Wednesday, January 09, 2008

NL East Infields

A couple weeks ago I posted the NL East outfield depth charts and gave my brief poignant opinion on each. Along with that post was a poll and the Phils outfield was voted best in the NL East by a landslide (I'm sure there was no bias involved). I now want to take a look up and down the East Coast at the infield situation for each club. Enjoy...

*Career OPS in parentheses.

Atlanta Braves:
C- Brian McCann (.842), 1B- Mark Teixeira (.910), 2B- Kelly Johnson (.795), SS- Yunel Escobar (.836), and 3B- Chipper Jones (.949). Reserves- Clint Sammons with 3 career at bats is the backup catcher while Omar Infante (.684), Willy Aybar (.803), and Martin Prado (.696) backup second, short, and third with Scott Thorman (.667) in the wing at 1st. To be honest, that is one scary looking infield offensively, but let's remember Johnson and Escobar are still somewhat unproven and Larry Jones is an injury waiting to happen. Should McCann suffer an injury, let's say a concussion, then I'm afraid the incentive to Native American tomahawk chopping Braves would be up a tepee without a buffalo skin.

Florida Marlins:
C- Matt Treanor (.652), 1B- Mike Jacobs (.817), 2B- Dan Uggla (.811), SS- Hanley Ramirez (.889), and 3B- Alfredo Amezaga (.653). Reserves- Mike Rabelo (.653) will also share in the catching duties while Jose Castillo (.677) and Robert Andino (.519) backup the other positions. Aside from Hanley this club is a bunch of misfits. Uggla was a tremendous Rule 5 pickup, but he's nothing spectacular. Their catchers are weak, Jacobs is bad against lefties and k's a ton, and their reserves are on the inedible side of table scraps.

New York Mets:
C- Brian Schneider (.700), 1B- Carlos Delgado (.935), 2B- Luis Castillo (.726), SS- Jose Reyes (.756), and 3B- David Wright (.921). Reserves- Ramon Castro (.723) will see time behind the plate while Ruben Gotay (.688), Marlon Anderson (.713), Jeff Conine (.790), and Damion Easley (.735) see time around the rest of the infield. It pains me to admit it, but the combination of Reyes and Wright is awesome. Reyes is exciting and makes things happen while Wright is a future MVP. Those two are still on the upswing of their careers while Delgado and Castillo are in obvious decline. They have some decent depth, but Conine and Easley are each getting up to AARP range.

Philadelphia Phillies:
C- Carlos Ruiz (.738), 1B- Ryan Howard (1.007), 2B- Chase Utley (.897), SS- Jimmy Rollins (.772), and 3B- Greg Dobbs (.724)/Wes Helms (.761). Reserves- also donning the tools of ignorance is everyone's hero Chris Coste (.822), while Eric Bruntlett (.687) will serve backup to the other positions. 1 former MVP (Howard), 1 reigning MVP (Rollins), and the 2008 MVP in waiting (Utley)...need I say more? The platoon of Dobbs/Helms does worry me both from an offensive and defensive standpoint, meaning it's not good. The catching tandem of Ruiz/Coste is solid though.

Washington Nationals:
C- Paul Lo Duca (.752), 1B- Dmitri Young (.826), 2B- Ronnie Belliard (.750), SS- Christian Guzman (.680), and 3B- Ryan Zimmerman (.812). Reserves- Jesus Flores (.671) will backup catcher and Nick Johnson (.853) will attempt a comeback at 1st, while Aaron Boone (.758), Felipe Lopez (.724), and Rob Machowiak (.743) will cover the rest. Even if healthy things look bleak for the Gnats opening their new stadium. Lo-Douschebag is sucking on the field and not just in the backseat of taxi's anymore, Guzman is always injured and isn't good when he plays, Belliard and Young are fat for their positions, and Zimmerman is overrated.

Who has the better infield?
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Kevin McGuire said...

Here's a question to ponder; whould you rather have the Phillies' right side of the infield (Howard and Utley)or the Mets' left side of the infield (Reyes and Wright)?

I gave the Phillies the slightly biased edge even though third base, a very important position, is absolutely trash in Philadelphia. Rollins-Utley-Howard is hard to argue with.

Corey said...


uggla is a "misfit?" he has played two full seasons at second, averaging .263-29-89. only fielder, rollins, and holliday had more extra base hits than him in '07. you could argue he is one of the top 5 second baseman in all of baseball. a "misfit"? sheesh.

and zimmerman is "overrated?" how is that? a 23 year old third baseman who already has two full seasons in the bigs and averaged .275-22-100 at that young age with the second highest range factor at third last year is overrated? for comparison, when "mvp in waiting" chase utley was 21/22 years old, he was hitting .257 in A+ and .263 in AAA.

Bob D said...

Phils edge out Braves and Mets here. They are all really close. The Braves are a close 2nd, only thier inexperience keeps them behind the Phils. The Mets have the better bench behind the 3rd best IF. Catching goes to the Braves over a tie with Philly and Mets. Phils have 3/4 of the IF as the top few players at thier positions in BB. But 3rd base is weak. Dobbs would make the bench stronger if another 3B was brought in. Otherwise the Phils would have run away with this.

But between the Braves / Mets / Phils I could see any one of these teams become the best IF of 2008. Lets hope the Phils do continue thier dominance from 2007 as they are the best IF from last year.

GM-Carson said...

I call Uggla a misfit because Florida thinks he's miscast as a 2nd baseman and is thinking about moving him to 3rd and some think he's already declining...time will tell.

