Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We Finally Got Our Woman

About damn time! The Phillies finally got Anna Benson, and as a consolation prize Kris Benson tags along. The courtship started way back in early November, and it took until one day before spring training to seal the deal. What does this mean for the Phillies? They now have a solid collection of hot trophy wives. Anna joins the ranks of Cole Hamels' seductive Survivor siren Heidi Strobel and Chase Utley's animal adoring angel Jennifer.

Oh wait, that has nothing to do with the 2008 team's chance at success...maybe I should focus on Kris' pitching. He's coming off an arm injury, and it's reported that he's still only 60-70% strength-wise and that he won't be fully ready until the beginning of June. He's a nice addition to the "depth" we have in the starting rotation. I use "depth" loosely because right now vying for the 5th spot in the rotation is Attack of the Durbins (Chad and JD) along with Rule 5 pick Travis Blackley and craptacular posterboy for horrific contracts Adam Eaton. Kris is a former 1st pick in the draft back in '96 by the Pirates. He's never lived up to the hype and potential, but he's made an alright career for himself thus far winning 68 games with a 4.34 era and 1.38 whip.



Rich Baxter said...

There is a baseball god! Welcome aboard Anna and Kris, hey Kris do you think you can start winning some games so we can ink you two to a long term deal!

Check out my Valentines Day post on my Phillies blog:

GM-Carson said...

I was hoping the Phils would have added an option year for like 8 mil, that way if he pitches well we have ourselves a starter for next season too.

furiousBall said...

i'd like to go on the record as as being pro Anna's boobies

GM-Carson said...

I'd still like to see Lohse added, but that's highly unlikely now.

I hope Helms is dealt soon too, he doesn't need to be a distraction during spring training.

Jacobin said...

So with Anna Benson coming into Philadelphia, the Philadelphia papers will get to add another "hot" female to the news story cycle... it's about time, I'm getting sick of hearing of the ongoing sagas of bad girl bitch Alycia Lane and compulsive liar/identity thief Jocelyn Kirsch.

Could the Anna Benson promotion have both a bobbing head and breasts?

Fat Ted said...

Speaking of breasts, I'm going to plug my blog and say check out all the pictures I found of Anna Benson.

In other news I am excited for this season and I'm back to blogging. So please welcome me back into the fold fellas.

GreggyD said...

Just checked out Sportsline and they have their first power rankings of the year up on their site where they rank the Phils 4th behind the Mets (#1?!?!?), BoSox, and Tigers. Here is what Eric Mack has to say about the Mets:

"There is no question Santana was the missing piece. This isn't a perfect No. 1 overall pick, but they have the most potential to be dominant with no real weakness, assuming Santana can go his 230 innings. Unlike the Red Sox, they rely less on aging vets in the lineup and they should be far more motivated after last year's epic collapse."

And as for our Phightins:

"It is not too often a lineup can boast a trio of MVP candidates. The question is whether the pitching staff is deep enough after Cole Hamels and Brett Myers to limit the opposition in Citizens Bank Park. We're not sold on Brad Lidge's ability to keep the ball in the ballpark or to stay level-headed."

I agree on the questioned depth behind Myers and Hamels, but I have faith in Grand Pappy Moyer and Kendrick...the fifth spot is a whole nother story. As for Lidge, he says he's healthy and I'm tired of hearing all of the "Pujols shook him" junk. I think he's past that at this point. I can't wait until March 31!!!!

GM-Carson said...

I'm rooting for Lidge hardcore. I hope he blows everyone's socks off and the Phils sign him to an extension come July/August.

The Mets are counting on aging veterans- Alou, Delgado, Orlando, and Pedro...lets not forget that rat bastard Wagner is starting to slow a bit too (of course slow for him is 95 mph).

Bri said...

Ahh Shes Beautiful! Someone should do a hottest Philadelphia Sports-wife blog.

GM-Carson said...

I think we need to stop talking about Anna's breasts and looks and focus on her true assests like her wonderful personality and ability to command a crowd...that and she may lay the entire squad should they win the '08 Series.

SirAlden said...

O.K. Everyone. A competition:


How many games before Anna Benson, parties and makes it with J. D. Durbin?

63 Games is my Best Guess.

GM-Carson said...

Anna Benson is faithful. How dare you suggest otherwise?

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