Thursday, January 24, 2008

Phlashback Phriday - Ed Delahanty

I want to look waaaay back in Phillies history, to one of their all-time greats, Ed Delahanty.

Delahanty is the second leading hitter (by average) in Phillies history, with a career line of .348 (2213 for 6359). He added 87 homers and over 1200 RBI playing in the homerless-era of the late 19th century. He also stole over 400 bases and walked three times more than he struck out.

His Phillies career started in 1888, after he was purchased for $1,500 from Wheeling of the Tri-State League. He was purchased for Abe Nunez dollars and he put up Abe Nunez numbers, hitting .228 in his first season. That was followed by a .298 year, a year in his hometown of Cleveland playing for the Infants, and another poor year with the Phillies (.243 average). Delahanty then turned it on, hitting .306, .368, .407, .404, .397, .377, .334, and .410 in the following years. Back then, a "performance enhancing substance" was a six of Schlitz so I doubt his accomplishments were aided by the "juice." (Although, a few gulps of cocaine containing Coca-Cola might help...) Surprisingly, he led the league in homers (twice) more than he led in BA (once). During his time, he led the league at least once in BA, SLG, OBP, OPS, hits, totals bases, doubles, triples, homers, RBI, steals, and a few other stat-o-matic categories.

Former Pittsburgh Alleghenys' pitcher Crazy Schmidt said of him, "When you pitch to (Ed) Delahanty, you just want to shut your eyes, say a prayer and chuck the ball. The Lord only knows what'll happen after that."

Wikipedia has this as summary of the last day of "Big Ed": "Delahanty died when he was swept over Niagara Falls in 1903. He was apparently kicked off a train by the train's conductor for being drunk and disorderly. The conductor said Delahanty was brandishing a straight razor and threatening passengers. After being kicked off the train, Delahanty started his way across the International Bridge (near Niagara Falls) and fell or jumped off the bridge (some accounts say Ed was yelling about death that night). Whether 'Big Ed' died from his plunge over the Falls, or drowned on the way to the Falls is uncertain."

"Big Ed" combined a long, successful, Hall of Fame baseball career with a tragic death involving trains, booze and a gigantic waterfall. And there is nothing like a mysterious, untimely death to boost a legacy.

So here's to "Big Ed" Delahanty, a hard-drinking, hard-hitting, Philadelphia Phillie.



GM-Carson said...

That man kicked ass!!!

BloodStripes said...

Big Ed is an all-time Phillie. What a shame he didn't get the chance to play a few more seasons.

Am I out of it or does Pat Burrell look like Big Ed in that last picture?

furiousBall said...

I would totally party with that guy.

GM-Carson said...

Vegas has the Phils 4-1 favorite to win the N.L. and 12-1 to win the World Series.


Bob D said...

Did Big Ed use a barrel?

GM-Carson said...

No, I think that was Houdini.

GM-Carson said...

From BeerLeaguer via interview with Mike Arbuckle:

J.A. Happ: The 25-year-old left-hander pitched much of the year with a tender elbow and didn’t tell the Phillies, according to Assistant GM Mike Arbuckle. He scuffled in Triple-A, and at the end of the year, the Phils planned on sending him to the Arizona Fall League, but Happ finally admitted he was hurt and couldn’t go. They have rehabbed him, he is expected to be at camp healthy and Arbuckle anticipates seeing a different pitcher next season.

Zach Segovia: It turns out the 24-year-old right-hander, who struggled through the entire season, was pitching with an impingement in his shoulder. He underwent off-season surgery to remedy the situation. According to Arbuckle, he will be healthy in time for spring training. Segovia narrowly missed making the club out of spring training last year and started one game for the big club.

Scott Mathieson: The hard-throwing 23-year-old, who is expected to be fully recovered from Tommy John surgery, could help the club at some point this season, possibly in the bullpen. “I think Scotty might well fit as a reliever,” Arbuckle said. “If he comes back 100 percent healthy, which we’re anticipating that he will, knowing his mentality and seeing the quality of his stuff, I think he can pitch late in the game, and for an inning or two innings, be an overpowering type of guy. Ultimately, he could be very effective.”

*My opinion- I'd like Mathieson to be groomed as a setup man/closer.

Injuries suck, but it's good to know Happ and Segovia were hindered in their efforts last season and can hopefully recover and regain some "prospect" promise.

DPS said...

Hey, gm-carson... you posted a message to my blog ( asking whether it is still active. It is. I started posting to blogspot instead of my own server, which mught be the problem. Use the URL above.



GM-Carson said...

20 more days until pitchers and catcher report for duty...still too long.

BloodStripes said...

Thanks GM. I was gonna ask how many days left. Great minds think alike. Things are warming up nice. Phils looking good.

SirAlden said...

I would really like to get one more reliever owo or Eric Bedard, but I really do think for once in recent memory that we have a number of arms, that could make the club, pitch in AAA, or pitching is AA, that one! or two or three of these arms will be able to contribute at or way above Gas Can Geary's good 2006.


I am also counting the uses of the real name of He Who Shall Remain Nameless, after it was promised it would stop.

SirAlden said...

Can anyone find how Ed went to the Washington in the AL?

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- I am really confused...what the hell did you mean by that last comment?

And why are you so excited about our pitching staff, it's only 3rd best in the NL East at best...Florida's may end up being better.

GM-Carson said...

I heard an interview with my homeboy Jayson Stark on XM the other day about the Ryan Howard situation. He said most fans think Howard deserves that, because 10 mil isn't that much in the baseball world for a superstar now-a-days. However, fans are very naive to think he'll take a 5 year 70 mil deal, or even an Albert Pujols like deal because his family is hyping him up so much that they are comparing him to A-Rod's salary status not Pujols.

*In other words Philly- get ready to take it up the bunghole from our big boy Howard. We all love him, but would you lay down that kind of coin (25 mil per season) long-term for him...that's ridiculous since he's not even a free agent until 2012!

GreggyD said...

Howard doesn't come close to deserving A-Rod money. Hell, A-Rod doesn't deserve A-Rod money. And if that's what Howard wants, then I don't want him because that is absurd and 100% ridiculous if those are his expectations.

GM-Carson said...

The way Stark spoke, this whole contract conflict is his family's fault.