Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Still Hate...

Adam Eaton. Adam F'n Eaton. Piece of no good donkey dung Adam Eaton. Piss poor excuse for a Major League pitcher salary whore Adam Eaton. Yep, I still hate him. This news shouldn't be new to any reader of this blog, hell Eaton knows firsthand the level of my hatred I have for him. I had this to say in the comments section yesterday prior to his spring training 2008 debut, "Eaton pitches today. I'll be following his spring closely, because as much as I hate him, I understand we need him. Benson won't be ready to start the season, Blackley is a longshot, and the Durbins really aren't that good. Eaton has had success in the past, just not really as a Phillie, so I'm hoping he can somewhat bounce back and at least turn in a 5 era, which is sometimes all you need to win with the Phils offense behind you. He needs to give 6 innings every time out though, too many short outings last season that killed the bullpen." See, even this angry hate-filled blogger can find it in his heart to give Eaton a second chance. Too bad he's promptly dashing all hopes of a rebound season as his line from yesterday's game was- 2 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, and 1 HR. Don't worry though, both Durbins have sucked so far too, and Benson still isn't ready to pitch in a game, but at least Blackley tossed 3 scoreless frames. I know it's only spring training and that many players struggle, but in regards to Eaton this is merely continued suckage and I hate it!


Phood for Thought:
*What the hell are the Phils going to do with Wes Helms? The opportunity to trade him has seemingly passed, and to outright release him is too costly (close to 3 mil). I say fire Steve Smith and let "The Butcher" handle 3rd base coaching duties in his place.

*Those that got worked up into a lather about the designation for assignment of super prospect John Ennis, have no fear; he inked a minor league contract with the Phils and pitched in the game yesterday...phew, that was a close one.

*Brad Lidge is already off crutches and is hoping to throw a bullpen session this week. His goal is still to be ready for Opening Day and that might actually be a possibility.

*The Mets are beaten up again, and this time not even at the hands of the Phillies. Carlos Delgado is the latest Met to suffer an injury (to his hip) and the list of other impaired players includes Carlos Beltran, Brian Schneider, Marlon Anderson, Ryan Church, Orlando Hernandez, Luis Castillo, Endy Chavez, Damion Easley, and Jose Valentin. Happy mending...not!



Bob D said...

Don't forget the Phils closer of 2008: yesterday 2 runs, 2 hits, 1 walk, and 1 homer (W.Betemit) while facing only 5 hitters.

Hope they are not lying about Lidge to be back soon.

GM-Carson said...

Not only does Gordon scare me as interim closer, he scares me as setup man too.

Los said...

Gillick seems to like signing awful pitchers, doesn't he? Franklin was a great one a few years ago - there wasn't even really a track record on the guy, much like Eaton.

furiousBall said...

Eaton making 8 million a year still makes absolutely no sense. I'd like to chart out how in time the rising cost of living will actually result in his salary being accurate to his performance, but by my calculations, he wouldn't be making $30K a year until 2578

GM-Carson said...

I know my cost of living raise each year pales in comparison to Eaton'$tard!

Phils vs. Yanks on XM 177 this afternoon.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels giving up more longballs (2 in 2 innings today). If he wants to dominate this season, he's got to cut back on the big shots.