Monday, February 04, 2008

NL East Rotations

This offseason I've broken down and offered my opinion on the NL East outfields and infields so far, and the Phils have naturally won each of the polls. Now it's time to check out the rotations. However, with the Mets addition of some dude named Johan, this is merely for formality.

*Career won/loss record, era, whip, and pitching arm in parentheses.

Atlanta Braves:
1. John Smoltz (207-145, 3.26, 1.17, R), 2. Tim Hudson (135-70, 3.51, 1.26, R), 3. Tom Glavine (303-199, 3.51, 1.31, L), 4. Chuck James (22-14, 4.00, 1.32, L), 5. Mike Hampton (138-101, 3.97, 1.44, L), and reserves- Jair Jurrjens (3-1, 4.70, 1.14, R) and Jo-Jo Reyes (2-2, 6.22, 1.68, L). That is a solid rotation with some great veterans at the top. Smoltz joined the 40+ crew along with Glavine, but both can still pitch effectively, especially John-boy. Hudson is a menace when he has his cut fastball is working, and Chuck James is soft-tossing lefty that gets it done. Hampton is a crapshoot because he's always injured, but waiting in the wings is Jurrjens who has tremendous upside.

Florida Marlins:
1. Scott Olsen (23-26, 4.86, 1.53, L), 2. Sergio Mitre (10-23, 5.36, 1.55, R), 3. Andrew Miller (5-6, 5.69, 1.75, L), 4. Mark Hendrickson (43-55, 5.01, 1.45, L), 5. Ricky Nolasco (12-13, 4.91, 1.44, R), and reserves- Rick Vandenhurk (4-6, 6.83, 1.74, R) and currently DL'ed Anibal Sanchez (12-4, 3.24, 1.37, R). Being brutally honest, that's one of the worst rotations in the Majors. There's definite potential in there, but overall that's a whole bunch of high era's and whips...could be a very long season in Florida.

New York Mets:
1. Johan Santana (93-44, 3.22, 1.09, L), 2. Pedro Martinez (209-93, 2.80, 1.03, R), 3. John Maine (23-19, 4.19, 1.29, R), 4. Oliver Perez (45-53, 4.43, 1.43, L), 5. Orlando Hernandez (90-65, 4.13, 1.26, R), and reserves- Mike Pelfrey (5-9, 5.55, 1.71, R) and Jorge Sosa (36-48, 4.59, 1.46, R). Wow! Holy Mother of God Wow! I openly weep when I look at this rotation. Santana is quite possibly the best pitcher in baseball, Pedro and Orlando are effectively crafty, Maine is still improving, and Ollie really found himself last season. This is one of the best rotations in baseball.

Philadelphia Phillies:
1. Cole Hamels (24-13, 3.68, 1.18, L), 2. Brett Myers (59-47, 4.34, 1.35, R), 3. Kyle Kendrick (10-4, 3.87, 1.27, R), 4. Jamie Moyer (230-178, 4.21, 1.32, L), 5. Adam Eaton (64-55, 4.70, 1.40, R), and reserves- Chad Durbin (25-37, 5.75, 1.57, R) and JD Durbin (6-6, 6.19, 1.83, R). Hamels if healthy could put himself into Cy Young consideration, Myers if mentally capable can be an awesome force in the rotation, Kendrick has moxy, and Grand Pappy Moyer has guile for a 45 year old. However, the 5th spot in the rotation is horrendous with Eaton, and our reserves are disheartening too.

Washington Nationals:
1. Shawn Hill (6-10, 4.53, 1.33, R), 2. John Patterson (18-25, 4.32, 1.35, R), 3. Jason Bergmann (8-8, 5.00, 1.37, R), 4. John Lannan (2-2, 4.15, 1.53, L), 5. Matt Chico (7-9, 4.63, 1.54, L), and reserves- Tim Redding (24-40, 4.91, 1.53, R) and Tyler Clippard (3-1, 6.33, 1.70, R). Like the Marlins staff, the Nats' isn't very good. They too have potential, but they're not scaring anyone with those top 5.

Who has the better rotation?
Nationals free polls



GM-Carson said...

I hate to admit it, but the Mets have the best rotation.

My rankings:
1. Mets
2. Braves
3. Phils
4. Marlins
5. Nats

Bob D said...

Braves are more complete top to bottom. On last years #'s the Braves were better. The 5th spot really hurts the Phils in comparision of the others.

furiousBall said...

Here's mine...

1. Braves
2. Mets
3. Phils
4. Marlins
5. Nats

Although Johan is the best starter in the game, I'm not sold that Pedro and Hernandez are healthy.

GM-Carson said...

Pedro and Orlando will probably miss and handful of starts each, but they're pretty darn good when the do pitch. I look for John Maine to have a complete season. He was awesome in the first half last year then faded like the rest of the team down the stretch run.

GM-Carson said...

The Pirates signed Freddy Sanchez to a 3 year deal. It's good to know they're not trying to get rid of all their players that are decent.

Also of note, Rudy Seanez re-signed with the Dodgers for only 550k...I wanted him in our bullpen, even at 40 years old.

SirAlden said...

The Braves have the best rotation in the NL EAST. If Hampton comes back to pitch even at league average as the 5th Starter, watch out.

We complain about EATON whose breaking pitches did not break last year in the 5 spot, but if you go take a look at Atlanta's 4 and 5 spots in bo scores for the last 2 years you will be shocked.

I do not believe both Maine and Perez will get better. I think they will both be worse, one (Perez) much worse this year.

For the Phils it is really up to
BRETT MYERS if he steps up then we are in the game. I think he may have learned a lot about himself last year and grew as both a person and pitcher.

Los said...

Geez, I can't believe we're third in the rotation department! We better get some offensive production ... I fear playing the Mets and their lefties ...

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