Thursday, January 17, 2008

Phillies Wars - Episode V

Abe Nunez as Stormtrooper - Is anything more pitiful than an Imperial Stormtrooper. A bunch of clones in white plastic outfits whose general purpose seems to be getting killed. And not just by Jedi or Rebel fighters...freaking Ewoks kicked their ass. And they might actually be the only group of people to hit less than Abe Nunez. Has any of their laser blasts ever hit anyone? Just pitiful.

Willie Randolph as Grand Moff Tarkin - Tarkin was a high ranking regional governor and within the Empire may have had the most power outside of Palpatine and Vader. He rode the Death Star like John Wayne rode a horse. But like Wikipedia says, his "fatal underestimation of his enemy allows Luke Skywalker to fire proton torpedos against the reactor powering the Death Star, causing a catastrophic detonation." From all-powerful, unbeatable Death Star to defeat at the hands of the hated enemy. Only Willie Randolph could manage a collapse like that.

WSBGMs bloggers as Star Wars Geeks - This one needs no explanation.



GM-Carson said...

No-Hit Nunez as the worthless Storm Trooper was about as exact as you could get in comparing Phillies to Star Wars...fine job Corey.

SirAlden said...

Where did you get that picture of me on the right?!

Jarex said...

I know there's been a few more calls for Utley - how about Quigon Jin?

GM-Carson said...

All these suggestions for Utley to be included in this Phillies Wars parody...c'mon, you act like he's good or something. Seriously Chase isn't all that great, not great enough to name your son after...oh wait, scratch that.

Corey controlled the power of naming rights to the players and their roles in the Star Wars...but I feel he did a damn good job even with the omission of Chutley.

GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday to Thee Model Dictator Fabio Castro!

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