Saturday, December 29, 2007

NL East Outfields

The NL East has experienced much player movement this offseason, and every team has gone through a transformation in the outfield. Gone from the East Coast to the West Coast is Andruw Jones and Fence-Face Rowand. A position of strength for some of the NL East clubs has now become a question mark for all five teams as there's a mixture of unproven youngsters, aging veterans, and platoons to be sorted out come spring training. Let's take a look at how each clubs' outfield is shaping up for 2008.

*Career OPS in parentheses

Atlanta Braves:
LF- Matt Diaz (.830), CF- Josh Anderson (.816), RF- Jeff Francoeur (.782). Reserve-Brandon Jones (.401). The Braves are looking as skimpy as a mini-skirt on a 300 pound momma, as they've lost Willie Harris and Andruw and Anderson/Jones are still wet behind the ears.

Florida Marlins:
LF- Josh Willingham (.832), CF- Cameron Maybin (.473), RF- Jeremey Hermida (.811). Reserves- Cody Ross (.829), Alejandro De Aza (.574), and Brett Carroll (.435). Willingham and Hermida are injury prone, Maybin is a superstar waiting to bust out, and Ross is a terrific 4th outfielder. Enjoy this picture of the Marlins Mermaids...nice!

Washington Nationals:
LF- Wily Mo Pena (.788), CF- Lastings Milledge (.740), RF- Austin Kearns (.809). Reserves- Elijah Dukes (.709), Willie Harris (.639), Ryan Langerhans (.704), and Justin Maxwell (.796). Pena is a baseball player in a linebackers body full of power potential, Milledge is a cocky young prospect yet to live up to expectations, Kearns a.k.a. Sloth from the Goonies is consistent but not anything spectacular. Dukes has promise, but that promise could be future jailbird or all-star.

New York Mets:
LF- Moises Alou (.886), CF- Carlos Beltran (.850), RF- Ryan Church (.810). Reserves- Endy Chavez (.686) and Carlos Gomez (.592). Alou is old and cannot be counted on everyday, Beltran seems to get injured every season, and Church sucks against lefties. Both backups, the "ez" brothers, are speedy but nothing more.

Philadelphia Phillies:
LF- Pat Burrell (.849), CF- Shane Victorino (.741), RF- Geoff Jenkins (.843)/Jayson Werth (.782). Reserves- So Taguchi (.727), Chris Snelling (.737), and Chris Roberson (.515). Burrell returned to being "The Bat" for the 2nd half of the season, Vic is a high octane player, and a Jenkins/Werth platoon should do well. Gooch2 is a versatile thrifty pickup and Snelling and Roberson will likely find themselves in the minors.

Who has the better outfield?
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furiousBall said...

I went with the Mets. I think the Phils are close, Braves are good and young, and the Nats could have a decent one as well.

GM-Carson said...

I voted Phils because Alou is too old, and their backups don't impress me. The Phils have depth, power, and speed. I know Beltran is probably the best outfielder in the NL East, but he can't do it alone in NY.

SirAlden said...

Who did I vote for? Hmmm.

The Phillies of course!

Alou is quite old and Beltran cannot over come both left and right being question marks.

I really wonder why the Mutts have not done anything about this.

SirAlden said...

Easy things to do:

Akinori Otsuka RRP Non-tendered Free Agent

Damaso Marte LRP Trade with the Pirates

Joe Crede R3B Trade with the White Sox

Hard things to do:

Adrian Beltre R3B Big trade with the Mariners

Eric Bedard LSP Big trade with the Orioles

Johan Santana LSP Big trade with the Twins

I will be happy with 2 out of 3 of the Easy things to do. 3 for 3 would be awesome.

Any one of the Hard things to do with one of the Easy things to do would be monumental.

Bob D said...

I am surprised the Mets got the 2 votes so far with none on the Marlins. I rank the OF as such:


The Phils are 6 deep. Not all are starters but the Jenkins/Werth platoon could be highly productive. Snelling is as good as some of the starters for the other teams (Church as being one). The Braves OF is very thin and very weak beyond Francoer. The Marlins could become a very strong OF very quickly. The Nats have potential like the Marlins as well.

The offseason is far from over, but most of the major moves are done. A few of these teams may improve some but I don't expect any blockbusters.

If you compare the infields it would be interesting to see the results as that would be close.

BenJah said...

bob d -- i agree with your rankings. maybe i would give the gnats a little over the marlins, but maybe not.

ballparks and coaches being equal, i think you would not go wrong in picking the phil's outfielders over any of the other team's for this upcoming season. going forward into the future, the gnats and marlins look interesting, though.

carson: how is your son enjoying his first kwanzaa?

Brad said...

This is the most biased thing I have ever seen. The Phillies outfield is not good. Beltran is the best outfielder in the NL East BY FAR. Its not even close. Alou is probably the second best when he is healthy, although I understand who usually only plays half of a season. When he's in there though he's an RBI machine. Church is a very solid player and would be starting in every outfield in the division. He had 43doubles and over 70 RBIs last season folks, in a very bad lineup. Gomez has great potential, and Endy is a very good fielder (gold glove caliber). The Mets have the best outfield in the division, simply because the outfields in the division are very weak.

