Sunday, December 23, 2007

Phils Sign Gooch, The Other One

So Taguchi, one year, $1 million-ish.

This essentially finishes the bench for the Phightins: Werth, Taguchi, Coste, Bruntlett, Helms/Dobbs.

I'm not excited by this signing, but I'm not against it either. It gives the Phils a veteran (37 years old) guy that can play all three outfield spots who has proven that he can consistently hit major league pitching at above-Nunez rates. He provides versatile outfield depth that every contending team needs.

The alternative for the 5th bench spot is young outfielder Chris Snelling, who has been injured very frequently in his short career. He's a promising youngster that could be a real asset to the Phils in the future if he stays healthy. But competing for the playoffs with unproven rookies is a risky proposition, and doing so with one with durability concerns is even worse. Chances are, a sixth outfielder will be needed during the '08 season, and Snelling hopefully will be able to contribute when his time comes.

Ken Mandel wrote in his piece over at "Taguchi's greatest value to manager Charlie Manuel is his ability to play all three outfield positions, and be a longer-term solution in center field should Shane Victorino suffer an injury."

I have a little problem here. At 37, with limited offensive punch, Taguchi should NOT be an option longterm in centerfield. If this situation arises and the Phils need a centerfielder for longer than 15 days, sirGillick would need to find a more suitable replacement. But we can burn that bridge when we get there because I think Mandel is just talking out his ass...

I also like the idea that siralden and bloodstripes both mentioned in yesterday's comment section that Taguchi could be an "Otsuka carrot," another piece along with playoff contender and Japanese fluent manager to lure the free agent pitcher to Philly. Hell, why don't they hire a giant Pokemon to ride on the back of the Phanatic's ATV and make boxes of "Mr. Sparkle" one of the giveaways. If it can help the bullpen, I'm all for it...



Bob D said...

This is a good solid signing to provide depth for the team. Our new 'Gooch' is a 284 career pinch hitter and solid all around (bat, defense, speed). Not great at any 1 thing but average to good at all.

furiousBall said...

I love this signing. He can play all three spots and had an excellent year last year pinch hitting (.406).

SirAlden said...

What will it take to impress you aside from large fun bags!

The 38-year-old Taguchi led all National League pinch hitters with a .406 (13-32) batting average.

Taguchi played all three outfield positions for St. Louis in 2007, starting 41 times in center field, 21 times in left field and twice in right.

So we have the top National League pinch hitter in Taguchi,, and the top utility infielder in Bruntlett. The Phillies picked them up from teams that have payroll issues, unlike our 2008 Phillies who after 3 years of hard work are in balance, having shed alot of payroll dead-weight.

Taguchi speaks Japanese, so we show the world that we are interested in that market, and he may help bring in relievers Aikinori Otsuka or LOOGY Hitoki Iwase.

One last thought: Now that the Yankees and Red Sox have set their limits with Santana and Bedard, maybe, just maybe, Taguchi is a step towards sending Victorino for the #1 Starter we need.

CF Shane Victorino, SS Jason Donald, 2B Adrian Cardenas, RP Carlos Carrasco, and LP Josh Outman.

Does this beat the Boston and NY Yankee offers? Boy I think so.

SirAlden said...

What team has a back-up for their Outfield or Infield if someone goes down, more than Taguchi and Bruntlett?

Watson, Bohn, and Snelling wait in the wings with a great AAA Outfield for the Iron Pigs, and all us Pork Chops can root for them. That is if they are not lost in waivers.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- easy with the race-insensitive "porkchop" reference. Don't want to offend anyone...

The more I think about this Taguchi signing, the more I like. I personally think Snelling if healthy and given a chance could be a great 4th outfieder or possibly even eventually slot into a starting role, but we want the playoffs again in '08, so going with So is the wise thing because he tried and true.

