Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can Barack Obama Pitch?

The campaign in the Keystone state is heating up. Hilary Clinton spent Tuesday morning at the Forum in Harrisburg and the afternoon at Temple University doing her shtick. Obama was in Bucks County touring Gamesa Wind Turbines. Advantage: no one. If these two clowns really wanted to impress PA voters and garner some more of the 188 delegates up for grabs, they would head down to Clearwater, strap on a pair of cleats, and throw a few innings. I would rather have a vasectomy performed by Michael J Fox than vote for either of these two, but with the recent performances of the "5th spot candidates," if either of them could throw a few scoreless innings, I would trade in my elephant for some blinders and cast a vote for the better pitcher.
Grapefruit Struggles
The other question on my brain tonight is, "Should the Phils be trying harder to win more games this spring?" I know spring training records are absolutely worthless. For example, right now the Marlins and Rays are first in their divisions and the Pirates are last. We know that's not going to happen once the season starts... But, it's not news that the Phils have had less than spectacular starts to seasons recently and although they came back with a huge late season run, that's not something to count on. It's imperative that the Phils get off to a better start this year, especially given the improvement the Mets made in the offseason. And I don't see how winning at a .308 clip is the best way to build momentum into the start of the season.

The rational side of my brain, however, sees the purpose and meaning of spring training baseball and doesn't take any value from the stats or records. Problem is, it's the other half of my brain that roots for the Phightins, and it wants to see some more W's.

Do the Phils have to win more games or are they confident enough already to go out and have a winning April? Take a look at the poll at the upper right of the page and let us know what you think.
Poll Update
Before the Johan Santana trade, 68% of you thought the Phils would win the NL East, 14% said Wild Card is more likely, and another 17% of voters on this blog are pessimistic d-bags. After the trade, a few people dropped from Division Champs (down to 61%) and went with the Wild Card option (up to 23%). 14% of you guys still suck...



GM-Carson said...

Oh hell no, you went and mixed politics and baseball. If anyone reads this blog today I expect some interesting comments (or at least they'll have some interesting thoughts, but won't bother posting). I never knew you leaned so heavily to the I'm in the middle. Would have stayed Independent, but it sucks not being able to vote in the primaries.

bsg said...

Hey Corey ,
Maybe you can check out this guy from si. com gotta love it ........or maybe not..... a urologist with the name Dr. Richard Chopp ....", "Well Dr. Dick i didn't want to vote for any of the presidential candidates and the phillies have no 5th starter..........................."Yes a few more wins would give any phillies fans maybe more peace of mind, K.K. Eaton, Hamels need to work out whatever they need to work out and get into regular season mode soon! same w/ the bullpen, i don't think any of us worry too much about the hitting ....Hope the link below works i can never seem to figure that out

bsg said...

Also Corey, i thought somehow you would tie the F'nets and N.Y. Gov Eliot Spizter together!! you know we haven't heard much from Mr. Met since the end of the season........

bsg said...

Sorry that was the F'n Mets

furiousBall said...

i know i've got the maturity of an 14 year old. but the phrase "strap on" and Hillary's name... too close for comfort (literally) in that paragraph

GM-Carson said...

FuriousBall- because you have the mind and humor of a 14 year old (a twisted one at that) is why I love your comments.

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Bri said...

How the tables have turned.

As long as Moyer can get 10-13 wins, we should be very well off.