Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wake Up Pittsburgh!

WSBGM's originally set out to be both a Phillies and Pirates blog, but over our existence we've slid mostly to the Philly part of Pennsylvania. I am a rabid Phillies fan, and I follow the Pirates. I wish I had more reason to post about the Buccos, but to be honest they've done almost nothing worth noting this offseason. It's as if they took winter literally and went into hibernation. Well Pittsburgh, it's time to wake up!

The fat sleepy bear has since begun to stir this past week in preparation for pitchers and catchers reporting in 19 days with the minor league signing trio of Jaret Wright, Casey Fossum, and Hector that's inspiring. Wright missed all of '07, the Rays let Fossum walk, and Carrasco had an era in the 5's...I smell NL Central champs! Have no fear Swashbuckler fans, they've signed more has-beens, never-weres, and who-the-hell-are-they-anyways: stud pitchers Adam Bernero, TJ Beam, and Elmer Dessens, catcher extraordinaire Raul Chavez, and super utility man Jose Macias. Hold on, that's not it, for a limited time only they'll throw in reliable reliever Salomon Torres for nothing- straight to the Brew Crew for 2 minor league "prospects". Also gone are Jose Castillo, Shane Youman (Phils thank you), Cesar Izturis (starting SS for the Cards), and Josh Phelps. They did sign one free agent to a MLB contract though, future Hall-of-Fame utility infielder Chris Gomez, so not all hope is lost. They've also been tossing around the idea of inking Freddy Sanchez to a multi-year deal, but to Pittsburgh that's probably only 2 years. Let's check back into reality here, the Pirates look dismal for '08, but they'll still probably have a better April than the Charlie Manuel fueled Phillies.


Oldie but a Goodie:



furiousBall said...

Dave Parker and Pops were the coolest. the one thing I miss about the Vet was that chair in the upper deck that had a star on it for an upperdeck bomb from Stargell

GM-Carson said...

Every game I went to the Vet I made sure to look at the seat with the star. That was a friggin' blast Stargell had.

GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday to ex-Phils legends Bob Uecker (yes the announcer from the movie Major League, the dad from Mr. Belvadere, and the current Brewers announcer) and the great Rick Schu.

Also of note- dickbag LoDuca (now Nationals catcher on 1 year 5 mil) has injured his knee and needs and MRI. Seriously though, I wish him the best and hope this is a career altering injury- F' him! This is fresh off his inclusion in the Mitchell Report and ex-friend/ex-teammate David Wright pulling his punk card and telling the media if the alligations are true he deserves a harsh consequence.

GreggyD said...

Paul LoDouchebag has quickly become one of the most hated players in my own opinion. I couldn't care less if they looked at the MRI and said "oops, sorry Paulie, your season is over"

All Phils fans, particularly the WSBGMs family would rejoice. But then again, we wouldn't get to see him get plunked when he stepped into the batter's box either. Tough call.

GM-Carson said...

Hate is a strong word, and I say with full conviction- I hate Paul La Duca!

SirAlden said...

I miss the Pirates. They have a beautiful park PNC everyone should go.

Great teams, Caribbean and Hispanic talent, round, tall, boxy caps.

When I read the comments from the PUSSYS INTERRUPTED over on Beerleaguer complaining, they should go root for a team and watch the wire transfers for a team like the Pirates.

Bob D said...

Pirates have some potential for many of thier young pitchers. Unfortunately teams like the Yanks, Mets, Dodgers, etc... use them as a AAAA team and steal them with the extra $$$$ from being in a better financial area.
Teams like Pirates, Marlins, Rays, etc... would be able to compete if they had owners who loved baseball and didn't care about having a bigger profit. It also hurts when teams (Yanks) just flat out buy the good players with ridiculous money. (Phils are guilty also) And having greedy players doesn't help.

GM-Carson said...

The Pirates have some nice young talent in the ways of pitching, but their offense will challenge for worst in baseball...sad.

BenJah said...

loduca is a dick. it's too bad though, b/c i met the guy in florida in '99 when he was a prospect with the dodgers and he was really cool. he was catching in the bullpen for a spring training game and he rapped with me and my friends for half an hour or so. he even signed a ball for me. now he's a steroid-using, underage-girl-banging gambler.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- those big bad bullies are real meanies to you over there on BeerLeaguer. You need to give Clout a piece of your mind.

I lost the little respect I had for Lo Duca when he did that queer jig at the end of the 3 consecutive homeruns against the Phils. This steriod thing is icing on the cake, or shall I say a real shot in the ass.

SirAlden said...

I kinda think that clout has a few accounts and uses them in concert.

Thanks for your support GM-Carson over on Beerleaguer, I think you know I hate Phillies Management, you have seen my posts.

I believe that Gillick is the Anti Wade Ad that group does not seem to get it. It is just 4 guys who are unbelievable, and I think they are multi-accounts.

When the Phillies Win this year, and Gillick has a .666 batting average in his 3 year reign of making the playoffs, these myopic, girlie men, will say it was all in spite of his efforts and what about signing Rod Barajas. It's sick.

Personal attacks when you cannot make a case for your own point of view is the technique of cowards.

When Gillick is gone, I hope everyone will enjoy pissant (look it up) Ruben Amaro.

One thing is for sure, I love the Phillies more than the PUSSYS INTERUPTED.