Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Billy Crystal vs. Fresh Prince

The Yankees announced they have "signed" washed-up comedian Billy Crystal to a 1 day minor league contract. He will practice with the team on Wednesday and play in the Grapefruit League game on Thursday against the Pirates. Manager Joe Giradi isn't sure which position Billy will be playing. My suggestion- assback; every time Crystal goes to take the field Giradi yells "Get your ass back here!". I must admit that City Slickers was an enjoyable movie...15 years ago! Seriously, what the hell has Crystal done other than voice-overs for Disney/Pixar movies in the last decade? Oh yeah, he did direct 61*, but other than that nothing. I really don't think he'll be much of a prospect either seeing that he's almost 60 years old and 5'2" and 170 pounds.

However insignificant Billy Crystal may be for the Yankees 2008 pennant chase, I still believe the Phils should counter this move with a similar signing- West Philadelphia born and raised Will Smith, The Fresh Prince. That's right, it's time to get jiggy with it and break out a real star, not some guy that was funny two decades ago. Will Smith is hot now, with recent box office success in I, Robot, I Am Legend, Hitch, and The Pursuit of Happyness. His build is far more athletic than Crystal's too, standing about 6'3" and strapping at 200 pounds. Not to mention he has a bangin' wife in Jada that could be added the Phillies already brimming stable of hot wives.


Spring Update:
Phillies stink!



furiousBall said...

Will Smith should be shot out of a cannon, not allowed to play basketball.

GM-Carson said...

FuriousBall- you no like Fresh Prince?

GM-Carson said...

The blog is hot today with visitors, nearly 1000 already today. Guess Billy Crystal is more popular than I thought.

JohnDewar said...

Can't stand Billy Crystal and shameless jock sniffer he has become for the Yankees. The NY Post today did an article (I found it on Big Lead) where a writer came out and ripped the whole idea:


Los said...

Are there really any more reasons to hate the yankees at this point?

Corey said...

didn't garth brooks do this a few times a few years back with san diego?

Jacobin said...

Garth Brooks did it with a couple of teams... San Diego, the Mets, maybe the Royals? But he was doing it for his charity - "Touch Em All Foundation," which apparently raises money for kids to play sports (I think he has two others that deal with hockey and football too).

I'm not a Garth Brooks fan, but I can see some good in what he was doing as it was for charity. Billy Crystal's Yankees' gig is really about some shameless promotion and gratuitous self love. That being said, if the Phillies offered me a one-day deal to play a minor league game, I'd take it! So I can't blame Billy.

GM-Carson said...

Yes Garth did do it with 3 or 4 different teams, but always for charity. Tom Selleck did it too with the Tigers in preparation for his role in "Mr. Baseball".