Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Opinions On Baseball Stuff

It took me a long time to come up with such a great title for this post, so appreciate it...

Aaron Rowand

"Bottom line, I wanted to get in a spot where I would be longterm," said Rowand, after signing a five year deal with San Francisco. "That's really the thing I was looking forward to most." Yeah, that and the 60 million dollars.

From the article: "Rowand said he believes the Giants will contend in the much-improved division." Really? I seriously doubt that Rowand actual believes that. They have two good young pitchers in Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, but that is about it. Rowand joins Randy Winn and Dave Roberts in the outfield on a Giants team that will be lucky to finish anywhere but last in the 5 team NL West. Of course, if someone was going to give me 60 mil, I'd say pretty much anything.

I'm sorry to see Rowand go from the Phils, but I'm so very glad that they didn't sign him to such a longterm, expensive deal. Like I've said before, I don't think he is worth it. (Especially for a team like SF, where he becomes their second highest paid player, next to megaflog Barry Zito.) Rowand has had two fine years, mixed among some other rather mediocre years. If his next two years are like '07, it would be a great signing. If they are like '05 or '06, then not so much. Of course, he did lead the league in intangibles last year, so maybe he is worth it...
The Mitchell Report hits the market around 1400 today. Internet reports say 60-80 players are named in the report. 60-80? That better be per team because I could rattle off a list of 20-40 names in the next minute that I know did 'roids. George Mitchell has been working on this report for a long time, and he's only going to talk about 60-80 players. Whatever, the whole thing is a sad joke anyway.

Carson asked yesterday how anyone would react if any Phillies are listed. My response to Phils being on the list, other than Howard, Utley, or Rollins, will be, "Ehhh." I mean, even though the list is far from inclusive, I expect at least one Phil to be on there and I don't think any name would be surprising except those previously mentioned. And actually, I would be more disappointed than surprised to see those names there because there is still part of me that wants to think that the games' best players aren't cheaters.
As of post time, there aren't any great names out there yet, but there's still plenty of time.



Bob D said...

With Rowand's signing the Phils do get the Giants 2nd round pick (#5) and they get a sandwich pick - my guess is a turkey and cheese on rye.

SirAlden said...

Sandwich Pick comes from MLB between Rounds 1 and 2.

The Pick from the Giants will be their 2nd Round (#5) pick, somewhere about pick 55.

Lets pick get our Reliever, LH Right Fielder and trade not too much for Crede or Inge, before Christmas.

Then pray we hit the lottery for a good starter.

furiousBall said...

we should start a poll or something on which names will be on there.

here's a prediction for a former phil - Bobby Abreu

I agree with you on Rowand, more power to him for getting that money. He plays hard, good to see him get paid. But at the same time, I also concur that signing a center fielder that sacrifices his body like that to long term big dollars, just not smart.

Bob D said...

I say Rowand is on that list since he signed with the Giants 1 day prior to the release of the Mitchel report.

Abe Nunez? Rod Barajas possible. Former top pick JD Drew. Abreu? could be.

SirAlden said...

Rolen, Scotty

Byrd, Marlon

SirAlden said...

Non-Tender Fun.

Akinori Otsuka ! RHR

Brendan Donnelly ! RHR

Matt Wise RHR

Chad Durbin ! RHP 5th Starter

Mike O'Connor LHP 5th Starter

Mark Prior, RHP ! Reclaim Project

Ryan Ketchner LHP Started in Seattle System

Willie Harris, LOF .325 1st Half - 2nd Half Stank

SirAlden said...

Kiko Calero RHR

2005 and 2006 good. 2007 Injured.

SirAlden said...

Dallas McPherson 3B Blue Chip had Disk Surgery Last Year

BloodStripes said...

Some decent players there. Otsuka, Donnelly and Wise are good. The Phils could do with one of them couldn't they? It would have to be an upgrade in there somewhere.

Willie Harris would platoon well with Werth.

GM-Carson said...

I'd take a risk on Willie Harris in the outfield and Matt Wise.

Mark Prior is going to be expensive because of his name.

I could easily see Marlon Byrd being 'roided.

I can't wait to see the names on this Mitchell report.

GM-Carson said...

From "Philadelphia had inquired about Houston's Luke Scott, but he was dealt to Baltimore on Wednesday in a deal for Miguel Tejada. The Phillies have no interest in Kevin Mench, designated for assignment on Monday by Milwaukee, and little interest in free agents Shawn Green, Cliff Floyd or Brad Wilkerson. Keep an eye on switch-hitter Bobby Kielty.

At third, the Phillies missed out on free agent Tadahito Iguchi when he signed with San Diego and doesn't appear interested in the $19.1 million left on Brandon Inge's contract with Detroit. Pedro Feliz, also a free agent, remains an option, but if he's willing to accept less than the three years and $20 million he is believed to be seeking.

The pitching may come down to Kris Benson, assuming he throws fine in his Monday audition for teams. Philadelphia has offered Glendon Rusch a Minor League deal."

*Rusch would literally make me punch myself in the face, he is horrible and forever will be horrible.

I want Benson if healthy!

If Pedro Feliz gets 3 years 20 mil, hell, if he gets 1 year 5 mil- I'm trying out at the next MLB camp, because he can't hit any better than I least I could take a walk.

Bobby Kielty is the definition of "over-rated".

GM-Carson said...

Also from "Of those new to the market, pitchers Mark Prior and Josh Towers, and position players Dallas McPherson, Morgan Ensberg and Willie Harris represent intriguing names for the Phillies."

*I'll pass on Towers. McPherson is very interesting, but his health is a HUGE question mark.

SirAlden said...

I would like an injured quality reliever. A two project starters (non-tendered free agents can be signed to a minor league split contract without having to go through waivers).

