Thursday, February 28, 2008

Antiques Roadshow

Call up PBS and see if they can come appraise two antiques from our pitching staff. The oldest player in MLB Jamie Moyer is still alive and kicking at 45 years old and temporary closer/setup man Tom Gordon is now in his fourth decade of life at the age of 40. Grand Pappy Moyer started things off on a positive note yesterday tossing 3 shutout innings against the Reds while only giving up 1 hit and striking out 3. Moyer isn't flashy, fast, or fantastic on the mound, but he is reliable, resilient, and respectable. Most likely Moyer's era will float somewhere in the 4.50-5.00 range, but with an offense like the Phils that's "keeping them in the game". Jamie is still my favorite move that Gillick has made and I'm damn glad to have him on this team, not just for his pitching but for the passion and knowledge he brings to the ballpark everyday. Tom Gordon, who I refuse to call "Flash", is a huge piece of this team whether you like it or not. With the injury to Brad Lidge, Gordon is now the fill-in closer. Even when Lidge returns (hopefully sometime in April) Tom will still be a crucial member of the bullpen as Manuel will lean on him for big outs in the 8th inning. When Gordon's arm feels good and he's able to mix in his offspeed pitches with his fastball he's a very good pitcher, but when the arm aches and he can't snap that curve doom lies ahead. *Corey just got off the phone with Antiques Roadshow and they told him Moyer and Gordon aren't considered "antiques" quite yet only "semi-rusted".


Jamie Moyer and Travis Blackely threw 3 scoreless innings apiece and the offense punched Reds pitcher Gary Majewski in the face leading to an 8-1 spring training opener victory. Greg Dobbs blasted a 3-run shot while newcomers Pedro Feliz and Eric Bruntlett collected 2 hits each.

Rookie savior Kyle Kendrick gets the start against the minor league Pirates (they say it's their MLB squad, but seriously they're that bad). Prospects Joe Savery and Josh Outman are also scheduled to pitch.



BloodStripes said...

Moyer brings so much more to the team than a start every 5th game. Top man to have around. I like flash-in-the-pan too but his save ops can be a worry. There are gonna be some fun late game rides again this year.

So good to have baseball back for another long haul.

BloodStripes said...

If Blackley makes the team would that make him the first ever Australian to play for the Phils?

Mike said...

Moyer's presence as a seasoned (to the 22nd power!) leader and mature teacher cannot be overstated. It was a joy to see him reach the playoffs with his hometown team last year, and here's hoping for bigger and better things this year. I'd love to see him end up in a coaching gig of some capacity when he retires.

Incidentally, the ol' Man with No Name was on my flight to Orlando after Christmas. Looked like he was takin the kids down to Disney World. He's an unassuming celebrity- nobody even noticed him as far as I could see, except one guy made a quiet joke to him as he passed, which Moyer returned with a sly grin.

And the Moyers don't put on fancy airs; they sat in coach class.

furiousBall said...

i'm really impressed with Jamie Moyer as an athlete. obviously not the physique of a gym rat, but still to be playing a professional sport at age 45 is pretty darn cool.

Bob D said...

Phils are perfect so far this spring now, with the dreaded Pirates from AAAA up next.

the Ascetic Sensualist said...

Gordon has entered his FIFTH decade of life, at age 40. Ages 0 through 9 are your first decade, and so on.

Nobody on the list of Australian players has ever played for the Phillies. I thought Dave Nilsson had at one point, but no.

GM-Carson said...

Ascetic Senualist- thank you for once again correcting my error. Honestly, maybe I should email you my post prior to publishing so you can proof read it for me. I proof it myself, but I obviously don't catch all the errors.

GM-Carson said...

Phils offense back to kicking ass again today, as they've put up 5 on the Pirates through 3 innings (Howard a 3-run bomb). Kendrick gave up 3 hits and 1 run through 3 innings.

I'm a bit surprised the Phils are having pitchers already go 3 innings so early in spring, but hey it may help.

GM-Carson said...

By the way, Feliz is 2-2 again today, batting 1.000 for the spring. As if it matters.

BloodStripes said...

Thanks for checking out the Aussies for me Ascetic Sensualist. Cool link. All modern day players except for Joe Quinn back in 1884. I hope Blackley becomes the first for the Phils.