Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Rundown

Here is a rundown of the rumors being heard around the Winter Meetings in Nashville concerning the Phils and Buccos...

*Phils will take a look at Kris Benson when he throws for teams in a couple weeks. They're also rumored to want to get a sneak peak at his wife.

*The previously speculated return of Jon Lieber has been debunked.

*Gillick was also adamant in his statement that the Phils are NOT interested in Melvin Mora...damn shame, he'd be an upgrade over the Helms/Dobbs platoon at 3rd.

*The Pirates added another J. Wilson to play short. This Wilson being Josh, not Jack, was claimed off waiveres from the Rays. Having a J. Wilson duo would be fun, but look for the Pirates to shop Jack's services now.

*Geoff Jenkins remains in the Phillies thoughts, especially if his price tag drops. He'd be an excellent platoon partner for Werth, and help account for the offense we're losing in Fence-Face Rowand's supposed departure.

*If HGH user Jose Guillen, he of reported bad attitude while in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Anaheim can snag $13 million per season, maybe Pat Burrell really isn't overpriced after all.

*The anti-on-base-percentage Pedro Feliz is being looked at by the Phils for 3rd base...NO!!!

*Jason Bay is getting a lot of attention since the Pirates have apparently made him available. He seems to be on the decline and if the Pirates can get a decent package for him it would make sense to pull the trigger.

*Since free agent centerfielders are cashing in this offseason, teams are looking to go cheaper via trade- tada- enter the Pirates with Chris Duffy and Nate McLouth. The Phils are one of the teams inquiring about McLouth.

*Kyle Lohse and Carlos Silva's names are still floating around the Phillies rumor atmosphere. Bartolo Colon, Jason Jennings, Livan Hernandez, Anthony Reyes, Julian Tavarez, and the ghost of Cy Young and the return of Nolan Ryan are also on the Phils radar. Basically, they're interested in pitchers dead, alive, or barely serviceable.

*Brett Tomko would like to pitch for the Buccos, but they need to unload the unwanted bad contract of Matt Morris first.

*Ken Rosenthal thinks Hank Blalock would be a great fit in Philly. I do too!

*If Kenny Williams makes Joe Crede available, expect Patty G to give him a call.

*The Phillies still have an offer on the table to Japanese starter Hiroki Kuroda.

*Phils have put feelers out for what it would take to acquire Eric Bedard. Gillick is simply groping here, because that fantasy is nothing more than a wet dream.

*Ian Snell and Damaso Marte may or many not be on the trade market, but teams are definitely intrigued by both...I'll give the Pirates Chris Roberson and JD Durbin for pair of hurlers.

*Phils have offered Fence-Face a 3 year pact with excessive money during those years in hopes to lure him back to Philly. Rowand's agent reports 10 teams are after him though, so I think he'll get both the money and years he's looking for elsewhere...nice knowing ya Aaron!

*With the Miguel Cabrera trade to the Tigers, expect slick fielding 3rd baseman Brandon Inge to become available and for the Phils to have an interest.

*Yet another Pirate on the trade market, X-Man Nady is available and could net the Buccos some prospects. Their offense was already weak, just imagine if Jack Wilson, Jason Bay, and Nady were subtracted...some Triple A teams would spank them then.

*Ryan Howard's agent and the Phils have opened dialog about a long term contract, and rumor has it he's looking for a Pujol's like deal of 7 years $100 million.

*Gillick himself said he's looking to bring Tadahito Iguchi back to play 3rd base next season because Gooch has said he'll try the position if need be. I love what Gooch did for this team in Utley's absence, but the man has never played an inning at 3rd base in his life...big risk.

*To all the Jewish readers out there- Happy Hanukkah!



GM-Carson said...

The Braves designated Willie Harris for assignment- not sure why, he was quite good for them last season. Wonder if he'd fit in the Phils plans at all.

SirAlden said...

Great Post!

Maybe Iguchi loving Philly will help RHP Hiroki Kuroda sign with us.

Then if we pull the trigger on affordable Milton Bradley we will have THREE players who speak Japanese , or act like it.

Just think of the speed in that lineup with Rollins, Iguchi, Utley, Victorino, and the hated Bradley. Cholly can tame Milton.

GM-Carson said...

If Iguchi can play 3rd adequately then I'm all for the signing, because I could see him posting a .275 avg. with 15 homeruns and 15 sb. He's a decent little player.

SirAlden- Shut up about Milton Bradley!!!

Manuel apparently speaks fluent Japanese, too bad he's a R-Tard in terms of the English language.

goDuke said...

Iguchi would be better with the glove then Helms and he's back in Japan working on his 3B skills now. I'd sign him if we couldn't get anyone else.

Bob D said...

More rumors out: Julian Taveras of Boston may be traded to Philly.

