Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Raising Arizona...and Mexico

Here's an update on how some of the Phillies and Pirates top prospects, and Nyjer Morgan, faired in the Winter Leagues.

Phillies (all in AFL):
Joe Savery - Savery did some good things. He started 5 games pitched a total of 14 innings, posting a very good ERA (0.63) and WHIP (1.07), allowing only 4 hits. However, he struck out only 5 and walked 11. No wonder he only gave up a few hits, he didn't get the ball near the plate. In Williamsport, Savery struck out twice as many as he walked, so this is probably just a fluke thing.

Joe Bisenius - 6 games, 6.30 ERA, 1.70 WHIP. Yikes. He did strike out 12 in 10 innings, so he has that going for him, which is nice.

Greg Golson - .266 average (29 for 109), 2 HR, 16 RBI. He slugged the ball pretty good (.431) and stole 8 bases without being caught. Of course, he also struck out in almost 1/4 of his ABs (23 K's to only 8 walks), which continues a very bad trend for Greg. His K/BB was 49/2 in Reading and 124/21 in Clearwater. Very, very poor.

Andrew McCutchen - Probably the top Pirates hitting prospect, McCutchen did okay in Arizona. He hit .286 (28 for 98) but lacked much pop. He didn't record a homer and knocked in only 4 runs. He also stole 8 bases (caught 3 times).

Nyjer Morgan - Why is 27 year old Morgan in the AFL? To show everyone how awesome he is? No. The oldest player in the league hit .258 and posted an OPS of .710. It's depressing that the Buccos see it useful to send an old reserve outfielder to the Winter Leagues.

Neil Walker - Walker started out very well in the Mexican Pacific League, and then, not so much. A late season swoon ended with him hitting .268 (40 for 149) with 4 HR and 17 RBI. He, like every other Pirate and Phillie hitting prospect, likes to strikeout. He walked 11 times and K'd 34., and a .724 OPS.

All in all, PA prospects were not very successful, which should surprise no one...



GM-Carson said...

If Savery can keep/improve his command, I actually expect to see him as a possible September call up.

The Phils and Pirates farm system are pitiful...and that's a shame.

GM-Carson said...

From Phillies.com about Howard's impeding arbitration hearing- If Howard wins his case, he'll tie the $10 million received by Alfonso Soriano in 2006, though that came in the outfielder's third and final year of eligibility. Philadelphia's number of $7 million matches the largest offered to an arbitration-eligible player for the first time. St. Louis offered Albert Pujols a record $7 million in 2004.

*I know that was 4 years ago, but c'mon, 7 mil is still a decent offer. With that said, locking him up for 4-5 seasons would be the best for everyone in this case. Howard would be happy, fans would be happy, and the owners would be happy with more playoff appearances.

SirAlden said...

September and 2009 we will actually have many pitching options from our minor leagues.

The Reading AA Rotation will be great to follow, and even AAAers like Happ, Bisenius, Mathieson, and Model Dictator will be fun to root for.

I wonder how many of these Dudes the Phillies will be able to pass through waivers to get them a shot in Iron Pig Land.

SirAlden said...

"Pitching in Iron Pig Land - Where Pigs Can Fly"

J.A. Happ L Starter
J.D. Durbin R "The Answer" Starter
Fabio Castro L Starter
Travis Blackley L Aussie Starter
John Ennis R Journeyman Starter

Scott Mathieson R Closer
Lincoln Holdzkom R FireBaller
Joe Bisenius R FireBaller
Mike Zagurski L 7th Inning
Francisco Rosario R 7th Inning
Shane Youman L Junk Ball LOOGY
Anderson Garcia R ROOGY

This on paper really is a great AAA staff with each player having one last shot, and having something to prove, with the hot hand ready to help the Mother Ship.

12 guys, I do not know where to find out who has to clear waivers, and there are two Rule 5 guys. If 10 end up on the Iron Pigs opening day roster it would be A miracle, B grade would be 8, C grade 6, and most likely a D grade of 4 will make it.

GM-Carson said...

Blackley and Holdzkom would have to be offered back to their clubs before going to Triple A. I believe Youman, Rosario, and JD Durbin are out of options. But you're right, not bad for a AAA pitching staff.

furiousBall said...

Right now I'm trying to think of a good baseball player with the first name Neil... hmm.

GM-Carson said...

Neil Allen- pitched for the Mets, Cardinals, Yankees, White Sox, and Indians from 1979-1989 winning 58 games and saving 75 with a 3.80 era. That's not even really all that good...

GM-Carson said...

ESPN's Keith Law on Howard's contract situation- ESPN's Keith Law has some good info up on his personal blog. I have always wondered about this stuff. In the post, Law discusses how little sense it makes for the Phillies to pay Ryan Howard more than his service time calls for. But also in the comments Law explains which players Howard's agent can compare him to for an arbitration hearing.

Law says:

For comparison purposes, a player may be compared to players in the same “service class” in the current year or in prior years, and third- and fourth-time eligibles may be compared to free agents who have signed in the current year or in prior years. Single-year salaries are more powerful comparisons than multi-year deals, since the individual salaries within a multi-year deal may be skewed due to bonuses, backloading, or other factors.

