense on his back and carry the team. No! A light-hitting glove-sturdy firstbaseman. Hell Yes! Doug Mientkiewicz has officially made the Pirates squad...please hold your applause.



furiousBall said...

that's funny, I could have sworn you said that Eaton was the 5th starter... whew, good thing I woke up from that...


GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- surely enough Eaton is the 5th starter...bad dream turned reality.

SirAlden said...

Hello from a cell phone! High Tech! Very funny FuriousBall. Let's dream about the 5 AA Starters arriving to help.

GM-Carson said...

Thank God- JD Durbin has been placed on waivers. That leaves 10 pitchers remaining for the Phils...Gillick has something planned.

The Steve Kline for Wes Helms rumor has lost steam, in fact it never was any form of water vapor, barely luke warm water at that.

GM-Carson said...

Eaton pitching today against the Tigers, 3 innings 3 runs, 1 run each inning. Man he sucks!

Bob D said...

Eaton now out after 3 more in the 4th, 4.2In, 11 hits only 7 runs.

Blackley reassigned to Iron Pigs, so we still have him.

Benson ETA late May/early June. But we need a better pitcher now.

GM-Carson said...

I f'n hate Adam Eaton. Unless we win a World Series during Gillick's tenure (window shuts this season) I will never forgive him for signing that overpriced piece of shit.

GM-Carson said...

Not only did Eaton suck immensley today, our piece of shit fill-in closer Tom Gordon is following in his footsteps. Yesterday BloodStripes said not to fear Tom Gordon...well, I do, he's horrible!!!

Mike said...

Gordon gave up 6 runs and got only one out.
Eaton gave up 7 runs, but got 14 outs.
Maybe Eaton should close until Lidge is ready?

I am hoping the Phils get Tim Byrdak.

GM-Carson said...

With preseason about to end, I'm terrified about our crap-o-rific pitching staff. Eaton and Gordon could easily team up to end the Phils playoff hopes...thanks again Patty G.

BloodStripes said...

Carson - Yeasterday my post was meant to come across as saying everyone but 'us' believes in Tom Gordon. The players and non-Phils fans think its cool but we the phanatics are worried and don't believe at all.

I was relax our nerves we need the players and non-Phils fans blind faith. Which of course we do not have. Even though I really like the man.

GM-Carson said...

To each their own...but no way would I own Tom Gordon. He isn't good as a closer, setup man, or even 6th inning reliever. His arm is shot. At one time he was good. Hell 2 seasons ago he was good, but those glory days are past and are never returning.

BloodStripes said...

Lucky we have the worlds best offense or the Phils would lose 100 games.

Los said...

Eaton continued to impress nobody today ... and in his interview today, he probably talked about how good he either felt or pitched. I hate him ... with a passion.

Jacobin said...

It's a real shame to see JD Durbin and his loser attitude hit the waiver wire. Maybe that will be the kick in the ass he needs to find it within himself to try to be his best again.

On another note, Gavin Ashby Eaton makes me want to vomit and if Flash Gordon continues to pitch like that, he's going to make me miss Joe Table.