Iguchi may get a 2 year contract with Philly. I feel he is athletic and strong enough to succeed and be better that 65% of those out there (Feliz, Helms, Mora, etc...& Rolen).

Gillick may sneak in and trade for a big time pitcher by trading 2 or 3 top prospects. Bedard, Haren, etc...???? I'm leary about that, Carrasco may only be 4 months from major league ready. This rumor sounds like a Gillick move. Alls quiet then he snaps up a large catch and stuns everyone.

Don't be surprised if he signs Kudaro and trades for another starter. That would put Myers in the pen with Lidge to set up

SirAlden said...

That is the way Gillick works, you are right Bob D. Here is hoping you are right.

furiousBall said...

I'd be fine with Gooch at the hot corner for the Phils.

SirAlden said...

Rollins SS
Iguchi 3B
Utley 2B
Howard 1B
Burrell LF
Lefty RF
Ruiz C
Victorino CF

Or flip Iguchi and Victorino.

Brian said...

Gooch isn’t a bad idea at all. I’m worried that his arm won’t being strong enough, but I don’t think range would be a problem. That said, I think he’s saying he’d play third for leverage. I’ve read he wants at least a two year deal to play second base but so far is only getting one year deals. If the Phillies will give him a two yar deal to play third, it will probably make somone else match it for him to play second base.

Inge might get moved to leftfeild, but if the Tigers do trade him I’d exspect Madson would be the starting point of that discusion. The Tigers need pen help more then anything else right now. Inge would be my top choice.

I don’t think Hank Blalock is going anyhwere during the winter, he’s got no value righ tnow.

I’m going to contradict my normal philosophy on OBP by saying I don’t think Pedro Feliz is a bad idea if he can be had on a two year deal. I love his glove, and he’s got power. I’m thinking he would be a better version of David Bell.

Question… Why is Rowand a “Philly kind of player”, but David Bell never was a Philly kind of player” Bell played just as gritty and would sacrifice his body for a play, he just didn’t have a lot of talent right? Are you only a “Philly kind of player” if you can hit?

GM-Carson said...

If the Phils land Kuroda and yet another starter and move Myers back into the 'pen with Lidge the NL East and NL for that matter is the Phillies easily. Too bad that won't be happening.

GM-Carson said...

More rumblings- Since the Phillies released him at the end of the season, a waiver will have to be obtained for Tadahito Iguchi to be allowed to re-sign with the Phillies and start the season normally. It can be done.

Lauber says Pat Gillick indicated for the first time that he'd be willing to trade prospects for pitching. Lauber names Carlos Carrasco, Joe Savery, Josh Outman, and Adrian Cardenas as possibilities to go.

Ryan said...

Have any of you heard this shenanigans with the Phils trading Vic, Kendrick, Carrasco, etc. for to the O's for Bedard and Tejada? Apparently it is being reported by 610, not the most reliable source, but interesting none the less.

GM-Carson said...

If Victorino is traded- our outfield will be one of the worst in baseball. Burrell in LF, Werth in CF?, and Snelling in RF?...that's shitty!!!

I heard the Phils released Julio Mateo. Another craptacular trade engineered by Patty G. The man was placed in Double A, then released. I actually think he could have helped this team, easily replace Gas Can Geary at least, but now he's not even given a shot...stupid Phillies. Gillick better do something tomorrow worthwhile at the meetings or I'm going to be pissed!

GreggyD said...

I am for almost any deal that would bring Bedard to Philly, but Shane Victorino is untouchable in my opinion. Let's face the facts, Aaron Rowand is not coming back and I have not wanted him back since the get go. I think that Carson and I have been leading that bandwagon for months. If Victorino is shipped out, we truly will have nothing going for us in the outfield except for a glimmer of hope that Burrell might put up just as good, if not better numbers than this past season.

I understand it will take a lot to get Bedard, and Tejada would be nice to have at 3B. He would probably put up huge numbers in CBP, but I am definitely NOT willing to do that deal and I don't think that Patty G would either.

GreggyD said...

Interesting news from MLB Trade Rumors and Delaware Online:

"The Phillies are out of the running for Japanese right-hander Hiroki Kuroda. A source tells me that Kuroda will visit Seattle, Arizona and Los Angeles next week. He doesn't appear interested in playing on the East Coast, and the latest offer made today by the Phillies wasn't as lucrative as Seattle's, which is believed to be climbing toward the $50 million mark."...Would have loved to have seen this guy in the rotation, but part of me knew it wouldn't happen.

"Gillick said re-signing Aaron Rowand is a "long shot." That comes after a meeting today with Rowand's agent, Craig Landis."...No surprise there.

"Asking price for pitchers in potential trades has been astronomical. One team source said the Phillies would have to "clean out the farm system" for Erik Bedard or Dan Haren. The Pirates are even asking for several prospects in exchange for lefty reliever John Grabow, whose health is something of a concern."...Bedard is not worth "cleaning out the system."