I'd like to see some unbiased blogs. I mean, I concede that the Phillies infield has the advantage over the Mets infield, with Howard being the breaker (Rollins/Reyes, Utley/Wright being washes). Defensively though, I think the Mets have the edge (Castillo is a gold glove caliber 2B).

Be unbiased please.

Bob D said...

Beltran probably is the best outfielder in the NLE, better than any 1 OF the Phils have. Alou is good, but that is where it fades. As for the Phils outfielders Jenkins, Werth, Taguchi, and possibly Snelling each are better than Church, Gomez and Chavez. Gomez and Snelling have interesting potential but have yet to produce.

The Marlins and Nats have a number of OFs that have great potential, but some of them have produced at least to a certain point. We will likely see both of those teams have at least 1 rookie have a break out season and could easily have 2.

The Mets are 4th since Alou is aging, Chavez is only a fringe/defensive player, and Church is playing at his best now but will likely decline.

The Braves are just thin and very weak in OF, however they will likely add at least 1 significant player before spring.

As for infield - I'm not sure just yet if Phils are better than Mets. The difference maybe the Mets 2b vs Phils 3b.

bias? I don't think so.

SirAlden said...

The Church/Gomez platoon could equal Jenkins/Werth, but they have not done it yet.

Beltran is the best, but did not go wire to wire last year.

So Alou can match Burrell if he is on his game, but the assumption is that he won't... If he has a full season the outfields match.

GM-Carson said...

Brad- 1st off, suck a nutsack! 2nd- this is a Phils blog, a natural bias will come through. 3rd- I said Beltran is the best outfielder in the NL, but do not forget that Sir Patrick Burrell owns the Mets' asses, and that Victorino is the best defensive outfielder in the NL and is the outfielder version of Jose Reyes, and don't forget that Jenkins is a proven veteran unlike Gomez...Phils have the best outfield.

GM-Carson said...

My biased poll now has 43 votes- 32 going to the Phils, 10 to the Mets, and 1 to the Braves...silly ol' Braves fan.

chuckm said...

Brad- nonsense. Perhaps if you could bank on a nearly 42 year-old Alou for 140 games you might have an argument, but otherwise as far as overall depth, the Phillies >>> Mets.

Brad said...

Jeez, Taguchi better than Church? Are you serious? And you guys are treating friggin jenkins like he's some kind of star...he's a marginal player at best.

" Victorino is the best defensive outfielder in the NL and is the outfielder version of Jose Reyes"

Hahaha I'm sorry but that was a very funny comment. Pleeeease. First of all, Endy is a better fielder hands down, simply because Endy is the best fielder I have personally ever seen in the outfield. Second of all, REYES!?

Guys, an outfield is supposed to have a bonafide STAR, and the only outfield in the NL East that has that is the Mets. As far a sdepth, Gomez is not a backup. He will be in AAA because he is a top prospect. Our backups are Endy and Marlon Anderson, who is perhaps the best bench player in the NL East.

PLUS the prospect of F-Mart in the near future...Gomez-Beltran-F-mart can be scary good.

GM-Carson said...

Brad- you're a Mets fan, so understandably you're half retarded. But Endy Chavez ain't shit my friend. He makes good plays, but if he were the 2nd coming of Willie Mays in the field as you suggest he'd be starting.

Don't underestimate the brilliance of Shane Victorino either. The man you have had over 100 runs and 50 stolen bases had he not been injured...very Reyes-esque.

I guess you're still bitter over your teams meltdown and our triumph.

Malcolm said...

And now, Tim Malcolm ranks the NL East outfielders, assiging ranks to each spot. I played the "who would I rather have game, so I'd rather have No. 2 than No. 3. And so on:

1. Carlos Beltran (25)
2. Pat Burrell (24)
3. Jeff Francoeur (23)
4. Shane Victorino (22)
5. Moises Alou (21)
6. Austin Kearns (20)
7. Elijah Dukes (19)
8. Geoff Jenkins (18)
9. Matt Diaz (17)
10. Cameron Maybin (16)
11. Jayson Werth (15)
12. Josh Willingham (14)
13. Lastings Milledge (13)
14. Willy Mo Pena (12)
15. Carlos Gomez (11)
16. So Taguchi (10)
17. Josh Anderson (9)
18. Jeremy Hermida (8)
19. Cody Ross (7)
20. Ryan Church (6)
21. Chris Snelling (5)
22. Willie Harris (4)
23. Brandon Jones (3)
24. Alejandro De Aza (2)
25. Endy Chavez (1)

Phillies: 94
Nationals: 68
Mets: 66
Braves: 52
Marlins: 47

Also, Marlon Anderson is the best bench player in the NL East?

What? For one, "brad," So Taguchi was the best pinch hitter in the NL last year, and last I checked, he's in the NL East. Also, the Phillies have two platoons, meaning two starter-worthy players are on the bench on any given day. You're gonna tell me Marlon "I had one good year hitting lefties in the 2-hole for the Phils" Anderson is better than that?

GM-Carson said...

Malcolm- thanks for the backup brotha!

To be honest, I'm glad Brad stopped by and voiced his displeasure with my post. I welcome more retarded Mets fans to do the same, that way we can show them the light.

By the way, if you're reading Brad, you'll love tomorrow's (Jan. 1st) post.

x-nady said...

Hmmm a blog about the Phils and Pirates chose the Phils as the best outfield. Interesting.