Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things I Hate About the Phillies: Carson's Volume 2

I love the Phillies, you love the Phillies, we all love the Phillies...but you know they have quirks about them that you hate too. I ran Volume 1 back in early November, and I'm now ready to air some more disgust...

*I hate that the Phillies have grey uniforms and white uniforms. Grey and you're really rocking my socks off with that. Where the hell is the pizazz? I want the powder blue jersey to make a comeback, the red warm-up jersey to become game worn, or that seldom thought of maroon jersey to become their interleague attire. If the Phils can make that ill-advised blue/red combo cap part of their "special" game garb, why not breakout the throwback every now and then?

*I hate that Gavin Floyd, Greg Golson, JD Drew, Adam Eaton, Reggie Taylor, Carlton Loewer, Wayne Gomes, Chad McConnell, Tyler Green, Jeff Jackson, Pat Combs, Brad Brink, Trey McCall, Pete Smith, John Russell, Johnny Abrego, and Lebo Powell have been 1st round draft picks of the Phillies since 1980...and we wonder why this club seems to stumble upon such dismal times. Don't get me wrong, there's been some success thrown in there- Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Mike Lieberthal, and Pat Burrell, but overall that is despicable.



Bob D said...

But Tyler Green threw a no - hitter and Brad Brink had a cool name.

I hate the fact that cable costs so much to watch the Phils unless I get game day which aint bad.

GM-Carson said...

No man- it was Tommy Green who threw the no-hitter, not the knuckle-curve serving crotch-tickler Tyle Green. Tyler threw one in the minors, but that doesn't count.

furiousBall said...

man, Lebo Powell if he could have worked out, he might have been the first philly athlete we played the Ledo Shuffle for

GM-Carson said...

I was bored, so I checked out that video Corey made for the Phils 2007 tribute, and it has over 1,000 views over on YouTube...that's pretty cool.

SirAlden said...

I HATE that our #2 Draft Pick in 2000 went to CLEVELAND for - (Mike Jackson).

I HATE that our #2 Draft Pick in 2001 went to BOSTON for - (Rheal Cormier).

I HATE that our #3 Draft Pick in 2001 went to SEATTLE for - (Jose Mesa).

I HATE that our #2 Draft Pick in 2003 went to SAN FRANCISCO for -
(David Bell).

I HATE that our #1 Draft Pick in 2005 went to NEW YORK YANKEES for - (Jon Lieber).

I LOVE that Pat Gillick has refused to give up and lose Draft picks and instead has received in

2006 a 1st Round Sandwich Pick

2007 a 1st Round Sandwich Pick
2007 a 3rd Round Sandwich Pick

2008 a 1st Round Sandwich Pick
2008 a 2nd Round (#5) Pick

We have Adrian Cardenas 2B, Travis d'Arnaud C, Matt Spencer OF, and the 2008 1st Round Sandwich Pick, and the 2008 2nd Round (#5) Pick to follow and root for.

SirAlden said...

Pete Laforest-C-Phillies
Dec. 22 - 1:45 pm et

Phillies sent catcher Pete Laforest outright to Triple-A Lehigh Valley.
Laforest went 1-for-11 for the Phillies in September after being claimed off waivers from the Padres. He has the option of becoming a free agent now, but Philadelphia still seems like a nice fit for him.

24 pitchers and 17 hitters = 41 players are currently on the 40 Man Roster after Pete was released. I hope he stays, I assume he has to pass through waivers and others have a shot at him even if he does not claim his Free-Agency. It is always confusing and murky.

chuckm said...

I never cared for the powderblue unis but would be cool with the red warmup jerseys being their road outfit.

Bob D said...

Sorry wrong Green, I confused Hunter Green with Puke Green. I nearly forgot we had 2 Greens on the team at the same time, so how can we go wrong with 2 Durbins?

Carson, were you serious that Siralden is really Pat Gillick in disguise? Ahem, Mr. Gill..errr I mean Mr Siralden. Can you please sign/trade for the best SP, RP, and 3rd baseman available. Thank you.

Corey said...

it was I who confirmed what everyone was thinking for weeks, that pat gillick and siralden were the same person...

SirAlden said...

Yes Pat had gotten us very close in spite of Monty/Giles...

A Starter: Lohse (3 years), Hernadez, Benton, or even Leiber.

