Tuesday, March 18, 2008

86 US, 128 Them

Something that I know, that you may or may not want to know, and even if you do or do not know, I am going to tell you anyway:
The Phillies have not played well this spring. In fact they've been outscored 128 to 86, a difference of 42 runs. Spring Training record- 7 wins, 12 losses, and 1 tie. Average runs per game scored- 4.3. Average runs per game surrendered- 6.4. Charlie Manuel is pissed at players being nonchalant, and fans are pissed at Gillick for compiling yet again a very questionable pitching staff.


Trade Vic?
Yesterday I read a shocking notion for trading "troublesome and over-rated outfielder Shane Victorino for pitching". First off, that would leave us with an outfield of Burrell (should be a DH), Taguchi (singles hitter), Werth (question mark), Jenkins (platoon), and Snelling (unknown commodity). Personally I would not be comfortable heading into the season with that group. Secondly, Victorino is an amazing talent with tremendous speed, a killer arm, great range, and improving offensive skills. He's not a free agent for 4 more seasons I believe, so why bother trading him for some 1 year fix in relief like a Brian Fuentes? Also, since when is he "troublesome"? He's hyper, but that's one of his endearing qualities. I wasn't a believer of Vic a couple seasons ago, but Corey has always liked him. Count me in as a believer now, and if that makes him "over-rated" then so be it. If not for injuries last season, Vic would have eclipsed 100 runs, 45 stolen bases, and 55 rbi...pretty damn good for a switch hitting 2-hole hitter. In light of this trade request, I want to recall the equally dumb proposal of sending Aaron Rowand to the Padres last spring for Scott Linebrink. I was one of the idiots who wanted that trade done, thankfully for the 2007 NL East champion Phillies, Gillick didn't see that as a wise move.


*Kris Benson has been scratched from his minor league start this afternoon...bummer!

*Brad Lidge is still making progress on his surgically repaired knee and hopes to pitch in a game this week.

*Every Tom Gordon fastball is a homerun waiting to happen.



furiousBall said...

I love that picture of Burrell once again using his magical powers to levitate Hawaiians

GM-Carson said...

Trade rumor I like- send Wes Helms to San Fran for Steve Kline. The Giants need help at 3rd and 1st base, and they want to trade Kline, while the Phils could really use another lefty in the bullpen. This seems to make too much sense to actually come to fruition though.

GM-Carson said...

In the 2006-07 offseason, Wes Helms had just finished his best year (in terms of rate stats, at least). He hit .329/.390/.575 for the '06 Marlins, facing a disproportionate number of lefties.

David Bell and Abraham Nunez had combined for an OPS under .700 at the hot corner for the '06 Phillies, so they figured Helms would be an upgrade even stretched as a full-timer. They gave him a two-year, $5.45MM deal with a $3.75MM club option for '09. Part of the motivation was to save money for an Alfonso Soriano bid. Plus, Mark DeRosa had already signed with the Cubs.

The signing did not go as planned, as Helms hit just .246/.297/.368 and lost full-time status quickly. The Phils gave third base time to Nunez and Greg Dobbs, once again generating subpar results. They signed Pedro Feliz to a two-year deal this winter.

The Phils would like to trade Helms now, and David Murphy suggests swapping him with Steve Kline could make sense. The Giants aren't interested though. Baseball Prospectus' John Perrotto says the Phils indeed desire a southpaw reliever for Helms, who is drawing interest from the Braves and Marlins (both clubs he's played for previously).

*Just get rid of Helms. I really don't care what we get in return, because thinking the player will be a useful piece is wishful thinking.

Jacobin said...

Bill Conlin blasts the Phillies in a column today griping that they're going cheap in regards to making certain this team wins (namely by not buying big game starting pitching). Unfortunately, I don't think I can completely agree with him this time. This year there wasn't a great selection of free agent pitching to be gotten, and the team's payroll is at its highest total ever. Now, we can complain about how some of that money is spent... but that's another story.

Wes Helms traded for a pitcher? Sounds great! Wes Helms traded for two A-ball minor leaguers and a case of beer? Sounds good too.

Bob D said...

Helms for a pack of Twizzlers, sounds good too.
Trade Gordon also, he doesn't seem to have anything left either.

GM-Carson said...

My guess is Helms ends up being outright released, which sucks! That's a lot of money to take on as a consequence of admitting a mistake.

Los said...

Can they put a lawnchair out in left field for Burrell?

BloodStripes said...

No way trade Vic. Since when did he become troublesome? Super high energy probably is troublesome for basement nerds living at mums house. Go study some DIPS.

No matter who the Phils add now the pitching will still suck all year.

SirAlden said...

Victorino means a half a run per game to this pitching staff.

'nuff said.

GM-Carson said...

If Victorino can stay healthy and play 150+ games this year- watch out!

215 Sports said...

If by troublesome you mean throws pies in faces like a mad man. You ever see Vic at the end of games, he f-in punches guys with that creme pie.

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