Sunday, March 02, 2008

Check Your Head: Corey of WSBGM's

Over the course of the offseason I've interviewed some cool cats from around the blogsphere (Jason Weitzel from BeerLeaguer and Tim Dierkes from MLBTR), but now it's time for me to focus my attention on the best blog out guessed it WSBGM's. First up, my fellow GM and blog co-author Corey. Corey- you best check yo self before you wreck yo self, 'cause I'm 'bout ta Check Your Head!

1. Statistics aside, who is your favorite non-superstar Phillie of the past?
Pete Incaviglia.Big power, big mullet. He only had 2 1/2 seasons with the Phils, but he was my favorite player on the '93 squad when he went .274-24-89 in a platoon. He did that in about 370 ABs. Now, a guy puts that up in 600 ABs and he gets $8 mil a year for a half decade.

2. Why the hell are you a Phillies fan anyway?
I was born into it. Some of my earliest, pre-kindergarten memories are drinking black coffee and watching Phillies games with my grandfather. They said the coffee would "stunt my growth," but I think the Phils have been more detrimental to my health than the caffeine. Of course, this was back in the "good old days" when day games were frequent, the local team was broadcast on local television, and Comcast hadn't yet monopolized the broadcasts and isolated entire regions of Phillies fans from the games by making them watch Comcast Balt/DC because they are technically, geographically closer. But I digress...

3. What is your favorite aspect of baseball- pitching, offense, or defense?
I love pitching. I understand the nuances of pitching a lot more than hitting. And if I'm in the ballpark early, I would much rather watch the pitcher warm up in the pen than watch BP or the infield take fungos. But my favorite aspect of watching games is neither offense, defense or pitching. My favorite aspect of baseball is the strategy and decision making. Steal or no steal. Bunt or no bunt. Pitcher change, double-switch, defensive substitution, hit and run, intentional walk, infield in, etc., etc. It's because of this that I HATE the designated hitter and hate what performance enhancing drugs have contributed to baseball. Everyone is quick to point to the broken records and such, but the real travesty is that the increased homers and runs has taken alot of the intricacies out of baseball. I could be in the minority, but more runs and more homers makes a less interesting game of baseball.

4. Describe your overall impression/opinion of the Phillies fanbase.
Of the four major teams in the city, the Phils fanbase is the best. Flyers fans are loyal and dedicated, but they are just too small to take seriously. Sixer fans are the most fickle. They come and go like the wind. Just turn on a Sixers game this week and see that most of the fans will be dressed like empty seats. Eagles fans are far and away the most dedicated and the most passionate. Philadelphia is undeniably an Eagles city. But they are also the most unrealistic. Absolutely no objectivity. Also, they are the most disrespectful and classless. I went to the Packers-Eagles game two years ago and wore my 1996 Dorsey Levens Packers jersey in the parking lot. I got horrible insults screamed at me. Fine, I deserved it, you don't tie a steak around your neck and expect the dog to leave you alone. However, during the game, I watched tens of Eagles fans yell obscenities and hurl trash at a 70-something year old man in a Packers sweater as he walked down the stairs. It was a disgusting display that made me embarrassed to be a Philadelphia sports fan. The Phils fanbase isn't as loyal the the Flyers' or as passionate as the Eagles', but it isn't as fickle as the Sixers' either. They are good, knowledgeable fans who support their team through 2 playoff appearances in 20 years and will beat up a group of Mets fans if they need to.

5. Discuss the evolution of WSBGM's.
Basically, it grew from a 1) an overwhelming frustration at the ineptitude of Ed Wade and Cam Bonify and 2) the desire of Carson and I to share our thoughts about the Phils and Buccos with each other. We love to talk baseball, but due to job and family time constraints, we rarely had the opportunity. The blog was a way to vent frustrations and share ideas without having to meet. We never had a mission statement, but the goal has always seemed to be to provide an honest, subjective opinion of the PA baseball teams that is entertaining enough so that the reader makes it through the entire post...which for the first few months was just us. As for the name: during one of our rant sessions, one of us said, "These guys [Bonifay and Wade] are horrible. We should be GM's, we couldn't do any worse."