A Top Reliever: Otsuka

A Situational Lefty: Marte

3B: Beltre, or Crede

Go look at Beerleaguer at the numbers of posts that say the Gillick had zero to with last years NL East Crown. If Gillick did not first trade Abreu so there was money, and Thome, so there was money and Rowand, and Howard, and got Romero, Iguchi, and Lohse there would have been no NL East Crown.

I post Gillick positives because they are. 5 Draft Picks are different from what Wade was doing.

My one post for every 100 cry baby posts.

Corey said...

i appreciate the love you have for gillick, err, yourself, siralden, and lord knows we need positivity to counteract the overwhelming negativity that surrounds the Phaithful, but you're devoted support occasionally borders on the irrational (crediting yourself for ryan howard? c'mon.) i'll be doing a piece on you soon, examining your body of work with the phils to date. stay tuned.

Bob D said...

Siralden just signed So Taguchi to a 2 year contract. He now becomes the 5th OF on the Phils bench, a 284 career pinch hitter. The OF is now Burrell, Victorino, Jenkins, Werth, and Taguchi.

I with Siralden do believe that Gillick has improved this team for the better. We will see just how good in about a year or 2 when most of the prospects mature and are about ready to step up.

Bob D said...

correction 1 year with an option

SirAlden said...

He did it again. Pat Gillick that is:

He just signed the perfect 5th Outfielder. Righthanded and can play all three OF spots. High High quality, Gregg Gross, Jay Johnstone kinda bench guy.

That puts:
Chris Snelling (L)
Chris Roberson (S)
Brandon Watson (L) and
T.J. Bohn (R) in AAA where they belong.

Only the Catching back up is up for grabs: Ruiz (R), Coste (R), Jaramillo (S), LaForrest (L).

Jaramillo is a big trading chip
with the state of catchers these days. Hope we keep him.

Beltre, or Crede at 3B and it will be heaven.

BloodStripes said...

So Taguchi is a good pickup. A solid player, good in the clutch. At least we still have someone to call Gooch. Roberson will be real pleased. Its Iron Pigs for him.

I like the way Siralden keeps it real with the positive posts about himself/Gillick. It keeps the balance. He owns a few World Series rings so why change the approach for a few million whinging Phils phans. Stick to what has worked in the past. You reap what you sow. Lets keep those draft picks for the future.

SirAlden said...

Gillick is 100% responsible for Ryan Howard's being given the 1B job.

Don't you remember Howard was almost traded to Pittsburg for a starter, and in the last year of Bowa, Wade would not even bring him up to DH during interleague play!

If Wade was here, what would have happened to Howard...huh? Huh? HUH?!


BloodStripes said...

Now for some pitching Siralden. Please sign Otsuka and a starter of quality.

For 3B. Beltre or Crede will be just fine as you have mentioned. May as well go for Adrian eh? Considering he played for Seattle and all. Although I do believe the pitching needs are more important than 3B right now.

SirAlden said...

"General manager Pat Gillick said it was "unlikely" the team would acquire another starting pitcher or third baseman before Spring Training, but hoped to net a reliever, preferably a lefty".

"Psssst...! I'm lying."

GM-Carson said...

Color me confused, but I'm not seeing the need for So Taguchi...I'm sorta like "So" what? He's a quality bench guy, a far cry from Chris Roberson, that's for damn sure!

SirAlden said...

" I signed So Taguchi, from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, so that, Akinori Otsuka, from Chiba, Japan has someone to room with and say funny things in Japanese about "Aka-Oni" (The Red Devil) that noone will understand if he is out of earshot".

SirAlden said...

Gillick is assembling a Championship Bench. So Taguchi is a great doubles hitting pinch hitter and can play left for Burrell in the late innings.
He could cover CF or take Werth's slot in right if Victorino goes down.

Who would you rather have, someone who is a successful pinch-hitter and has done it for 6 years, or a Rookie?

BloodStripes said...

Siralden, i was thinking the same thing. Its an Otsuka carrot! He will be a strong defensive PAt Burrell replacement late in the game but still provide a decent bat and can rest the others whenever needed. Its a good move. May as well have all outfielders of major league caliber.

The Phillies are shaping up strong for 2008.

Judy said...

Do a search for Henry Powell (aka Lebo Powell) at the Florida Department of Corrections inmate population Web site to see how that D-bag turned out.

GM-Carson said...

Damn Judy, you come up all in here like Judge Judy reigning down with authority...I like it.