Corey said...

siralden, this is what i'm talking about. it's too early in the morning for this much positivity. and you also take it just one step too far.

he can pinch hit. yes. nice.

he can play three outfield spots. yes. also nice.

he can be our everyday centerfielder. wh-wh-what???? if you want to trade victorino for stantana, fine, but don't stick iguchi there to make him seem more valuable than he is. he can't play CF all year on for team expected to win. anything over 300-320 at bats would be a mistake.

he's a 5th outfielder. no one gets excited about a 5th outfielder except maybe the person who signed him. this is just more proof of your true identity.

and since you asked...when comparing bench players, consider this: bruntlet would be the 3rd option off of the bench for the infield if he were still on his old team the astros. yeah, he's awesome. and off the top of my head, the twins, orioles, blue jays, tigers, angels, braves, cubs, red sox, d-bags all have better backup infield options. and as far as outfield, werth and gooch2 are a notch below the tigers, yanks, angels, blue jays, red sox, dodgers, cubs, indians - all of which are playoff challenging teams.

another way to look at it, which would you prefer rowand-burrell victorino-werth-bourn or burrell-victorino-jenkins-werth-iguchi? fact is, this year's OF is worse than last year's.

GM-Carson said...

C'mon Corey, you know Gooch2 is ready for a breakout year at the tender age of 38.

Bob D said...

Pork Chop was a cute name for a mascot. Unfortunately people got offended and that was not even the intention. But we also have to consider people find names like the Braves, and Indians as offensive because they are not politically correct. I would think people would find the names honorable since people would want to root for the teams, Oh well no need to blast Siralden for the name.

The OF is now 5 deep with Bohn, Snelling, Watson, and Roberson (Uhg) waiting in the wings. That is now a good OF. It may be hard to duplicate last years output but it is still very good. Iexpect the Rowand will rue the decision to join the Giants who many expect to be the only team in the west that will not contended this year and possibly the next few. Also Bourn will likely have a good year with getting regular playing time and he maybe someone we will miss in the long run.

Watch for Jenkins to have a solid year hitting in the Cit he may even get 20+ Hrs as a part time player. with Werth RF could be the most productive OF spot this year.

3rd base may be on the weak side but I do not believe that Helms will do worse than last year, but we should see at least some improvement. The whole line up should be able to compensate for any short commings at the position.

Utley for MVP 2008.

GM-Carson said...

My comment to SirAlden was tongue-in-cheek...I don't find "pork chop" to be offensive in the least.

SirAlden said...

Snelling and Watson and Bohn should be ripping it up and getting ABs at AAA, then when someone goes down the hot hand comes up.

That is a really good question Corey about the Outfields.

Burrell, Victorino, Werth, =
Burrell, Victorino, Werth.

Rowand 612 AB, Bourne 119 AB vs.
Jenkins 420 AB, Taguchi 307 AB.

If we are looking at Rowand's Career year, and Jenkins down year, you are right hands down. The question is two fold: Would Rowand and Bourne both in the Cit, and Jenkins and Taguchi both in the Cit in 2008 be closer in run production? I think so. Rowand only had 2 great years and 4 average years.

When you add in a full 2008 of Victorino catching 30 more balls than Rowand, and Werth settling in RF, I think the Outfield's are a push, they could go either way. Jenkins and Taguchi could both get
old real quick. We now have 3 guys in AAA in Snelling, Watson, Bohn, when last year all we had was Roberson. I think the 2008 versions of both outfields are even, and Jenkins could out produce Rowand.

What do you get for this taking this risk? "What do we have behind Doors Number 2 and 3 Monty?!"

"Well behind door number 2 we have 40 Million Dollars in uncommitted savings to direct towards a top of the rotation starter if one ever hits free-agency, or we can trade for one, and behind door number 3? We have Brad Lidge! (who may suck) acquired for Bourne."

Now Everyone sing along to the Dr. Pepper Song!

"I'm a Porkchop, he's a porkchop, she's a porkchop, we's a porkchop. Wouldn't you like to be a porkchop too!

Be a porkchop, root oot for the Iron Pigs.... Be a porkchop....root oo ott for the Iron Pigs... (fade out)...."

GM-Carson said...

By the way, I was wondering what you all thought about the recent updates to WSBGM's. We've added ads, Carson & Corey's Best, updated the rosters, got a new banner, and have an on-going poll now. We're about to roll into our 3rd calendar year, and the blog continues to improve in my opinion.

