Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Get Up and Go

I've been doing all the interviews this offseason through the "Check Your Head" segment, but TK of GetUpandGoSports has recently put me on the hot seat. Here's the interview from his site...

I recently had a chance to talk with the co-owner of We Should Be GM's "Carson" about baseball news of today,the Phillies and Pirates,and his blog.

WSBGM's is full of humor,stats,interviews,but mostly about the passion of two Baseball fans at its best.

TK- One thing I need to know about the Pirates and Phillies.
Carson- I'll start with the Phils because they are my passion, or maybe I should say pathetic obsession. Anyway, the Phils are a team on the verge of something special (special = World Series title). One thing about the Pirates...hmm...they are improving...nope...they're rebuilding...nope...ok, I got it- they suck!

TK- How much of a chance do the Phillies have to win the NL East in 2008.
Carson- I say a damn good chance. I look at the rest of the division and they've gotten weaker. The Phils have at least maintained and possibly gotten stronger with Right-Hook Myers heading back to the rotation and by simply ridding themselves of No-Hit Nunez. Seriously though, losing Fence-Face Rowand hurts, but I feel a platoon of Jayson Werth/Geoff Jenkins will be just as productive if not more than Rowand in '08. Also, a full season of the Flyin' Hawaiian Shane Victorino, future 2008 MVP Chase Utley, and Master Blaster Ryan Howard will help anchor that offense and they'll literally have to pitch themselves out of victories. Side note- Muck the Fets!

TK- True of False : Pirates have a 81-81 record or better within the next 5 seasons.
Carson- I'm going to go with false. This organization seems to have no direction. I thought they were close this past season then everything still went wrong. They have some nice young starting pitchers, but by the time they get some offensive production to back them up they'll be too expensive and dealt away for Derek Bell or Pat Meares.

TK- One thing about your blog we should know:
Carson- That we know our baseball. We aim to be funny and insightful at the same time, but sometimes our sense of humor gets the best of us. However, just because we crack jokes and poke fun of players doesn't mean we don't know our baseball. There are so many blogs out there that come off so bland like they're painting by numbers because they only report the facts and keep everything so politically correct. Well, screw that! We like to put our twist on things and apparently someone likes reading it. I mean stats are great, but we don't pitch tent to Brad Lidge's K/IP or J-Roll's stolen base %...c'mon, we're not totally losers, only partial.

TK- Goose Gossage elected into the Baseball HOF,thoughts?
Carson- Bad form. I'm a Hall-of-Fame snob and believe only the elite belong in it. If anything, I think there should be fewer players in the Hall than there are now. Bruce Sutter, Phil Rizzuto, Bill Mazeroski, and a handful of others...c'mon these guys weren't the best. Pete F'n Rose was though, but you don't see him with his face of one of those prestigious plaques now do ya? Goose was an awesome reliever and he helped pave the way for the Mariano Rivera's and Billy Wagner's of the world, but I simply don't think 1809.3 innings pitched and 310 saves deserves the recognition that it's getting. Pretty soon we'll start electing the best setup men of all time, or worse yet utility infielders...Chris Gomez is having a helluva career as one, let's put him in!



furiousBall said...

I concur with you about Maz and the Hall, but Goose was dominant for too long and deserved the nod.

SirAlden said...

Billy Wagner cannot hold Goose Gossage's jock strap.

I lived in NYC and was a fan of the great Yankee Teams, before they started buying everything. Everyone on that team Munson, Pinella, Jackson, Randolph, Chambliss, Nettles, Dent, and Micky Rivers, would all have told you he was the most important player on their team for that entire period.

Remember when we Cheered and Creamed and Went Nuts looking at Wagner hit 100 on the meter? Take that and times it by 4 and you get what is was like when GOOSE! came into the game.

He defined the role, would pitch 3-4 innings at a time, often in the 6-8th to save the day, and as you know Saves are not a real good measure, (right up there with Gold Gloves for the likes of Bobby Abreu) of a Reliever's Dominance.
Teams would literally GIVE UP when he came in and scowled right at the batter as if he was going to kill him.

GM-Carson said...

You all can have your opinion on Goose being deserving of the Hall nod, but I personally do not feel his #'s match up to Hall worthiness. If his save % would have been higher or he would have recorded more saves then possibly. Like I said, I'm a Hall-of-Fame snob and think that only limited company should inhabit it.

GM-Carson said...

Just let me make this clear- I like Goose Goosage, but I just don't feel he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

goDuke said...

I think he referred to you as Cameron at the end of his interview on his blog... very classy of him to call you by the wrong name. =)

GM-Carson said...

