Monday, January 07, 2008

Check Your Head: Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors

WSBGM's world famous offseason Q&A session is back with a brand new edition, this time rolling out the red carpet for Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors royalty. MLBTR is one of my favorite sites to check daily (ah, who am I kidding- HOURLY) to see who is latest player being implemented for steroids, or who the Phillies are currently not interested in. Brace yourself Tim, because it's time to check your head.

1. Statistics aside, who is your favorite non-superstar MLB player of all-time?
Terry Mulholland, loved the pickoff move. *His long flowing locks of hair were classy too.

2. Which MLB team do you root for and why?
Cubs fan, because that's how my parents raised me.

3. Discuss the evolution of MLBTR and your desire to overthrow Peter Gammons and Ken Rosenthal when it comes to rumor mongering.
Haha...I have no such desire in regards to the rumor gurus. I mostly collect and analyze the rumors while those guys are working the phones bringing the inside info to the masses. MLBTR started as a hobby in November of '05. I kept writing daily and it grew into my career, surprisingly.

4. Which current GM do feel is doing the best job, and which one do you feel is doing the worst?
I think Kevin Towers (of the Padres) is doing the best job. He's created a perennial contender on a shoestring budget.

I think Brian Sabean is doing a lousy job...the Giants seem to have no direction.

5. What is your favorite aspect of baseball- pitching, offense, or defense?
Definitely pitching, I love a well-pitched game.

6. Which offseason trade/signing has been the smartest move, and which one has been the worst?
The D'Backs' trade for Dan Haren tops my list as the best. It's tough to get three cheaply priced years of an ace without affecting your current team.

The Mets' acquisition of Brian Schneider and Ryan Church for Lastings Milledge didn't make much sense to me.

7. How did you convince your wife to allow you to quit your job and become a pro-blogger?
I painted a picture of how both of our lives would improve...dinner would be waiting for her every day, all the laundry done, things getting fixed around the house, etc.

8. What is your overall opinion on the state of the current Phillies organization?
Not impressed much with the current farm system, but they seem to be on the brink of something big if Pat Gillick can make some smart moves. However I am not impressed with the rotation after Hamels and Myers and I'm not sure Gillick will do much to improve it.

9. What other baseball related sites do you frequent?
Over a hundred. ESPN, Baseball Prospectus, Cot's Baseball Contracts, all the major newspapers and their blogs, good fan blogs, Ken Rosenthal's stuff...^and of course WSBGM's- you guys are the best!

*= 2nd interviewee to proclaim love for Terry Mulholland, except he didn't really give a shout out to Terry's hairdo.
^= Tim meant to mention us as one of the leading "good fan blogs", but forgot to, so I kindly inserted us for him.



GM-Carson said...

Jayson Werth signs $1.7 million dollar 1 year contract with Phils avoiding arbitration.

SirAlden said...

"but they seem to be on the brink of something big if Pat Gillick can make some smart moves."

Ask him. Ask him. Ask him, what he thinks some smart moves might be.

GM-Carson said...

Smart moves- another quality starter and reliever...that would be almost everyone's answer. Icing on the cake- an everyday 3rd baseman.

Rob said...

Hey I am kinda new at this whole blog thing but I enabled links is that what you need to have or is there something else? I would also be willing to trade links thanks

SirAlden said...

I was wondering what he thought Gillick could pull off... in smart moves.

SirAlden said...

2008 MLB Mock Draft List:

furiousBall said...

Terry did have a wicked pick off move.

GM-Carson said...

Mulholland was awesome. He could still probably find employment as a LOOGY.

GM-Carson said...

From Buster Olney's stories to watch in '08- "Can the Mets rebound from their 2007 collapse?
Mets players and officials have acknowledged feeling some hangover from their brutal September disintegration, and every day in spring training, reporters will ask them questions about those lost days. And there is great concern, among players, about the pitching staff. Despite the efforts of GM Omar Minaya, the Mets still have not added a front-of-the-rotation starter to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Tom Glavine.

Fair or not, right or wrong, this is the reality for the Mets: If they don't make the playoffs this year, then the jobs of manager Willie Randolph and some players -- and maybe even Minaya -- could be on the line, depending on how the year plays out."

*F' the Mets!

SirAlden said...

Muck the Fets!

SirAlden said...

GM-Carson said...

Looked back at the poll for "Best NL East Outfield" and saw the Phils with a commanding lead. Now of course they're leading, because mostly Phillies fans are doing the voting on this blog, regardless, here are the results: 105 total votes, Braves- 2, Marlins- 3, Nationals- 4, Mets- 22, and Phillies- 74.

Bob D said...

Best NLE OF:

5 Braves - very weak
4 Mets - not much after Beltran
3 Nats - could surprise soon
2 Marlins - soon to be a force
1 Phils - top 4 OFs better than Mets 2nd best OF. #5&6 not bad either.

Bob D said...

Smart Moves?
Myers to rotation

To be determined:
Blackley instead of another SP
keeping Dobbs/Helms at 3B

on the brink - lets hope so.

The farm should make a giant leap forward this year.

BloodStripes said...

"Phils on the brink". Bring on the smart moves.

Bob D said...

Maybe that is a reference of bring back Brad Brink?

GM-Carson said...

Brad Brink was the poop- for about 1 week.