Saturday, February 23, 2008

Groundhog Foreshadowing

Groundhog Day was about 3 weeks ago and thanks to that varmint we've been cursed with 6 more weeks of winter. Punxsutawney Phil may be the official foreshadower of weather to come, but I found this furry friend in my email inbox that has a different future to predict. Say hello to Punxsutawney Phil's alter-ego Philadelphia Phil (seriously, sometimes it's too easy). Philadelphia Phil is donning a Phillies uniform to signify that the Phils will be repeating as the 2008 NL East champions, just like the comedy Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray where everyday repeats itself. Similar to the movie where everyday is a rerun of the prior until Murray gets everything right; the same is to be said for the Phillies who will not only duplicate their NL East crown, but go on to do everything right and win the World Series.

I need to thank frequent reader and irregular poster Scott for the image, strangely enough he's a Mets fan.



GM-Carson said...

News from

Kris Benson is getting there, slowly.

The right-hander will throw his third side session on Sunday, and he hopes to throw 60 pitches, broken into two 30-pitch segments.

"The last session was much better than the first," pitching coach Rich Dubee said. "Hopefully, we're heading in the right direction."

Benson, who's recovering from right rotator cuff surgery on March 20, 2007, said his schedule consists of a bullpen session, then three off-days in between, though he plays catch on each of those days.

"I'm making progress," Benson said. "I expect that to continue."


Four new alumni have been added to the 15-person Phillies Wall of Fame online ballot: manager Jim Fregosi, reliever Gene Garber and outfielders Doug Glanville and Greg Gross appear on the ballot for the first time.

*Go vote Doug, he needs our support.


Lidge, the Phillies' key offseason pitching acquisition, caught his spike on the mound throwing live batting practice. Two pitches later, he stopped and met with manager Charlie Manuel, pitching coach Rich Dubee and athletic trainer Scott Sheridan on the mound.

"It was my push-off [right] leg," Lidge said. "I just caught the spike. I threw the pitch, but it felt like I pulled something in the knee. It didn't feel real good after that. Because of where we are in Spring Training, there's no reason for me to push it. It swelled up a little, but I'm optimistic I just pulled some scar tissue or something. We'll take a look at it [on Sunday] and be smart with it."

*That sucks! The Phils always lie about injuries. My guess- Lidge isn't ready until May.

GM-Carson said...

Happy B-day to Mr. Cooler-Pants himself, JD Durbin. Will he be a member of the Phils '08 pitching staff? I only want him if he's the "Real Deal".

GM-Carson said...

I'm optimistic about the season, but anytime I hear about any injury, no matter how small I get nervous because with the Phils they never disclose the entire extent of the injury until the dude is laid up on the 60-day DL with season ending surgery. I'm not saying that's the case with Lidge, but when I heard about this my stomach turned.

Bring on the "sing Kyle Lohse and move Myers to closer" campaign...ugh!

furiousBall said...

first thought that popped into my head when i heard about Lidge.. was fucking Ed Wade!

Los said...

Lidge = Tartabul?

SirAlden said...

Was Ed Wade on his back with his legs over your shoulders? Or on his knees looking back at you Doggie-stylin' ?

Jacobin said...

I guess you've probably read by now that Lidge will be having knee surgery and will miss 3 to 6 weeks... considering how honest the Phils are regarding injuries, that probably translates into "he may return after a year or two away from the game."

goDuke said...

Brad Lidge knee surgery tomorrow. Welcome back to another season of good luck Phillies baseball. If recovery goes well, he won't miss any of the season.

The Sports Point said...

hey guys read your blog daily, you guys do a great job.

Being a NY sports fan (yes i am a Mets fan) its good to see how you philly fans are wired.

Now all we need is for Duaner Sanchez to get hurt (which is inevitable) and then both teams will be on an even playing field as far as the bullpen goes. We can agree on one thing I am pretty sure, Billy Wagner is terrible.

GM-Carson said...

Last year we got hosed by Freddy Garcia, and now this year Brad Lidge. This shit has got to stop. Our bullpen is already paper thin, we NEED Lidge. Who fills in as closer- Tom Gordon...hello blown saves!

Bob D said...

Out 6 weeks? that puts him in extended spring training for the first 2 weeks of the season rehabbing.

Signing Lohse maybe a decent move, especially if he will now settle for the one year contract. If he is not needed, then Amaro err, I mean Gillick has some trade bait on the roster.

BloodStripes said...

ouch man! The Lidge news sucks. Better it happpen now than during the season. Still, he may be good come opening day. Bloody hope so.

GM-Carson said...

Tom Gordon is the fill-in that spells "relief".

furiousBall said...

Sir Alden - reverse cowboy actually, that way i can pretend he's a woman