Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thanks Phanta Claus

I found this underneath the tree for me...

Thanks Phanta Claus!



SirAlden said...

*** Merry Christmas ***

To the most upbeat Phillies Blog!

It always brings a smile to my face.

The other blog who will remain nameless, which rhymes with Leer Meeker, is the home of the hyenas who cut themselves with little razorblades each day. Gothic youth created by a generation of ownership by Monte/Giles.

GM-Carson said...

If indeed WSBGM's is "the most upbeat Phillies blog" then that means there's a whole lot of depression floating around the Phlogsphere.

furiousBall said...

i do hope you had an MRI done on that mr potato head's labrum before you signed him. you know freddy garcia and all

SirAlden said...

Otsuka has a web page!

Here is it translated I added a firefox tranlator called FoxLingo.

This should work.

SirAlden said...

Otsuka has a web page!

Here is it translated I added a firefox tranlator called FoxLingo.

This should work. Make it one entry.


GM-Carson said...

Mr. Potato Head's initial medical screening was clear of any abnormalities, but we're getting a 2nd opinion just in case...paging Dr. Corey.

SirAlden- what does Otsuka's page say that is so darn important?

SirAlden said...

Comments 2007-12-14 at 19:54 (66) fixed link TrackBack (0)

FA Today, the FA.

Right elbow injury in mid-season from the mound continued daily, and feeling.

And today in response to this notice, is emotionally honest and say There are complex feelings, saying results DOUKOU even ginger.

Plus his work for this, for now, what I consider,

What you have to be cool-headed analysis and thinking that I would.
a little one, and even feel.

FA and the new opportunities that aspects, we also let himself go for growth strictly necessary and we want to work.

Now, fans can promise you, I will also return to the mound, the best on the pitch and the stadium "YOSSHA!" Add resonance to the voice.

Did you promise.

Now, cheering greatly appreciated.

GM-Carson said...

I also got a $50 gift certificate for Phillies tickets in '08...sweet!

Bob D said...

Can you switch Mr. Potato's throwing arm. The other one would make him a solid 3rd baseman. Then we can trade Mr. Helms to Florida for a left over Dontrelle Willis bobblehead and a Miguel Cabrera jersey.

SirAlden said...

2007-11-24 21:33 comments TrackBack (41) (0) Permalink

Long time, Otsuka.
and it is, folks, take care spend?
I am training well and undergoing rehabilitation.

Every day, from 9 o'clock until five o'clock practice going, it looks like the businessmen Off regular life.

Central to the maintenance of the body, even doing so lightly catch,
Do not worry!  Arms, but gradually recovering.

But impatience is prohibited, so they try to heal slowly.

Encouraging comments from the folks who have a lot of very happy about.

One piece, while looking through Thanksgiving. Thank you very much.

Recent wildfires in California, from San Diego in a massive loss occurred Since the色んなpeople from the "Are you OK?" And your concern.

But blog afraid people have come to us, but fortunately I was at home away from the scene of the fire and no spill, it's OK.

I also have safe homes and families. We worry Thank you.

Every day, training school in the car, the radio to hear the news of the fire said, but a fire situation, the shelter's volunteer air, the lack of victims and Call for the supplies, such as Japan's earthquake and the same time, various topics were reported.

I tried to do something I can do, a house ware (sponsor sports has sent us such as a manufacturer) to provide shelter and treat.

Personal small but you can do a lot of the people close to power, a major against stiff and difficult to be able to confront it.

But from the little bit I think people feel useful, and at each other perplexed think it is a feeling, and the important thing is that I felt once again.

Well, until the next progress report, take care!

Colder and colder, so, folks, like you catch a cold, and please be careful.

SirAlden said...

Seems he was back training with Hoffman and owns a home in San Diego, in earlier posts.

IF SD wants to pay up they certainly will get him, SD was where he first played in the USA.

Hopefully they are poor and we can double their offer, ala Jenkins.


GM-Carson said...

I'm tired of San Diego being considered baseball heaven. St. Louis was that for a good bit, now it seems Sandy has taken over...when's it Philly's turn?

Clare said...

Being an only child has its perks: Phanta Claus (aka my moms and pops) brought me the 17-game package with the Wednesday night Red Sox game (which will probably be the ESPN Wednesday night game) and the July 4 Mets game. WOO HOO!

I think WSBGMS and Plunk Chutley need to have a baseball summit in 2008.

Bob D said...

SanDiego is the BB capital of the world now. They just signed Prior 1yr $1mil.

kentucky phils phan said...

i got a jimmy rollins away jersey this year!

SirAlden said...

We will get hitters on the way down wanting a ring, and SD will get all the pitchers who want the beach not NYC.

Pedro wanted NYC and opted for Shea.

I wonder how the New Yankee and Mutts Stadium will play.

They said on Espn segment that Santana as an extreme flyball change up pitcher if he had his choice would want Yankee Stadium.

I wonder what will happen with the new NYC PARKS.

Ethan Michaels said...

Hahahaha, that potato head's great! Looks like you made out nicely with the Phillies loot this Christmas.

Ethan Michaels

GM-Carson said...

Clare- I love the Plunk Chutley site and was wondering if you wanted to exchange links.