I call Zimmerman overrated because Chris Wheeler slob-knobs him every chance he gets during a telecast.

There's my reasons!

SirAlden said...

Utley vs. Wright
Rollins vs. Reyes

No one can argue that the Mutts are better there. They can argue they are even, or less, but not even or better.

Does Dobbs/Helms match Luis Castillo?

In hitting they do? If it was Castillo of 4 years ago it would be different. He really is in decline, might get one + year out of him.

Catching? Phillies are EVEN +

Howard with no steroids vs. Delgrano with no steroids?
Not even CLOSE!


furiousBall said...

In our infield, IMHO - you are looking at the best Phils to play the following positions in the history of the franchise.... 1B, 2B, and SS.

Jarex said...

This board is filled w/ a bunch of homers, myself included. In all seriousness, I would take the Phillies infield over any of them, but if I talked to Mets' fan I'm sure they'd argue for no better reason than they're Mets' fans. I think Delgado's on the downslide. Wright puts up the sort of numbers a great 3rd basemen should put up. I've never been a huge "Reyes is god" fan, as some people can be - in fact I like how Rollins sizes up and appreciate JRol's leadership skills at this point in his career.

I had this thought about Utley and Rollins yesterday - that they're the kinds of players that make others around them better. I think they're huge influences on Vic and Ruiz. Howard's sort of his own man, so he doesn't count. I'd love for them to get a 3rd basemen to fit this mold, and to go back to the Inge conversation of a few days ago, he could be that type of guy who, with Utley and Rollins around, could really blossom, or at least play over his head.

GM-Carson said...

25 votes so far and all of them for the Phils.

About Uggla- he's a decent player, and on the Marlins he's probably their 2nd go to guy offensively, but like I said- "he's nothing spectacular".

About Zimmerman- I tend to forget he's still young and has his best years ahead of him.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not fully retarded (only slightly) but there are 38 votes total and all for our Phils...I know this is a Phils blog, but still.

SirAlden said...

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GM-Carson said...

Todd Zolecki gave us a shout out on his blog today...he's a cool dude. I'm hoping he agrees to to an interview for the "Check Your Head" segment.

Bob D said...

53Phils - 3Mets - 0 rest of league?

Wow a little lopsided.

Utley, Rollins, Howard vs Wright, Reyes, Delgado = Phils have a slight edge there. Catchers even, Castillo vs Helms/Dobbs = evenly bad. Bench to the Mets.
The Braves have Teixeira/Chipper to compare with our top 3, however they excell at catcher and Johnson/Escobar show good promise. Bench is a little weak.

Nats/Fish have some talent but they are both a step or two behind.

I rank them:

GM-Carson said...

The Mets, Braves, and Phil are all very close talent-wise in the infield. Yunel Escobar looked awesome last year, but things could easily change. Maybe Delgado bounces back and the Mets end up being the best...time will tell.

Los said...

Weird - the Phils called and asked if I wanted to play third base ...

Malcolm said...

Okay, here again I ranked the infielders in the NL East, by who I’d want more. (Put it this way, the NL East has the best infielders in baseball — Carlos Ruiz/Mark Texieria/Dan Uggla/Jose Reyes/Ryan Zimmerman is your second team.

1. Chase Utley (46)
2. David Wright (45)
3. Hanley Ramirez (44)
4. Jose Reyes (43)
5. Ryan Howard (42)
6. Jimmy Rollins (41)
7. Mark Texieria (40)
8. Dan Uggla (39)
9. Brian McCann (38)
10. Ryan Zimmerman (37)
11. Chipper Jones (36)
12. Carlos Delgado (35)
13. Dmitri Young (34)
14. Yunel Escobar (33)
15. Greg Dobbs (32)
16. Luis Castillo (31)
17. Carlos Ruiz (30)
18. Kelly Johnson (29)
19. Ronnie Belliard (28)
20. Mike Jacobs (27)
21. Ramon Castro (26)
22. Willy Aybar (25)
23. Christian Guzman (24)
24. Brian Schnieder (23)
25. Paul LoDuca (22)
26. Nick Johnson (21)
27. Omar Infante (20)
28. Alfredo Amezaga (19)
29. Chris Coste (18)
30. Ruben Gotay (17)
31. Felipe Lopez (16)
32. Wes Helms (15)
33. Jesus Flores (14)
34. Matt Treanor (13)
35. Marlon Anderson (12)
36. Jose Castillo (11)
37. Scott Thorman (10)
38. Eric Bruntlett (9)
39. Rob Mackowiak (8)
40. Damion Easley (7)
41. Jeff Conine (6)
42. Martin Prado (5)
43. Aaron Boone (4)
44. Robert Andino (3)
45. Mike Rabelo (2)
46. Clint Sammons (1)

Phillies: 216 (Average = 27)
Mets: 239 (Average = 23.9)
Braves: 237 (Average = 23.7)
Nationals: 208 (Average = 20.8)
Marlins: 158 (Average = 19.8)

So, yet again, the proof is there.

BloodStripes said...

Its official. According to the poll, the Phightin' Phillies infield is the best in the NL east by a long shot. All class!

Mike said...

I'm just glad we will most likely be facing the Nationals at home with LoDuca behind the plate to open the season. Man is he going to hear it. And his phone is TOAST!

CLARE. said...

Nice job on the link from Zolecki, dudes.

You have any thoughts on the Santana to the Mets rumors?

GM-Carson said...

My thoughts on Johan Santana to the Mets- "Oh shit!".

I'm very pleased with the turn out for the poll. WSBGM's is becoming popular.