6. Give Patty G a rating on a 1-10 scale (11 being the highest) of the job you think he's done thus far.
About a 5. That is kind of a low score, but he loses major points for signing Adam Eaton for way too much money for way too many years, for trading for an injured Freddy Garcia, and for doing a horrible job building the bullpen last year. I like the Brad Lidge trade, I like letting Aaron Rowand walk, and I like the amount of draft picks they have this year - so this rating could be on the rise.

7. What is your honest opinion of Charles Fuqua Manuel?
He is great to have around because he's fodder for the blog, but I would prefer it if he was the hitting coach and not the manager. His strategic ineptitude, blunders and mismanagement have cost this team plenty of wins and overall, I think the Phils have underperformed during his time in charge.

8. Which opposing team and player do you dislike the most?
Team: New York Yankees. I blame alot of the economic disparity and competitive imbalance in baseball on the Yankees and George Steinbrenner. Player: Barry Bonds. Liar. Cheater. Bad for baseball.



GM-Carson said...

Hamels Not Jazzed With $500K
Players seem to be getting disgruntled earlier and earlier these days. The Phillies renewed Cole Hamels' contract at $500K, and he called it a "low blow." Seems that the perceived slight will stick in Hamels' craw and make future dealings more difficult.

Hamels has one more year of slumming it under a million bucks before he'll shoot up to at least the $4-5MM range. While Hamels isn't entitled to more than the $500K he received, some might say the Phils are being penny-wise and pound-foolish. But would giving Hamels a few extra hundred thousand now really have an effect on future negotiations?

*Chill Hamels, you'll get paid soon enough.

Bob D said...

Not to worry about Hamels, he evens out the Eaton contract.

Your comment about - not afraid to beat up some Mets fans, it brings back some memories of 1986 when in September as the Mets only needing 1 win against the Phils to clinch. They played in Philly so half of the stands were Mets fans and the other half was disappointed Phils fans. When someone held up a Mets banner a riot broke out in the upper deck. They even had to stop the game for about 10minutes. I think the outfielders where afraid that a fan was going to be tossed upon them.

Ah, good memories - the Phils even swept the Mets.

furiousBall said...

I loved watching Inky in left, man he was brutal out there. But like yourself, I loved his game.

GM-Carson said...

Stinky Icky Inky was the man y'all!!! He went straight from college to the pros.

GM-Carson said...

I know many don't agree with what I'm about to say, but here it is- to all these athletes bitching about their contracts, shut the hell up! Prince Fielder, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, all tremendous stars, but the bottomline is you must put in your time before getting paid like the big boys. Like it or not that's the way baseball economics work. These organizations spend all this time preparing these players for the majors and then they want paid instantly, well let the organization see the dividends first and then after a handful of seasons you'll see your money.

Jacobin said...

Only half a million dollars to throw a baseball. Waa! Waa! I feel so horrible for Hamels. He's a great pitcher and will make a mountain of money in his career, but give me a frigging break about not being paid enough. I'm a prosecuting attorney, my mother is a teacher, and my father does police work. Add all of our salaries up and you aren't anywhere close to $500,000. If Cole really needs some more money, maybe his wife could show her boobs in Playboy again.

GM-Carson said...

ESPN's Buster Olney says Kyle Lohse is currently looking for a one-year deal between $4-10MM. According to Olney, multiple teams have expressed their disinterest in the Boras-represented Lohse. Lohse at $5MM seems really solid - how is this guy out of work on March 3rd? He's even young enough to have upside, which can't be said for Livan Hernandez.

On Sunday, Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger said the Mets hadn't ruled out Lohse. The Mets would probably need to unload an arm or two first though. Shouldn't the Phillies, Astros, and Cardinals be in on Lohse too?

*Having Lohse as the 5th starter would be better than an injured Benson, the Durbins, Eaton, or Blackley, but we already have too many players for our roster, and signing Lohse would only further confuse things. How great would it be if this team didn't have to worry about Helms and Eaton?!

GM-Carson said...

Hamels will get paid in time, but all this "pay me now" b.s. is pissing me off with these young players.