A left-handed platoon right fielder, and Dallas McPherson 3B, or one of the two salary dump 3B men Crede or Inge.

Please wrap them up, I will be taking them home. No I do not need utensils. Thanx.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- why would you need utencils? Do you plan on eating those players? If so, that's nasty- f'n Hannibal Lecter up in here.

SirAlden said...

No eating. Hopefully the non-tenders will be tender and not will not create cries in mid-season of...

"Stick a fork in him because..."

SirAlden said...

With 9 Draft Picks in the first 3 Rounds of the Draft during 2006 and 2007, and with 6 more scheduled in 2008, this totals 14 Draft Picks in the first 3 Rounds (-1 for Workman twice) in the first 3 years of Gillick's stewardship.

Also, 6 of the 14 will be First and Sandwich Round picks before Round Two.

I believe that Pat Gillick understands the long term value of Draft Picks.

During Wade's last three years as Phillies GM, there were only 6 Draft picks in the first 3 Rounds vs. 14 Draft Picks, and only 1 was in the First Round or Sandwich Round vs. 6



Big Difference.

Corey said...

first name leaked today: roger clemens.

today is my christmas...

GM-Carson said...

Wow, Clemens named for 'roids, that's like vindication for you Corey, you hate that prick.

furiousBall said...

other leaked names - Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, and David Segui.

Corey said...

yeah, but clemens named for 'roids is like catching charlie sheen with a prostitute, or seeing kirstie alley with a donut, or finding out george michael was gay. we can't be surprised. we all saw the "wake me up before you go-go" video.

GM-Carson said...

C'mon Corey- you know you were a huge fan of WHAM!

Corey said...

furiousball, i believe those names were from the jason grimsley affidavit, where clemens' name also appeared first. they might be on the mitchell too, though.

also, in reference to my last comment...

GM-Carson said...

Fucking Abe Nunez was on 'roids! Wow, imagine how shitty he'd have been without them.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, that George Michaels picture needs to end up on a post sometime soon.

Corey said...

"I'm a rocker through and through. Here's a list of my favorite bands: AC/DC, Van Halen not Van Hagar, Skynyrd, Def Leppard..."

carson, you were the D-Bell who rocks out to the Thompson Twins and Flock of Seagulls.

breaking news: latest name to be released - siralden. wow, shocking.

Corey said...

also, it's unknown if this guy is on the mitchell report or not. stay tuned.

GM-Carson said...

As far as ex-Phils on the Mitchell report, I've seen Lenny Dykstra, Abe Nunez, Jeremy Giambi, Jason Grimsley, Ryan Franklin, David Bell, Paul Byrd, and Jose Offerman.

GM-Carson said...

Those names I just mentioned are from an email being circulated, claiming to be the names that will appear on the official Mitchell Report this afternoon.

Corey said...

dude, shoot me that email.

Corey said...

forget it. has the list up. enjoy.

furiousBall said...

Rich Fuckin Garces! Did someone slip the roids into his donuts?

Corey said...

that wasn't a fat gut, his abdominal muscles were just that big!

GM-Carson said...

Shit, then 6-Finger-Ant might have juiced as well...his gut was Rich Garces-esque.

BloodStripes said...

The Mitchell report is even getting a run in the news here in Australia. Woke up to a radio report of it where Clemens was named along with the usual suspect Bazza Bonds. Tejeda got a run as well. Shamed around the world, especially Roger. You are done bwai!

Jacobin said...

I read through the report this afternoon (skimmed is a better way to put it) and I don't think I saw any Abe Nunez reference. Maybe I missed it?

My personal favorite part of the report is where you get to see copies of checks written by these morons to pay for the steroids. Would this be like writing a check to the local street dealer and putting "8-ball of coke" on the memo line?

Los said...

No real surprises in the report. The real surpises will come afterwards ... we'll see what the GM and the union do about this.

Jarex said...

What's the record for most comments in a day? How about an off season record? Are we there yet?

Not sure if anyone's already said this, but since everyone knew Dykstra was on roids back in '89, it's no surprise. I am surprised that Abreu wasn't named.

SirAlden said...

Keep in mind these are only those who got caught.

Back in the day - the 70s - every single player was taking beanies... little colored speed pills so they could focus before they went up to the plate.

The villain here is Selig and that asshole asswipe Fay Vincent to come out now and say...

Like the corrupt Captain of the Police in the film Casablanca.

Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]

Croupier: Your winnings, sir.

Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.

You guys are too young to remember this. We used to have an Independent Commissioner of Baseball that scared the owners.
Even Banned Steinbreiner for awhile.

No longer.

SirAlden said...

- The Phillies are jumping in on the Geoff Jenkins race. -

SirAlden said...

Any one remember Brady Anderson and his new body and 50 home run year in 1996 never to be even close to being equalled?


Nomar Garciapara too.

BloodStripes said...

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BloodStripes said...

oh yeah, roids too. Pump some HGH down the head of the cyclops. Aaaarrrggghhhh!

GM-Carson said...

Good ol' boy Todd "Tankhead" Pratt was listed...oh no!

GM-Carson said...

How about the fairy dancing sack-of-shit Paul LoDuca being named? I hate him so much. I hope Ryan Howard steamrolls that son-of-a-bitch on a play at the plate next season.

GM-Carson said...

The official list of past Phillies on the Mitchell report (sorry for the bogus report earlier)- Ten former Phillies were named in the Report: Jeremy Giambi (2002), Benito Santiago (1996), Bobby Estallela (1996-99), Lenny Dykstra (1989-96), Jason Grimsley (1989-91), Ryan Franklin (2006), Todd Pratt (1992-94, 2001-05), Gary Bennett (1995-2001), Paul Byrd (1998-2001) and David Bell (2003-06).