Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thirsty Thursday: Beer Keg

Mike Zagurski fits the mold of chubby ratty-haired frat boy, his body actually resembles a beer keg. The hefty-lefty burst on to the scene when the Phils were in dire straights for relief help, and badda-bing badda-boom, Fat Mike came in and rocked the house and quickly gained fame. Mike zig-zagged his way through the competition for 2 games without surrendering a run, so naturally the pitching-starved Phils fans were ready to crown him the new jewel of the bullpen. This reminds me of parties in college where we'd be stoked to have a keg of beer all frothy and chilled. We'd start off guns blazing gulping down as much of the brew as we could, but by the end of the night the beer was getting warm and flat and many party-goers had already passed out and puked...much like what happened to Zagurski after those first 2 appearances. MLB hitters proved to be too much for Mike and he ended his rookie campaign all sh*t-faced with a 5.91 era and injured. Fear not though, there's a lesson to be learned- beer is good and evil...pace yourself so you can stick around and enjoy the party; Mike Zagurski will be back to help the 'pen some day.



SirAlden said...

We have quite a few of once and future lefties currently on our 40 man roster. Who might stick in the Bigs by 2009? This is my list in order of chance.

Mike Zagurski
J.A. Happ
Fabio Castro
Matt Smith
Shane Youman
Travis Blackley

GM-Carson said...

Matt Smith looked promising heading into the 2007 season then his control was erratic and then the bad injury- I think he's due to miss a good portion of '08.

Zagurski is still young and made good strides in the minors last season, I look for him to become a permanent fixture in the Phils 'pen come '09.

Happ sucked in all levels last season, but hopefully those were just growing pains and he becomes reliable once again in Triple A this season.

Thee Model Dictator, Fabio Castro, has control problems. Once he figures out how to maintain consistency in his pitching mechanics at the big league level, he should be fine.

Both Blackley and Youman have a good chance at locking down the 2nd lefty out of the bullpen for this season...hopefully one of them steps up in spring training and becomes that reliever.

SirAlden said...

Happ was injured much of the year.

Bob D said...

Blackley may even lock down that 5th spot in the rotation. If he pitches to what his potential is that would be good. If not then Eaton may take that spot. Happ also has an outside shot at that rotation spot.

Zagurski, Castro, and Smith will likely be in the minors with Smith comming off Tommy John surgery I believe. If that is the case than look for him to be back for 2008 as a canidate for the pen.

Youman from what I hear will likely be in the pen.

Los said...

You guys let the beer get warm? Ugh! That's a party foul, right?

GM-Carson said...

Los- cheap college kids, need I say more?

Corey said...

how much does ice cost these days? substantially less than the keg, the tap rental,and the giant plastic bucket that the keg sits in. also, 4 bucks for ice is worth not having the ladies roll out because the natty is warm. it's also not worth getting your ass kicked by the angyr dudes you charged 5 bucks to drink that warm crap. carson, you need to go back to wherever these parties were and set these idiots straight.

GM-Carson said...

I don't know if it was that they were cheap or just too drunk to remember to throw more ice on the keg, either way, the beer was nasty by the end of the night.