Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Eric Bullock

Prepare yourself for a tale of a man who had so much promise yet so little success. This legend has intrigue, pitfalls, triumphs, drama, and defeat. The main character of this melancholy story is Eric Bullock, a lad who was drafted not once, not twice, but three times. You may be saying to yourself, "I don't recall Eric Bullock, he must be insignificant". Oh my friend, you couldn't be more wrong. See Bullock is a rare specimen, one of only a handful of players to ever be drafted three times (first by the Dodgers in the 18th round in 1978, then by the Padres in the 1st round in the January draft of 1981, finally settling with the Astros in the 1st round of the June draft of '81). Obviously highly regarded and sought after, but I have no freakin' clue why!

Breaking News- Eric Bullock sucked! When the position on your baseball card reads "Pinch Hitter" that's layman's terms for "Waste of Roster Space". He played 7 seasons with 4 different clubs (Astros, Twins, Phillies, and Expos), twice going hitless in a season, and totaling only 30 MLB hits...and dude wasn't even a pitcher. Nope, this big tout little clout poop popsicle was an outfielder, and before you even wonder- No, he sucked at that too (making an error every 10 chances). His lifetime line: .205 avg, 1 hr, 13 r, 12 rbi, 9 sb, and a face souring .536 remind me again why he was drafted 3 times please. He was talentless and he was a Phillie ('89, one of his fantastic zero hit seasons), which falls in line with many after him like Danny Sandoval, Chris Roberson, and Rob Ducey just to name a few. I haven't seen something so painful and gut wrenchingly sad at the same time that it's actually comical since Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

Maybe if he would have focused his efforts solely on baseball he could have found his niche and made millions. Instead he dabbled in the rap game with some dude named Rakim...don't sweat the technique.


I was a bit shocked yesterday when I heard the news of Ryan Howard winning the arbitration hearing. After all, awarding $10 million to a 1st year eligible player is a record, but then again Ryan Howard seems to be always setting records so it seems fitting. I'm happy for Ryan, he deserves it. However, I'm sad for the Phillies because this almost certainly places Howard out of their self-imposed salary cap and means that he'll most likely be traded to an AL club in about 3 years that offers him an extension worth close to $20 million per season (aka- BoSox or Yanks). My message to Phillies fans in the aftermath of this arbitration case- Enjoy Ryan Howard while you can.



Bob D said...

Carson, don't be so down over the arb ruling, 4 years left is a long time. Some of the other bloggers on other sites think its the end of the world for Howard. Howard has said almost nothing about all of this but people keep trying to stir the pot and say 'he is unhappy' 'he wants 200mil' 'he will leave', etc... Howard seems to be quite mature as a player and will not let that bother him.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not trying to suggest Howard is unhappy, as I can't even begin to pretend I know how he feels. I will suggest that he thinks he'll get paid close to A-Rod money though, because many baseball insideres including Jayson Stark, Buster Olney, and Ken Rosenthal have reported that is what his family keeps pushing for. Sounds like his father is riding Ryan's coat-tails all the way to the bank. Don't get me wrong, I plan to do the same when my son gets drafted in the 1st round.

furiousBall said...

well, i think Ryan deserves the money, strikeouts and defense aside. he's got a great attitude and can knock the cover off the ball. happy to see a guy like him break the bank and see bonds jobless.

GM-Carson said...

A source of Jayson Stark's thinks the Phillies would've won had they submitted above Miguel Cabrera's $7.4MM. Seems that even slightly above would've done it, because then Howard losing would've still set a record.
Tom Haudricourt talks about how Prince Fielder is now in line for the same $10MM for his '09 salary. And he doesn't see Scott Boras relenting and doing a multiyear deal. Stark adds Ryan Braun, Ryan Zimmerman, and Hanley Ramirez as other young stars who will be affected. Zimmerman, arbitration-eligible after '08, will be renewed for '07.
It doesn't sound like the Phillies will sign Howard long-term, in part because there is no precedent. There is talk of $200MM, something no one expects of the Phils. On the plus side, Howard is theirs for the 2008-11 seasons. They may have to keep giving him record-breaking salaries though. A trade is a strong option before he hits free agency, but that's a ways off.
Jim Salisbury thinks Howard's win might result in another monster year. He expects the Phils to eventually at least talk about a multiyear deal with Howard (maybe once the sting wears off).

Scotty said...

Dont get me wrong Ryan Howard is a great hitter, but he is not a great baseball player. He helps the Phils only with his offense. I dont think anyone should be making what A-Rod is making but if someone has to do it, A-Rod is the best choice. He is arguably the best player in the game. He hits for power, he hits for average, plays defense, steals bases, and plays a relatively new position in one of the biggest venues in professional sports. Not that he deserves the money but you can kind of justify him making it in those ways.

Howard hits a ton, when he isnt striking out, but thats where it stops. He defensive skills are lacking, he doesnt have a great arm, and he doesnt run well. Being a baseball fan for my entire life it is hard for me to accept owners and teams who pay such a high price for one or two tool players. Dont get me wrong I think Howard is well worth $10 million a year, but as far as a $200 million deal, the Phils would be foolish to pay that price.

Maria said...

You are DEPRESSING me.

The Phillies would be stupid to pay Ryan Howard over $200mill dollars. If anyone deserves that it's Chase. But 3-4 years is still a long time away so why not enjoy it now.

GM-Carson said...

In light of the new salary set for Howard, going to arbitration for the next 3-4 seasons is probably the likely course, as per Mr. Howard's wishes, either that or an ill-advised long term outrageous money contract.

SirAlden said...

Remember and Video and Audio of Games gave each team something like 25 mil each.

The revenue is going up, remember when 10 million for a pitcher then 13 million was a big deal?

Now people were saying to throw 50 mil over 5 years at Lohse.

Ryan will be fine, 4 years is a long time, by then who knows what will happen to reign the Red Sox and Yankee in.

Here is an interesting idea.

How about all ticket prices to game, are cut by half, or 90 cents on the dollar the players and owners will still have an ungodly amount of cash.

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