Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Eat, Sleep, Phillies

There's nothing really to report on the Phillies right now, because it's doubtful they'll get in on the Johan Santana trade talks and their roster is all but determined, with only slight tinkering needed to be done with the pitching staff. Winter is in full force, cold and blustery, and the hot stove has cooled. Basically, it's tough times for those of us who eat, sleep, and live Phillies. Hopefully there will be some player movement or breaking story of an Adam Eaton miracle arm and brain transplant surgery soon. Until then, enjoy the pictures.



furiousBall said...

i've gotten myself worried now. the phils last year were great offensively and so-so on the mound (to be generous). this year i think they took a step back offensively (losing rowand) and not sure if they did enough on the mound.

GM-Carson said...

Losing Rowand hurts, but that's the only person who matters on offense that we lost. I truly believe a platoon of Jenkins/Werth will produce just as well as Rowand will in '08. Also, replacing No-Hit Nunez with Bruntlett is a small upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless. So Taguchi is a sweet pinch-hitter too. Helms sucks, but I find it hard to believe he'll suck that bad next season again.

Out pitching has improved- Myers to the rotation is an upgrade, Lidge at closer is decent, Chad Durbin is a good swingman. I still think we need another reliable reliever in the 'pen, and adding a low-cost comeback pitcher like Kris Benson would be wise.

SirAlden said...

Furious? You have gotten yourself worried.

The Phillies will have an extra month of Howard, an extra month of Utley, and extra month of Victorino.

And Jenkins/Werth vs. 2008 Rowand.

And Bruntlett vs. he who shall remain nameless.

SirAlden said...

We also traded for the best starter this winter after Haren. We traded for Brett Myers and gave up a wonderful 5th outfielder who has already been replaced with the signing of Taguchi.

We still need more pitching do not get me wrong.

SirAlden said...

I really like OF Snelling and Watson in AAA if we are able to pass them through waivers there.

GM-Carson said...

If Watson and Snelling are in Triple A that is a huge relief should an injury arise at the big league level. Not to say either would be stars, but they are far better options than Chris Roberson. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs will have an interesting blend of has-beens that will probably end up forming a winning combination in the minors and hopefully lend some depth.

GM-Carson said...

It has been rumored that the Phils and Padres are interested in Akinori Otsuka, and many people on here have suggested he'd be a good signing. However, MLBTradeRumors is reporting that he has a "scary elbow". And that he probably can't pitch through the pain and if he did his ligament would be at risk of tearing anyway. Doesn't sound too promising.

SirAlden said...

I read that too about Otsuka.

The Texas Rangers would have had to pay him 5 million in arbitration, and balked.

That may be the usual Amaro type PR bull so the fans are not so angry at management. Even though it was a beat writer they get fed the sausage.

GM-Carson said...

News- Chris Roberson has been sold to the Baltimore Orioles for cash...I can't believe we got money for him.

Also, from What's up with Joe Crede? Will the ChiSox be looking to deal him this summer if they are struggling? And if so, you have to believe the Phillies would be top contenders for him. - Dan

I'm almost certain Crede will be dealt, I'm just not sure when. Maybe after a week or two of proving his health in Spring Training? Josh Fields needs his reps at third base, so I'd be surprised if the Sox started the season with Crede at the hot corner. The Phillies seem like the perfect fit, especially since Kenny Williams and Pat Gillick have gotten together for many deals.

SirAlden said...

Hi... I need some help with this:

Phillies invited catcher Pete LaForest to spring training.
LaForest accepted his outright assignment to Triple-A Lehigh Valley and will compete for a job during spring training. The Phillies probably won't carry a third catcher initially, but LaForest could be their first alternative should anyone get hurt.

Now. Does anyone know technically what happened or a website where I can see all players who have been placed on waivers?

The Phillies assigned him off their 40 man Roster and said... "Please come to spring training and we will make you the 1st string catcher at AAA or somesuch" and he said "OK".

The question is did have to pass through waivers. The same will be true of Snelling, or Watson, how do we find out about such stuff?

Bob D said...

Yes, LaForest did pass thru waivers. They also traded Roberson away to get the roster down to the limit of 40. Now if anyone else is added then someone else has to go thru waivers as well.

I did not see Roberson having any chance at even the 7th OF spot with Snelling, Bohn, and Watson being around.

Los said...

You should have a countdown clock to pitchers and catchers day!

Sean said...

Hey guys. Did you see that Gillick traded away "crackhead" (a.k.a.mChris Robers0n)? Just thought you'd like to know.

You can check out my opinion on the move in a bit at

GM-Carson said...

Sean- unfortunately do to people thinking I was making racist comments, "crackhead" no longer refers to Chris Roberson.

Brandon Watson signed a minor league contract- will not have to pass through waivers.

Chris Snelling signed a MLB contract and doesn't have any options left- will have to pass through waivers.

LaForest signed a split MLB/Minor league contract, hence being dropped from the 40 man roster.

Marc said...

Heh. This is what you do during the off-season.

I do analysis, you post pictures of beds...

Phillies in '08? Perhaps.

Bob D said...

It always good to see some of the Phillie items that we can purchase, right Carson. Forget analysis of trading Roberson for some $$$ I want to find one of those golf carts shaped like a baseball helmet that the closer would come out on.

Don't worry I know his head isn't cracked.

SirAlden said...

Where can you find every single player passed through waivers.

On the Phillies Web Site under transactions it said

"Sent C Pete Laforest outright to Triple-A Lehigh Valley." no comment on waivers.

What I am looking for is a place that will show who needs to go through waivers.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- do you have a job, and if so, what hours do you work? I ask this because I see you post comments very early in the morning and sometimes very late at night.

SirAlden said...

Dear GM-Carson I often see you haunt about the exact same times. lol

Yes I have a 9-5 as the Director of a program at a hospital help Children with Autism.

I also still consult about once a month for 2-3 days at my old job. I was a founding Director of the AT&T/IBM Digital Media Group.

I am working on my Doctorate so I am often up late, doing boring statistics and writing so I cycle through stuff I am going through bookmarks.

The First Bookmark is We Should Be GM's and the last before Cots is Phuture Phillies.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- I have a sleeping problem, and therefore I do post comments at random times as well.

That's awesome that you work with children with autism, they're a great bunch of kiddos.

Lake Fred said...

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