Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For the Dogs


This chick isn't a dog by any means, but she is a Giant Amazon. Check out how she dwarfs the Phanatic.



Jacobin said...

Let's get beyond dogs, and look at this Michael Jackson moment courtesy of Kris Benson and his artificially enhanced wife:

Kris Benson was showing off his family's new pets, a pair of marmosets. His wife, Anna, bought the two tiny monkeys for $2,000 apiece on Monday.

"My wife has always wanted a monkey, for some odd reason, and she kept pushing and pushing," said Benson, holding one of the furry little critters.

The Bensons already have nine dogs and a cat.

Anyway, that's cut out from an article in the Philadelphia dailies today. I really hope Benson can pitch, because freak show crap like that belongs at Seigfried and Roy's house, not in the spring training club house.

GM-Carson said...

Do marmosets fling pooh?

furiousBall said...

Listen, if the boobs are attached, they're real.

Jacobin said...

Well, they are monkeys. And it would stand to reason that they are fecal flingers.

Further, I am not knocking his wife's knockers. Artificial sweeteners can make things taste nice, so if she's got physician-assisted glad bags then that's okay by me.

GM-Carson said...

I really hope Kris Benson gets healthy enough to pitch for the Phils this season. Anna Benson is quality material for this blog waiting to happen.

BloodStripes said...

The Phils need Kris and the blog needs Anna.

GM-Carson said...

I need to see her naked!