Cameron- wasn't that Ferris Bueller's friend's name? He did mess my name up at the end, but oh well.

News- Ryan Howard will be on PS3's cover of MLB '08 The Show, taking the place of that flamer David Wright.

Jacobin said...

What does it matter? The hall is going to be full of 'roided up douche bags in the not so distant future. At that point things are going to be a joke, which is very sad. The hall is an amazing place to visit. You want to talk about goosebumps? Cooperstown is a place where someone that loves the game will get them.

...but usher in the steroid era junkies that destroyed the record books and tarnish the mystical nature of the place. Blah, blech, blurg.

GM-Carson said...

I haven't been to Cooperstown since childhood. Once Collier is old enough to remember events, I want to take him there.

Corey said...

goose deserves the nod. i like to compare players to their peers at their positions, because comparing across different time periods is tricky. and in the late 70's/early 80's, he was the first or second best relief pitcher in baseball.

an example of comparing generations: goose's (geese?) save percentage or total saves might not compare to trevor hoffman or mariano rivera, but he had over 70 saves of 7 outs or more. those two i mentioned have like less than 5 combined. have those guys pitch 2-3 innings and see how 1)their save percentage goes down 2)number of saves goes down.

120 wins and 25 games over .500 as a reliever. again, hoffman and rivera's combined numbers can't compete with that, and those two guys might be first ballot HoFers.

more comparisons to rivera/hoffman: all star games and top 5 cy young finishes - goose (9 and 5), rivera (8 and 4), hoffman (6 and 2). again showing goose was possibly even more dominant in his era than those two.

he's 17th all-time in saves, and the only player in the top 20 who saves games in the 70's is hall member rollie fingers.

Bob D said...

Jacobin, your on to something. The Nat'l Hall of Roids. We can elect those who led the league in shots, and pills, and whatever else they do.

GM-Carson said...

Good points Corey. I guess I just am not ready to give relief pitchers their "due" credit. As time goes by, I'll probably look at relief pitchers differently, namely closers, but right now I get hung up on the amount of innings pitched and think- How the the hell does that equal Hall of Fame? Give me more time to maul this over and I could be convinced otherwise, but now I say NO.

Jacobin said...

Bob, that would be a great museum/hall of shame! Cheatersburg National Hall of Shame. We could posthumously enshrine all the folks involved with the Black Sox scandal... have an entire wing devoted to the history of pharmacology ruining sportsmanship... it could be a cross-sports tourist destination! I smell potential profits, though it needs to be somewhere tourists would be going anyway.

GreggyD said...

One stat relating to Gossage just baffled me. Goose had 125 saves of 2 innings or more. Mariano Rivera has just 11. The numbers that were already listed are amazing and there is no doubt in my mind that Goose was tremendous as a reliever. You are right when you say that Hoffman and Rivera will most likely be first ballot HOF'ers so why shouldn't Gossage be inducted as well. After all, the guy did wait 9 years before he was inducted in.

On another note, I thought that McGwire might get more of the vote this year than last year, thinking that some voters might change their minds. I was surprised that the numbers pretty much didn't change (23.5% to 23.6%). Doesn't look like there's much hope for Mac.

AND Bert Blyleven...snubbed again!

GreggyD said...

By the way, that's a sweet 93 Championship shirt Carson. That same shirt graced my wardrobe for many years. I wish I could find it.

GM-Carson said...

You know I rock the old school threads well my friend.

SirAlden said...

Saves were not recorded in the same way they are today, it was much harder to get a save, and today no top reliever would come in to put out a fire and not get credit for a save.

His agent would be screaming.

SirAlden said...

Comparing players to their peers is the key.

Also I may be wrong but a save is much easier to get now, the rules have changed I believe.

That is a problem, a homer is a homer, a save is not a save the rules have changed.

If you come in an pitch to win the game, but do not get a save are you less of a player? Today's rules say yes.

Many argue that a true closer should come in to put out a fire when it is most important, be it the 4th or 9th inning.

SirAlden said...


Eaton is pitching against Santana. 4th inning two outs. Phils leading 1-0. Eaton loads the bases.

Do you bring in Condrey or "Gas Can" Geary, or Lidle?

In the old school days Gossage would wipe out the batter in the 4th to end the inning, and pitch the 5th and maybe the 6th.

SirAlden said...

Then Santana might be out of the game in the 7th, 8th, 9th, so it would be Bullpen vs. Bullpen then with a 1 run lead.

Marc said...

Nice publicity.

Do the Rays got it all?

Check our Projections in the upcoming season, now!


GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- you asked if they bring in "Lidle"...since he's dead, I assume you meant Lidge. Easy mix up though.