Monday, March 17, 2008

Outback Out, Dave Parker In?

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
The Pirates are planning a restaurant and sports bar in the former Outback Steakhouse above the left field bleachers at PNC Park.

In unveiling details today, the team said the restaurant, which has yet to be named, will feature casual dining with seating for more than 215 fans, a full-service bar with 25 stools embroidered with the Pirates gold "P" logo, and a lounge chair seating section. There will be 20 flat screen HD televisions, including two measuring 70 inches. The restaurant also will have a 16-by-16-foot stage for live entertainment.

Although I'll miss the Bloomin' Onion smell that would drift across the park on occassion, this place sounds pretty cool, especially those 70 inch HD televisions. I can't wait to see a Ronny Paulino passed ball in giant high-definition...

The place doesn't have a name and except for beer, televisions, and a stage, probably doesn't have a real theme. I have a few suggestions.

1. Name it after a former player. I say, welcome to "Dave Parker's House of Beer and Cocaine." Maybe go Spanish/Latin American themed with "Manny Sangria's." Or "Kent Tekulve's Bullpen" where the wait staff throws your drinks at you sidearm.

2. Bring in another established resaurant. Fat Head's would be a great choice. Giant TV's and a stage is just thing to take the huge beer and sandwich selection of Fat Head's over the top. (I recommend the Southside Slopes, a sandwich of kielbasa, fried pierogies, grilled onions, cheese and horseradish.)

3. Call it what it is - The We Suck So Forget The Game And Come Get Drunk Bar and Grille (the silent "e" makes it look classy.)
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GM-Carson said...

Pirates signed Ian Snell to a 3 year $8 million deal. I'd like to have him in the Phils rotation.

Pirates and Phils won yesterday...yippie! Brett Myers went 7 strong for the Phightin's as he's been the only really good pitcher this spring for them.

Bob D said...

Gordon has been spectacular. He allows a run every time out.

My guess is that by mid season Rosario and Madson will be the rightys setting up Lidge while Gordon is moved to mop up duty.

It looks as if Blackley is now being transfered to a relief role.

Rosario should now have secured a spot in the pen. Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey, and Travis Blackley are now battling it out for the last 2 bullpen spots. Eaton and C. Durbin will battle it out for the 5th spot. They will be there for 2-4 starts until Benson is ready or longer if Kendrick doesn't straighten thing out.

GM-Carson said...

Strangely enough, I like Clay Condrey, but only as the last member of the bullpen that comes in for mostly meaningless innings.

furiousBall said...

Happy St. Patty's Day everybody.

GM-Carson said...

Little midgets getting drunk off of green beer...hey, get back here with me Lucky Charms you lil' red-headed bastard!

GM-Carson said...

The Phils are hunting for a southpaw reliever and another starter. Brian Fuentes remains on their radar, but they're competing with the Tigers and Yankees for him.
The Indians could make southpaws Jeremy Sowers and/or Aaron Laffey available, if Cliff Lee maintains his spring success. Cafardo says the Cardinals, Phillies, and Astros are eyeing them.

GM-Carson said...

Talk over on BeerLeaguer is suggesting moving Victorino for pitching help...ugh! I love Vic! An outfield of Burrell, Snelling, Taguchi, Werth, and Jenkins isn't very good.

SirAlden said...

I have some help for you GM-Carson if Bruntlett is traded for a lefty in the pen.


SirAlden said...

Rotation as of St. Paddy's

Eaton until Benton

The Pen

Blackley (Condrey)

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Bob D said...

"OH-FER-Ol-medo" awesome!

Today Gordon another inning another run (homer this time).

Condrey, Durbin (Chad), and Romero had good outings.

Fuentes, Lee, Sowers sound good. Only if we could trade OH-Fer-Ol-medo, Helms, both Durbins, and Gordon for anyone of them.

GM-Carson said...

Every fastball Gordon throws looks like a homerun in waiting to me.

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