Friday, December 28, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Scott Ruffcorn

Not only do the Phillies have poor judgement when it comes to drafting in the 1st round, they also calculate incorrectly when obtaining other teams' miscast 1st round picks. Scott Ruffcorn is a classic miscalculation of ability, as he was the ChiSox 1991 1st round pick. It didn't take 'corn long to ascend to the MLB level as he was pitching in the Windy City by '93. Of course, I use the term "pitching" loosely, as he was more or less serving up batting practice to the American League. He had brief stints with the White Sox from 93-96, never pitching in more than 4 games in any given season and compiling era's of 7.88, 8.10, 11.37, and 12.79...hell, even Gavin Floyd isn't that craptastic. Needless to say, Ruffcorn had worn out his welcome in Chicago, so naturally the Phillies purchased his contract from them in January of '97. Since the Phillies view themselves as an equal opportunity organization, they decided to give Scott every chance to succeed, seeing that he was a former top pick and all. In 1997 he appeared in a career high 18 games, including 4 starts, while pitching 39.7 innings to a career best 7.71 era with a lovely matching 1.97 whip. That's bad, really freakin' bad! However, take a second to gape at these career stats with bewilderment- 0 wins, 8 losses, 70.3 ip, 70 bb, 46 k, 8.57 era, and 2.22 whip. He walked 24 more batters than he struck out. That's quite possibly the worst career line I've ever seen...and I'm damn glad he wore Phillies pinstripes! By the way, I would hate to eat rough corn, as it would really hurt coming out the cornhole.


I Think We're Alone Now:
Running just as fast as we can,
Holdin' on to one another's hand.
Tryin' to get away into the night,
And then you put your arms around me,
And we tumble to the ground,
And then you say...

I think were alone now.
There doesn't seem to be anyone around.
I think were alone now.
The beating of our hearts is the only sound.



furiousBall said...

blonde girl in phillies jersey... unstoppable

GM-Carson said...

What the hell?!- 1 comment all day...well technically now 2 with mine.

This is like "phlashingback" to when we first started this blog, nobody read it but Corey and me.

kentucky phils phan said...

haha it's baseball's dead there any word on if the phils are still trying to get kris benson?

Jarex said...

Is that really Alisa Milano in Phillies garb, or am I hallucinating from the Pacific NW boomers?

By the way: I would be all for trading Hamels to the Twins for Santana, assuming we extend his contract four years. Obviously Hamels and about three-four other warm bodies. Just thought I'd share.

Jacobin said...

Alisa Milano has some sort of sports clothing line for women and she's partnered with MLB to push it. So I wouldn't be overly excited about seeing her in a Phillies outfit. Wasn't her father on "Who's the Boss?" a former St. Louis Cardinal's second baseman? Tony Danza must be highly displeased at little Sam's red bird betrayal.

Maria said...

She (Milano) is a Dodgers fan. boo.

Ryan said...

must know who blonde in phillies jersey is!!!

GM-Carson said...

The blonde is from a site called "Local Hotties" and she's 18, that's about all I know. I did a Google search for "Phillies hottie" and she is one of the images that appeared.

For the record- I am opposed to swapping Hamels for Santana.

Hugheshspt said...

blonde girl in phillies jersey... unstoppable

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