Law notes that Howard's comp could be Miguel Cabrera, who made $7.4MM last year. Howard logically deserves more than that based on a stat comparison, making the Phillies' $7MM submission seem low.

*I may be wrong in this case after all, maybe the Phils are being cheapskate bastards.

SirAlden said...

I think Durbin and Garcia have to clear waivers too.

SirAlden said...

And Castro? hmmm

I understand the rational of the Phillies why not offer $7.4 Mil?

Makes no sense.

GM-Carson said...

No more No-Hit!!! The retarded Brew Crew inked offensively worthless Abraham Nunez to a minor league deal. Wow a minor league deal, to think we paid him millions. Come to think of it, the Phils are retards too!

SirAlden said...


I will go on the record to say that because you constantly used the name of He Who Will Remain Nameless,

I will personally hold you responsible when He Who Will Remain Nameless hits a GRAND FUCKING SLAM HOMERUN OFF KYLE LOHSE (who will be brought in to relieve Kyle Kendrick in the 2008 NL Playoff Series with the Brewers!!!!!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

If that happens I too will hold myself responsible and will submit myself to a torture dungeon. Toothpicks under the nails, the stretch crank wheel, spiked cage on face, watching reruns of Friends...you name it.

SirAlden said...

Having to look at Paul Lo Duca posters all day long, in the dungeon.
Even when you have to rub one out.

Please. I know this is cumulative, from the moment forward: let He Who Shall Remain Nameless, remain so.

Tough Love GM-Carson but consider the back luck you are raining down upon us all.

GM-Carson said...

Corey and I are actually thinking about shringing No-Hit Nunez in the WSBGM's Hall of Fame, along with David Bell of course.

GM-Carson said...

"shringing" should be "shrining"...my bad.

SirAlden said...

Here is the answer thanks to Phuture Phillies:

25. JD Durbin, RHP (0 options)

Rest of 40 man roster

26. Lincoln Holdzkom, RHP (Rule 5)
27. Travis Blackley, LHP (Rule 5)
28. TJ Bohn, OF (0 options)
29. Brad Harman, 2B (3 options)
30. Jason Jaramillo, C (3 options)
31. Chris Snelling, OF (1 option)
32. Joe Bisenius, RHP (2 options)
33. Fabio Castro, LHP (1 option)
34. John Ennis, RHP (0 options)
35. Anderson Garcia, RHP (2 options)
36. JA Happ, LHP (2 options)
37. Scott Mathieson, RHP (2 options)
38. Mike Zagurski, LHP (2 options)
39. Francisco Rosario, RHP (0 options)
40. Shane Youman, LHP (1 option?)

GM-Carson said...

Nice list.

Good news is that I could give a two-pinch purple-nurple about John Ennis or TJ Bohn. Francisco Rosario has decent stuff but doesn't grasp how to use it, so if he gets picked up off of waivers no biggy.

I didn't know that Chris Snelling has an option, that makes me happy because that's nice to have some depth in the minors.

SirAlden said...

"Pitching in Iron Pig Land - Where Pigs Can Fly"

J.A. Happ L Starter (2 options)
J.D. Durbin R "The Answer" Starter (0 options)
Fabio Castro L Starter (1 option)
Travis Blackley L Aussie Starter (rule 5)
John Ennis R Journeyman Starter (0 options)

Scott Mathieson R Closer (2 options)
Lincoln Holdzkom R FireBaller (rule 5)
Joe Bisenius R FireBaller (2 options)
Mike Zagurski L 7th Inning (2 options)
Francisco Rosario R 7th Inning (0 options)
Shane Youman L Junk Ball LOOGY (1? option)
Anderson Garcia R ROOGY (2 options)

So! If Youman has 1 more option that would mean this projected Iron Pig Staff would have 7 of the 12 players with options and ready to go for opening AAA day. J.D. Durbin, Ennis, and Rosario, would have to clear waivers, and Blackley, and Holdzkom would have to be bought from their Rule 5 teams the way Victorino was, which is unlikely. 8-10 of these guys could make it to the Iron Pigs which would be a B or A grade.

Chris Goudoras said...

Savery was the most overrated pitcher in the draft last year. He is a first baseman who has a good arm, but he doesn't know how to pitch. The Phillies farm system is the worst in the NL East, even worse than washington's.
BTW, any Pirates fans, I fell sorry for you. Good luck next year. Maybe Snell will win 18 games and you'll come close to .500.
Cheese-Steak fans, you suck!

GM-Carson said...

My guess is you're an ass-eating Mets fan...am I correct?

SirAlden said...

Chris Goudoras misses Paul Lo Duca's ass to munch.

BloodStripes said...

J-Roll is predicting 100 wins this season.

Team to beat!

GM-Carson said...

I think it's funny that we're seeing some Mets fans pop up on here now. For one season the Phils triumphed over them, and since that was last season, that's all that currently matters. Hopefully '08 holds much of the same.