BenJah said...

WTF - siralden?? if you're trading away victorino, you damn well better have a better option in center than gooch2 everyday. just b/c he hit .406 as a pinch hitter doesn't mean he's ted williams over a whole season. for fuck's sake!!

Bob D said...

The biggest difference from lastyears OF to this upcomming season will be the loss of Bourn's speed. The rest will be about even.

On defense Burrell well, he is Burrell. Vic, Werth, Jenkins are all solid defenders with plus arms.

If Vic was traded - Werth would be the next best option, however I do not think he should be put there as he would probably be slightly below average CF in range. He does have some speed but not blazing speed like most CF in the league.

Vic should only be considered in a trade for the possible elite SP - and I believe Gillick would only consider that maybe at trade deadline if the team is close but not dominate enough.

Vic aint going nowhere right now.

Awesome porkchop song or what ever that pigs name is now.

Bill said...

Snelling has played 4 years in the ML. If I understand MLB transaction rules, he would need to clear waivers to be designated to Allentown. He is likely gone.

Bob D said...

40man roster stands at 42. 2 need to be designated for assignment to minors. Possible or likely canidates:
John Ennis
Chris Roberson
Adam Eaton
Anderson Garcia
Shane Youman
Francisco Romero

This could be a tough decision by PG

Other possibilities are for a trade involving a few of these guys for 1.

Corey said...

roberson is a waste. he can't hit or field. why waste a roster spot on a pinch runner? let him go.

BloodStripes said...

Gooch2 is a good signing. Otsuka will like the Phils more now. I and I with Corey. How about a Pokemon v Phanatic kung fu fight to really show him the Phils are serious.

Siralden. I am sure you could find a way to get a good starter without trading Victory Vic. We need that young man. He is a vital part of this team. Lots of Japanese in Hawaii too. We wouldn't want to scare of Otsuka.

BloodStripes said...

especially after the good lure job.

As you can tell. I like this Otsuka fellow. I really hope the Phils can land him.

SirAlden said...

I would never trade trade Victorino, but let me pose a question.

If Phillies had

Bedard SP and Taguchi/Werth/Snelling/Watson CF

and lost CF Shane Victorino, SS Jason Donald, 2B Adrian Cardenas, RP Carlos Carrasco, and LP Josh Outman.

And then paid over slot for the top 6 picks in the top 3 rounds next year.

Or you had

Eaton SP, Vitorino CF and all the stuff in the minors which would you choose?

SirAlden said...

Or Santana

BloodStripes said...

My baseball life is seen through red and white glasses. Guys like Vic become favorite and judgements get clouded by emotion. It would be so hard to let go of him right now but for Bedard or Santana it would certainly take the Phils up another level. The level of talent from Eaton to either man would probably be a larger jump than Vic over the 4 center fielders. The only worry would be how many good young blokes would we lose from the farm in a trade like that? Future or now? How much of the future are you willing to part with? Personally I like having the prospects. A strong farm system will always win out in the long run.

BloodStripes said...

Come to think of it. Vic IS the future. He's young, fast, productive and has a canon hanging of his shoulder. Everything we want and need. He's gutsy too, just like Uts. Something Philly fans appreciate the most.

All I know is that I like Vic.

SirAlden said...

Santana's Numbers are slowly fading, Bedard like Hamel is injury prone.

I love Shane Victorino too!

Red and White Colored Glasses.

GM-Carson said...

When Vic first came up, I thought he was nothing more than a Roberson-like waste of roster space. I thought his ceiling was a semi-useful 4th outfielder at best. Corey always liked the Pineapple Express though. Now I love Vic and couldn't imagine our outfield without his enthusiasm for the game...keep him!

Corey said...

i would trade victorino as part of a deal for bedard or santana and not think twice about it. my point is, if a GM can pull off a trade for a #1 starter, he can do better than so taguchi in CF. he really isn't a viable option longterm, but i wouldn't let that stop a potential blockbuster.

GM-Carson said...

Merry Christmas Corey. My present to you- not another Christmas post.

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